Apple's slow iPhone X sales are hurting Samsung too


It’s not just Apple feeling the effects of lackluster iPhone X sales.

Samsung is also now grappling with the same problem. Since Apple relies on the Korean tech giant for the iPhone X’s expensive display panels, it is now searching for a new buyer, according to a report from Nikkei.

This new development follows earlier reports that Apple was cutting production of the iPhone X after slowing sales. 

The problem for Samsung, though, is that it’s proving more difficult than expected to find takers for the leftover OLED display panels originally intended for the iPhone X. Nikkei reports that Samsung had been counting on other smartphone-makers to follow Apple’s lead and start using the more expensive OLED displays. Read more…

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Apple's gross margin on HomePod sales lags behind its rivals' figures

According to a report published by Bloomberg on Wednesday, Apple’s HomePod smart speaker is providing Apple with a 38% gross margin with its price of $349.  Analysts at TechInsights say that Apple is spending $216 to produce each HomePod unit and is making $133 in gross profit on each sale. That means that Apple’s gross margin lags behind rivals Amazon and Google, producers of the Echo and Home line of smart speakers, respectively.

Amazon, which created the smart speaker category with the first widespread rollout of the Amazon Echo in 2015, has a 56% gross margin on its Echo devices. …

Best Buy President's Day sales: here are the best deals

Best Buy is running a big sale for President’s Day and if you are in store for a new phone, tablet or any sort of a tech gadget really, you should definitely look into the offers.

There are deals on the iPhone, iPad, as well as the best Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Google Pixel 2 series.
We have summed up the best deals on mobile gadgets right below. Which one would you buy?

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

You can save up to $150 on a new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus when you activate your phone with …

Apple starts sales of refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, at a very gentle discount

As if its iPhone product lineup wasn’t diverse enough already, with the introduction of the new entrant iPhone X, and keeping the 6s in the mix, Apple recently started selling refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well. These certified pre-owned handsets start at $499 for a basic 7, which is just $50 less than the brand new one, while it has passed all the necessary checks, and comes with a year of warranty.

Apple sells the refurbished 7 Plus with 128 GB storage for $689, or $70 lower than the $769 for a new unit. All refurbished units come unlocked, but we’ll leave it to you to …

Apple sells lower than expected 77.3M iPhones in fiscal first quarter; iPhone X sales appear strong

Apple was hoping to stop all the talk about disappointing iPhone X sales with the release of its fiscal first quarter earnings; instead, there is more confusion. The tech giant reported sales of 77.3 million iPhone units during the three month period from October through December 2017, with iPhone revenue amounting to $61.6 billion. Analysts were looking for Apple to report sales of 80.2 million handsets. Last year’s fiscal first quarter saw Apple ring up a record 78.3 million iPhones, resulting in a year-over-year decline.

Bulls might look at the average revenue per unit, which came in …

Slumping iPhone X sales may have convinced Apple to cut production


Stagnant iPhone X sales have prompted Apple to dramatically slice production of the tech giant’s latest and most advanced handset, according to a report from the Japanese financial newspaper The Nikkei Asian Review. 

Apple initially planned to produce 40 million of these handsets at its Chinese factories between January and March 2018, but Apple has reportedly cut this goal in half to 20 million. 

Apparently, major markets in the U.S., China, and Europe are to blame for the now-sluggish sales after an initial buzz following the phone’s release in November.  Read more…

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Lackluster iPhone X sales bad news for Samsung, iPhone Xs Plus may use LG OLED screens

Rumors that this quarter may see a precipitous drop in iPhone X shipments, after the initial adoption ran its course, are starting to pile up from multiple analyst and supply chain sources. The latest installment in the iPhone-X-doesn’t-sell-well saga comes in the form of a report that Samsung has cut its OLED production significantly, and put the brakes on building a new display plant.

As we know, Samsung is currently the sole supplier of the iPhone X’s 5.8″ flexible OLED panels, at $70 a pop, and has been hoping to capitalize on Apple’s new OLED models coming this year, too. …

Report says slow Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus sales will lead to as much as a 30% cut in orders to suppliers

While some analysts are telling clients that the 2017 iPhone models are selling well, supply chain sources have another story to tell. These guys are in the trenches and might have a closer view at what is really going on compared to an analyst sitting in a tall skyscraper on Wall Street. According to these supply chain sources, component suppliers could find Q1 2018 orders from Apple sliced by 15% to 30% compared to a typical first quarter.

Some argue that the lower orders to the supply chain is due to seasonal factors, such as the Lunar New Year holiday, which will drop factory utilization …

LG had a profitable Q4 2017, but no thanks to smartphone sales

LG Electronics has recently revealed its earnings for Q4 2017. For the October-December period of last year, the estimated operating profit of the Korean company is at 366.8 billion won, which is about $343 million.
The data indicates a strong year-over-year increase, as LG recorded an operating loss of 35.2 billion won ($33million) in Q4 2016. Meanwhile, sales estimates were also up 14.8 percent over the aforementioned period. 
It’s worth noting that market analysts expected to see a stronger quarterly …

OnePlus 5T in "Sandstone White" is now official, sales open on January 9th

After leaking out earlier today, the OnePlus 5T in a brand new color, “sandstone white” has just gone official on the company’s website.
The new OnePlus 5T finish pays tribute to the original OnePlus “sandstone” designs and has the same textured finish on its back that makes it different from all other phones out there. It is also looks very similar to the limited Star Wars edition 5T released exclusively to India earlier.

Interestingly, OnePlus seems to be drawing inspiration from the Pixel 2 XL “panda” look, as this newest 5T model has a similar white back …