Better keep it safe: Apple HomePod repair costs $279

If you’ve decided to buy the Apple HomePod – Apple’s take on smart speakers – you better keep it safe. Apple has announced its out-of-warranty repair fees for the HomePod, and they’re everything but low.

If you live in the US, you will have to give Apple $279 if you want your HomePod to live a second life. That’s in case the smart speaker is severely damaged and the damage is not due to a manufacturing problem, which the one year warranty covers. To give you a brief comparison, a new HomePod will cost you $349, meaning that the repair fee is around 80% of the retail price.

To …

Keeping you safe: Google removed a record number of bad apps from Play Store in 2017

There aren’t many online platforms that can compare to the size of Google’s Play Store. It is estimated that the Android digital distribution service hosts more than 3.5 million apps, with thousands of new offerings being uploaded on a daily basis. Given these numbers, we won’t exactly go out on a limb by saying that keeping the app store free from malicious software and developers isn’t an easy undertaking. Still, it looks like Google is getting better at protecting users and their devices from harm’s way. 
A recent post on the Android Developers …

iOS 11.3 features a new Privacy icon to keep your data and Apple ID password safe

Earlier today, Apple previewed iOS 11.3, the latest version of the company’s famous mobile operating system. While Apple revealed a lengthy list of new features that come with iOS 11.3, it did not present all the improvements included in it. 
One of the things that Apple didn’t specifically mention is a new Privacy icon – spotted by developer Dean Murphy in iOS 11.3 beta. 
According to info found in the beta, the Privacy icon will show up on your device when a legit Apple-made “app or feature is asking to use your personal information” …

A hacker has decrypted the iPhone's security chip, but your data is still safe

In order to make Touch ID on the iPhone 5s an onward secure, Apple introduced a fairly opaque piece of technology to its devices — the so-called Secure Enclave Processor (or SEP in short). This, in simple terms, is a piece of hardware found in almost every Apple-made device since the 5s which is used to keep users’ private data (think passwords, fingerprints, and everything else that requires cryptography) secure, taking the form of a tiny coprocessor kept completely isolated from the rest of the device.

And up until now, the SEP has been a black …

Wozniak says the iPhone sells well despite its price because it is a safe bet

Steve Wozniak is a living legend. As co-founder of Apple, the Woz was there at the very beginning. His insight into Steve Jobs is a unique one, and despite his place in tech history, you won’t hear any bragging coming from him. Because Wozniak left Apple for good in 1985, well before the series of “iDevices” came out and changed the world, you don’t really hear his name mentioned in conjunction with the development of the iPhone. But Wozniak is a student of the smartphone market.

While in China earlier this week, the Woz pointed out how well Chinese smartphone manufacturers use intelligent …

Spotify is testing Driving Mode and voice commands to make jamming while driving safe again

One of the most annoying and dangerous things everyone does when behind the wheel is navigating through music playlists, or skipping through songs. Your fingertips rarely find the right touch spot when you are driving, as you can’t really pay attention to both the road and your phone equally at once. You always end up frantically tapping on your screen and swirling your vehicle, as the fiddly interface and small control buttons in most music apps just do not let you navigate as easily as you’d like while driving.

Thankfully, the most popular music-streaming app, Spotify, …

HTC U 11 receives "3C" certification in China; compulsory test makes sure products are safe to use

Forewarned is forearmed they say, which is why certification labs exist around the world. These places take consumer devices and put them through a series of tough tests that replicate years of usage. This way, if a particular product is a fire hazard, or is likely to give someone a shock, manufacturers can be alerted by having the product fail the test. In China, every product imported, distributed or sold in the country must go through similar testing to receive its China Compulsory Certification (CCC or 3C).

According to a leaked image, the HTC U 11 (HTC U-3f) has received its CCC …

Tips for Enjoying a Safe Rio Olympics 2016

All eyes are on a vibrant South American city- Rio de Janeiro! Brazil’s second largest metropolis- Rio is going to host world’s biggest sports event- Rio Olympics 2016. World’s carnival capital is already experiencing a huge influx of visitors.

Do you want to experience a fun filled and exciting Rio Olympics 2016? Want to enjoy a safe Brazil travel? Please read on this article, in which we are going to explain some tips for enjoying a spectacular event- Rio Olympics 2016!

#Tip 1- Tackling the Zika Virus Issue:
We are all aware about Zika virus! Are you scared? Do not worry? The Brazil’s Zika virus issue is trending for months on the web and every international news channels. But remember that the WHO, IOC (International Olympic Committee) and Rio 2016 will never put the health of athletes and tourist at risk. As a tourist, you need to make sure of taking preventive measures and following guidance of the authorized municipal healthcare provider in Rio.

#Tip 2- Learn about the Location:
Before you head off to Rio for catching up the Olympic Games, make sure in getting acquainted with the some locations like the venues, top attractions, drinking and dining options. In this case, taking help of Google Maps will prove to be an ideal option, which will help in viewing the region online. By being aware about the plot routes in advance, your visit to Rio will be convenient and safe.

#Tip 3- Brush Up your Portuguese Skills:
Brazil’s national language is Portuguese, do not make mistake of thinking that it is Spanish. You will find some few locals will be able to understand a little English but many will not. Therefore, it is useful to learn some few phrases in Portuguese to get most out of your trip and stay safe,.

#Tip 4- Blend with the Culture:
When you are in Rio, try to blend with its multi-culture and locals. It is advised to confine your beachwear to the beach and remember no shorts, cut-offs or flip-flops in the street. Wearing simple jeans or trousers and sensible walking shoes are considered to be a safe bet for strolling around like a local.

#5- Keep your Valuables in Room:
It is always wise to lock all your valuables like electronic gadgets, cameras and iPhone in the safety box of the hotel room. Remember flashing out your valuables in the public will end up in getting snatched.

You can consider the above described tips as well as can rely on a reliable incoming tour operator in Brazil to enjoy a safe and exciting trip with a good peace of mind. A competent tour operator in Brazil will help you to explore a fantastic city as well as allow in watching a spectacular 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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Safe Way to Delete Everything on iPhone

Every other day, you come across several new features in technology. You may not change your iPhone every now and then; however; after a certain period of time, you would surely love to get rid of the old versions of iPhone and upgrade to the latest and lavish iPhones. Whatever is the reason to stop using the present iPhone; you cannot simply leave it as it is. It contains a large number of data, and some of the data may be quite sensitive. It may create troubles if the data gets into some evil or unwanted hands. You may desire to delete everything from your iPhone, however; you cannot simply delete everything on iPhone without backup as you may need some or all data in the near future. Continue reading the post to know about how to delete everything on iPhone.

Create backup before you perform the deleting action

In case, you wish to recover the data for any future use, you need to create a backup before deleting the data on your iPhone. You can choose a computer or the iCloud services as the backup destination. If you prefer your computer, the iPhone needs to be synchronized with it. And, if you are planning to choose iCloud services as the backup destination, you can make a request and soon you would receive the backup facility. These days, the iCloud services are used very much to restore anything belonging to iPhones. If you are still unfamiliar with it, you can familiarize with it in just a few minutes.

How to delete everything from the iPhone

It is not at all a difficult task to delete files from iPhone, but you need to learn and know how to delete everything on iPhone before you perform the action of deleting.
To know more about how to delete everything on iPhone, you can browse online. Someone may tell you that once you have created the backup, you can go to the ‘setting’ and launch it. You can then tap on the ‘general’ button and scroll down to ‘reset’ and tap on it. You will then find the option ‘Erase all Content and Settings’. If you have set a password, you need to type it here, and finally tap on the option ‘Erase iPhone’. Once the process is completed, it would reboot and you can see the new set up on the iPhone screen. The deleting process is here completed and the iPhone is ready for a new beginning now. But that’s really deleting everything from your iPhone? These two articles will shock you! Search them!
From MacNews: MacOSG: Securely erasing an iPhone/iPod touch
From CNET: Warning: iPhone “Restore” does not delete personal data
So, it is important to wipe your iPhone data clean before giving to other hands.

If you want more information or tool about safely deleting everything from iPhone, you should visit They always focus on iPhone deleting App.

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Safe iPhone Hack For iPhone Maximization

The revolutionary iPhone has taken the world by storm with its sophisticated features that cover the entire milieu of communication and entertainment. But with this gadget’s advanced features is its internal lock that was set by the manufacturer, making the full enjoyment of its functions limited to the subscription to certain service providers. Thus was the conception of the iPhone hack, which aimed to open up the iPhone to many software possibilities other than those provided by its manufacturer. But before submitting your iPhone to these possibilities, get to know more about iPhone hack and decide for yourself if will really maximize the capability of your gadget.


The iPhone is an impressive gizmo that combines the features of a cell phone, camera, music player and basically the personal computer. It has the regular features of the cellular phone furbished by more customized options. It has powerful audio features like that of the iPod. It has a built in camera for photos and videos that can be easily downloaded into any computer and uploaded to the internet. It can operate office and web applications. It can play videos and games for entertainment.

Amidst this queue of features, the iPhone can actually run other newly updated applications. However, this capability is blocked by its manufacturer by putting a Sim Lock to every unit. In the United States, the iPhone can only be used using the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM service providers. Considering the Sim Lock to be an unfortunate curtailing of the iPhone’s capabilities, a number of technicians and hackers worked on cracking into the iPhone system, and enable modifications in the system. These modifications will allow the iPhone to be used using other GSM service providers. It will also enable the iPhone to run programs developed by any third party. The iPhone hacks offer other features such as installing an advanced personal organizer in your iPhone or allowing other music purchasers other than iTunes.

The iPhone hack has been an immensely taxing feat that was nonetheless achieved by a number of hackers across the globe. Today, you can easily search for iPhone unlocking and jail breaking procedures over the internet. These procedures have even been refined to be understood by those with no technical background. Hacking the iPhone can be completed in as short as thirty minutes using a third party software which can be bought on line. Modifying the system of the iPhone also has its limits since hacking it would mean you cannot easily upgrade its software via manufacturer-provided upgrades. Doing so would erase the settings that you have changed, and would lock the iPhone again. While you can simply hack the iPhone again, there is no assurance that your unit would function as perfectly after being hacked a number of times.

If you want to maximize the potential of your iPhone, then the iPhone hack is your best solution. Just make sure to understand the features of the third party iPhone hack software before this supposedly reinforcing method completely destroys your valuable gadget.