Galaxy S9 starting price tipped to be $100 more than the S8's

The Galaxy S9 will feature a “reimagined” variable aperture camera, faster chipset, and new color options, but all that jazz won’t come cheap, it seems. Dovetailing with a renowned leakster’s tip that the S9 and S9+ may be the most expensive Galaxy S-line phones ever, comes one unnamed “source in the UK mobile phone deals industry,” who informs us of the same:

You can expect the S9 to cost £100 more than the Galaxy S8 when it was released last year. The truth is that last year’s massively inflated smartphone prices on handsets like the S8, Note 8 and iPhone X have …

Galaxy S9 to support the S8's LTE bands, have the same 'tuned by AKG' headphones

We just dove in the FCC’s Galaxy S9 filings, and, among wireless testing equipment lists and frequency distributions, a few tidbits of info flesh out the S9 a bit more for us end users. First off, the FCC lists that the phone, codenamed SMG960U (for US carriers), will support no less than 24 LTE bands.

While that’s just a band short from the current record holders – Apple’s iPhone crop, whose Japanese models support 25 – it’s still the same number of bands listed for the S8 as well. This generous number of LTE frequencies that the S9 will support means that the unlocked …

Samsung disables 3rd party DeX support in Galaxy S8's fourth Android Oreo beta

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ received their fourth Android 8.0 Oreo beta update yesterday, and unfortunately that comes with a downside. Samsung has decided to block the use of 3rd party DeX docks with their phones.

Samsung DeX is a powerful feature that allows Galaxy S8/S8+ owners to plug their phones into a dock and get a desktop experience by connecting the dock to a monitor. While Samsung’s proprietary dock costs upwards of $150, some clever users have found workarounds for this. One XDA Developer user was able to turn their MacBook into a DeX dock, …

Samsung's first video ad for DeX is up: showcases Galaxy S8's potential in mobile productivity

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung released a brand-new DeX station — a dock for your phone, which can connect to a monitor, a keyboard, and mouse and give you a quasi-desktop productivity. The marketing tagline for it is “Leave you laptop behind”, but let’s be honest — it depends on what type of work you are planning to do.

But that’s not to say that DeX is entirely useless. Samsung has finally decided to shine a spotlight on this rather useful Galaxy S8 feature with a nicely-made video ad for it. The clip shows a journalist who travels to a faraway place to report on… …

The Galaxy S8's iris scanner can be bypassed using a digital camera and a contact lens, researchers show

It’s a pretty well known fact at this point that using any form of biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint scanner or face unlocking, is essentially choosing convenience over actual security. That is, there are a ton of ways to fool the current technology, and while passwords can be changed, physical features cannot, plastic surgery notwithstanding. This has once again been proven right, as a group of researchers from the Chaos Computer Club, who have demonstrated a method for bypassing the Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris scanner.
The process, as demonstrated …

The Galaxy S8's display isn't red because of defective hardware, says Samsung

At the conference call following its first-quarter earnings report, Samsung officially stated the Galaxy S8 display’s red tint issue is no hardware defect, but an optional feature that can be freely changed. The company carried out a thorough inspection of the handset with the goal of ensuring product quality and found no faults.

With these statements, Samsung intends to dismiss rumors of faulty chips or a malfunctioning display driver as the culprit. It also promised to deliver an update that will enable a more neutral tone by default. Currently, users do …

Samsung Galaxy S8's iris scanner could be used for mobile payments

The iris scanning authentication method which Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ could soon be used for secure financial transactions. 
A new report from The Korea Herald suggests that several South Korean credit card companies are looking to implement the feature for the verification of mobile payments, lauding it as a more secure tool than passwords and fingerprint scanners. Samsung Card Co. is said to be among the first businesses to apply the method to its mobile app, while other big financial institutions are also …

It sure looks like the Galaxy S8's battery won't explode even if you stab it with a knife


Samsung’s Galaxy S8 blends beautiful design and performance effortlessly, but how much safer is its battery compared to the Galaxy Note 7?

In January, Samsung announced it would implement a new “8-point battery safety check” that would not only put all of its future phone batteries through extreme testing, but also include x-ray and human inspection checks.

A newly uploaded video by the popular “What’s Inside?” YouTube channel, done in collaboration with the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, seems to confirm the Galaxy S8’s battery won’t catch on fire or explode, even when you stab it with a knife. Read more…

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You can fool that Galaxy! Video shows Galaxy S8's face recognition bypassed by photo

Although it likely won’t end up the disaster of galactic proportions that was the fiery Galaxy Note 7, the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus already seem to be raising some concerns. 

A new video popped up on the interwebs, showing a Galaxy S8 seemingly getting fooled by a high-res picture of the face it’s supposed to scan in real-life. A person uses a Galaxy S8 to try and bypass the face recognition of another Galaxy S8, and after a few tries, he succeeds in unlocking the device and gets past the lock screen. Ouch! 

As a reminder, Samsung introduced a new face recognition security …

Galaxy S8's funky screen resolution revealed, but phone may default to 1080p

A photo of what is presumably a Galaxy S8 display setting has leaked out, and it shows a display resolution change slider that goes from HD+ to WQHD+ resolution, with Full HD+ in the middle. That middle setting, however, is shown to be the default one, and we can’t help but think that Samsung may pull of with the S8 what it did with the S7 after the Nougat update.

With the official release of Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung fans were treated to a nice dessert in the form of over 20 new features and overhauled visuals. However, some users have also …