Buttery smooth: Sharp phone with 120 Hz display compared to Galaxy S8

This year, we saw the first mobile devices with 120 Hz display refresh rates — they were the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 and iPad Pro 12.9. That’s double the usual 60 Hz refresh rate that’s out on most devices. What does it translate to? Smoother animations and a perception of a faster, more accurate response to the user’s touch inputs.

But what if we told you that there are phones out there that have 120 Hz displays? Yup, a couple of Sharp’s Aquos models have the high refresh rate. But, as you are probably guessing, they are only sold in Japan, as is often the case with Sharp’s high-tech handsets.

How …

Save 22% or $187 off the MSRP by purchasing the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+ from eBay

There are a few reasons to purchase the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8+ (SM-G955FD) from eBay seller ‘never-msrp,’ who happens to have a good 99.5% positive feedback rating. First, this is not a model intended for the states which explains why the Exynos 8895 chipset is under the hood instead of the Snapdragon 835 SoC. It is compatible with the major GSM carriers in the U.S., which means that it will work on the AT&T and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks.

While not a huge reason to buy the Galaxy S8+ from eBay, this model will support Dual-SIM cards. Perhaps the top reason to buy the Galaxy S8+ from …

Samsung launches Enterprise Editions of Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8

The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most expensive Android smartphones available on the market, just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were earlier this year. However, for a solid business, neither of the two flagships would be expensive if they prove to be useful enough.

Well, Samsung is trying to target the business segment with the Enterprise Edition variants of the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8. Specs-wise, they offer the same performance as the standard models, but the software is a bit different.

First of all, they come with a three-year license for Knox Configure …

Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Whether Apple and Samsung intentionally synchronized the generation numbers of their flagship smartphones is something we’ll never find out, but regardless, this year (and for the better part of 2018), it’ll be the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 that will represent the two mobile platforms of the world. And boy is this a tough choice! Like, even more so than years past, because of Samsung’s brand new design, and Apple’s complex maneuvers involving feature exclusivity with the 8 Plus and the very presence of the completely new iPhone X.

Still, despite the allure of the iPhone X and …

Frenemies: Samsung to earn more from iPhone X than from Galaxy S8 parts

Samsung may be selling the iPhone X’s OLED display to Apple for at least $70 a pop, but it also supplies other components for it, and the Wall Street Journal has ordered a parts analysis that pegs Samsung’s overall revenue from each iPhone X sold to be $110. 

Since Counterpoint Technology Market Research, the firm that did the study, expects Apple to sell 130 million iPhone X units until the summer of 2019, this would bring many billions in Samsung’s coffers from Apple’s finest handset alone. 
For comparison, Samsung is expected to sell …

Samsung Galaxy S8 units updated to Android 8.0 beta are now supporting updated Samsung Pay

Samsung’s Oreo beta program for the Galaxy S8/S8+ is designed to allow owners of Sammy’s latest flagship models, to test the newest version of the Android open source operating system. The one new feature that Android users are looking forward to is the picture-in-picture capability that will allow the device owner to move an active video all around the screen. In addition, such a video can also be changed from portrait mode to landscape, and back again.

To allow Galaxy S8/S8+ users to do an exhaustive test of Android 8.0 on their phone, Samsung is updating the Samsung Pay app so that it …

Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active to be released by T-Mobile

T-Mobile may soon release its very first rugged Galaxy S
smartphone. According to VentureBeat, some leaked marketing material (which,
unfortunately, can’t be publicly shared) reveals that T-Mobile is planning to
launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active – currently available as an
AT&T-exclusive device, pictured above.


T-Mobile’s Galaxy S8 Active (model number SM-G892T) should
be available in the same two color variants that the AT&T variant (SM-G892A)
has: Titanium Gold and Meteor Gray. Things should be similar when it comes to
features, too, which means T-Mobile’s S8 Active will …

T-Mobile 's Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are updated

The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ are each receiving an update. The latter is getting software version G950USQU1AQHD, while the Galaxy S8+ has software version G955USQU1AQHD on the way. The update includes IMS Roaming enhancements, and various system improvements. Because the updates are being sent out OTA, they might not all arrive at the same time. Be patient, and you will soon receive the latest software updates for Sammy’s latest flagship phones.

So you tell us that you haven’t yet received the latest update for your T-Mobile branded Galaxy S8 or Galaxy …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Review


Samsung’s Galaxy Active series, and increasingly ruggedized wearables, have helped establish the company’s prowess as the only true champion for more active (or careless) mobile consumers. Starting with the Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung began offering IP67 waterproofing – years before it was a flagship standard – and rugged design, which has now expanded to military standard certifications in drop tests, extreme temperatures, and IP68 waterproofing. Year after year these Active variants have been released shortly after Samsung’s Galaxy flagship, often tweaking small aspects …

"Exclusive" rose pink Galaxy S8 will soon make its way to Europe

Rose pink Samsung Galaxy S8 units will soon hit the shelves in Europe. Dutch retailer Belsimpel has the phone available for pre-order on its website. 

This particular color variation of the 2017 Samsung flagship was initially distributed solely in Taiwan, where nearly 30% of the handsets sold are tinted in some sort of rose hue. It was assumed that rose pink would remain exclusive to Taiwan and South Korea, but it looks like this won’t be the case. Last month, Samsung confirmed that it will launch the Galaxy S8 and …