Verizon launching a BOGO deal on iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8

Starting tomorrow, December 15th, Verizon has apparently decided to launch a BOGO offer for none other than the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+. This will certainly inject some mobile industry excitement in the run up to the holidays. Twofers are where it’s at for customers, and Verizon knows that very well, so it has attached some strings to the deal, like the requirement for the phones to be purchased on installments, and a new line of Verizon Unlimited to go with them, too. Still, you can upgrade to this deal, or come from another carrier, so Big Red …

The Mirabook is a shell of a laptop that can be powered by your Galaxy S8, Windows 10 Mobile, or Huawei Mate 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile may not be doing extremely well, but it has a small community of devout fans. The company managed to attract a lot of them with the productivity capabilities of its Lumia devices — the Continuum feature, for example, was an awesome jump forward for the mobile world when it was introduced in 2015.

Quick reminder — Continuum is the feature, which lets you plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to your phone and use it as you would use a desktop PC, albeit limited to Windows native apps. This may sound familiar to Samsung’s DeX and Huawei’s …

OnePlus 5T vs Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

OnePlus is different from all other phone makers: it has just one phone at a time and focuses all its efforts on it. Its newest phone, the OnePlus 5T, comes half a year after the previous and features an edge-to-edge screen, a new camera, Face Unlock and a few other tricks.

The OnePlus 5T also happens to be an Android phone, and it’s only natural to compare it against the most popular flagship Android phones out there: the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The two Galaxies cost significantly more, but are they also significantly better?

DesignAll stylish phones. OnePlus is metal-made and slippery; …

New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ software update brings Verizon Gigabit Class LTE support

Not long after updating the Moto Z2 Force with support for Gigabit
Class LTE, Verizon Wireless is now ready to push a similar update to the
Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. In fact, according to Droid-life, some
Verizon Galaxy S8 owners have already received the update.


Reportedly, the new software build that Verizon’s Galaxy S8 is
receiving is G950USQU2BQK5, while the new build number for the Galaxy S8+ is G955USQU2BQK5
– as the screenshot on the left is showing. In addition to support for Gigabit
Class LTE, the update brings the latest (November) security patch to the two
smartphones. …

Consumer Reports ranks the iPhone X lower than Galaxy S8… and iPhone 8, too

The Consumer Reports’ take on Apple’s newest iPhone X is finally in, and, after perusing it for a while, the renowned testing grounds for all things capitalist and consumerist, came in with the verdict: “meh.” We kid, but, while they praised the camera and the display, the folks at Consumer Reports found a few flaws that  prevented the iPhone X from taking the top spot in the smartphone ranks.
Chief among those were durability and battery life. While most folks would put a case on a $999 phone, Consumer Reports still found it guilty in failing …

30+ Beautiful dark wallpapers perfect for OLED displays (Pixel 2, iPhone X, Galaxy S8, Note 8, LG V30 and others)

Predominantly dark wallpapers look great on OLED displays and are particularly good for when you don’t want your eyes gouged out by bright colors late at night. Darker backgrounds are also less obtrusive in general, don’t clash with icons and widgets on your home screen, and can nicely complement the design of any black or gray device.

And this week’s wallpaper collection is all about low-key imagery – dim lights, night-time cityscapes, moody landscapes, dark forests, and more! We tried to pick images that both fit this week’s theme, while not being completely devoid …

Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8 now come with a $100 gift card, free wireless charging pad

If you missed the chance to score a deal on a new smartphone
during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t worry, there are still various promo offers to take advantage of. For example, Best Buy is currently offering the unlocked
Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, and S8+ with a $100 e-gift card, plus a free Samsung-made fast charge wireless charging pad.


The $100 e-gift card doesn’t have an expiration date, so
you’ll be able to use it whenever you want (though only at Best Buy). As for
the free wireless charging pad, this normally costs $49 – not a huge value, but
it’s always nice when something’s …

Tuesday, you can win a pair of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active handsets from T-Mobile

The next T-Mobile Tuesday is just a few days away and this coming week’s give-aways include a free sausage biscuit sandwich from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. Want to learn how to cook for yourself? T-Mobile subscribers will be receiving a free cooking class from Panna. Save $30 on tickets to a sporting event or concert from Ticket Liquidators, and 25% from craft store Joann’s Fabric.

The sweepstakes portion of this coming week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is being handled a little differently. Instead of having a grand prize, a first prize, and a second prize, the carrier will randomly draw the winner …

Deal: Verizon Galaxy S8 and S8+ are $300 cheaper at Best Buy

Best Buy is running another promotion on two of Samsung’s flagships, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. They are locked on Verizon, but you can buy them $300 cheaper than the MSRP if you agree with a 2-year agreement.

For a limited time, Verizon Galaxy S8 is just $420 ($17.50/month) at Best Buy. The phone comes in four color variations: Black, Coral Blue, Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver. The slightly bigger Verizon Galaxy S8+ is on sale as well for $516 ($21.50/month) and it’s available in the same color options.

You can’t get either of the two by paying upfront the retail …

Samsung claims the Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition was just a myth

Although Samsung planned to sell a Microsoft Edition of Galaxy S8 at some point this year, the South Korean company backtracked on its previous statements and now says that particular version of its flagship never existed.

The Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition should have been available for purchase at Microsoft’s retail stores, and while they didn’t include anything different in terms of hardware or software over the standard models, a Microsoft customization was applied to these phones when the devices were unboxed and connected to Wi-Fi.

Basically, the customization …