Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 gets new update at Verizon, here's what's changed

The Galaxy Tab S3, one of the most advanced Android tablets available on the market, made its debut at Verizon back in March. Since then, not many updates hit the slate, although there’s a high chance Samsung will offer an Android 8.0 Oreo upgrade next year.

Until then, customers who purchased the Verizon Galaxy Tab S3 will be pleased to know that the carrier has teamed up with Samsung for the release of a small, but important update.

Among the changes mentioned by the carrier, there’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) video streaming support for Netflix services, …

Samsung Gear S3 users complain about battery drain after Tizen 3.0 OS update

The highly-anticipated Tizen 3.0 update for Samsung Gear S3 was rolled out less than two weeks ago, but many smartwatch users are now complaining of various issues. The most important is related to the battery life of their wearable device, which apparently took a considerable hit after the update.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if this is indeed a widespread issue or just a small percentage of Gear S3 users experimenting the battery drainage problems. Samsung has yet to respond to these complaints, but it will take some time until we would be able to confirm …

The official Samsung Gear Sport watch faces are now available on the Gear S3 and Gear S2

When it launched earlier this year, the Samsung Gear Sport had a bunch of exclusive watch faces on board that were not present on previous models. However, a new update from Samsung is now bringing all four dials from the Gear Sport to the Gear S3 and S2, so owners of the previous generations of smart timepieces are not missing out on that. It’s not like they don’t already have literally thousands of user-made watch faces at their disposal, but hey, it’s always nice to get the official ones too!

Either way, if you own a Gear S3 or an S2, you won’t …

Samsung Gear S3 gets Tizen 3.0 with many major features in massive update

Well, folks, it has happened! After making its debut on the Gear Sport, Tizen 3.0 is finally arriving on the Gear S3. Today, Samsung officially announced that the latest version of its proprietary OS for wearables is available through a new “Value Pack” update.

Weighing in at 258.5MB, the patch brings a plethora of new functionalities. The list below covers most of the major changes:
Optimized UI with new functionalities for the rotating bezel.Nutrition management feature. Add calorie intake and compare calorie balance with …

Deal: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 on sale for just $470 (27% off) on eBay

One of the newest Samsung high-end tablets, the Galaxy Tab S3 9.7-inch was on sale quite a few times in the last few months. However, the slate rarely dropped under $500 and even when it did, it wasn’t by too much.

It turns out that a company is selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for a lot less than we’re used to. Although the slate is usually available for purchase for $650, you can now get on for just $470 on eBay.

Basically, you’ll be saving $180 (27%) when you buy the Galaxy Tab S3. Like that wasn’t cheap enough, the seller offers a $20 Google Play gift …

Samsung Gear S3 to receive Tizen 3.0 OS update at some point

The newly introduced Samsung Gear Sport is the only smartwatch that will ship with Tizen 3.0 OS on board. All other Samsung smartwatches are powered by a previous version of Tizen, which makes the Gear Sport more appealing.

Still, Samsung fans who already purchased the Gear S3 will be pleased to know the South Korean company plans to provide them with a Tizen 3.0 OS update at some point in the future.

Reliable sources told AndroidPit that Samsung Gear S3 will receive the Tizen 3.0 OS update, but they failed to mention when exactly it will happen.

Releasing …

Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S3: features and specs comparison

Fitbit’s long anticipated smartwatch is official: the new Fitbit Ionic is here to compete against the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear S3, the two big names in the smartwatch game.
How does the Fitbit Ionic compare to the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear S3 in terms of features?
We look at all the essential characteristics that make the Fitbit Ionic stand out, and above all that is its tremendous battery life. While you can only get about a day out of the Apple Watch and about two days out of the Gear S3, the Fitbit …

A major Gear S3 feature has been broken in the U.S. for months, Samsung yet to issue a fix

Back in April (and as it happens, exactly four month ago today) Samsung pushed out a so-called “value pack” software update to U.S. users of its Gear S3 smartwatch. The update brought a lot of new functionality to the device, but it also seems to have broken one major feature: text message voice input.

The issue occurs when a user tries to send a text message through their smartwatch via voice input: as reported by multiple users on both XDA Developers’ forums and Samsung’s own Community message board, the feature only works a couple of times before …

Samsung launches the Gear S3 TUMI Special Edition smartwatch for $449.99

Samsung and Tumi, a US-based company that manufactures suitcases and bags for travel, have just announced they have teamed up to offer consumers who wish to stand out, a luxury version of the Gear S3 frontier smartwatch.

Starting today, the new Samsung Gear S3 frontier TUMI Special Edition is available for purchase for $449.99 via Best Buy and Samsung. The wearable can only be bought online, but coming August 6, it will go on sale in stores for the same price.

Unlike the regular model, the special edition comes with a watchband designed by TUMI featuring …

Using a Samsung Gear S3 with iPhone — what are the differences to the Apple Watch?

A while ago, Samsung made its Samsung Gear S and Samsung Gear Fit apps available on Apple’s App Store. Ergo, users were now able to sync their iPhone with Samsung’s smartwatches!

It’s a bit unusual for Apple’s ecosystem to be somewhat lax with allowing competitor devices onboard, but let’s not forget that smartwatches are pretty much Bluetooth accessories — like fitness trackers, selfie sticks, and wireless earphones. Thankfully, none of these are restricted on the iPhone, so users have a bit of a choice with accessorizing.

If you own an iPhone and are feeling tempted by the Gear …