Vernee will be at MWC, new flagship and a new rugged phone to be showcased

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Vernee has been in the business of offering powerful but affordable smartphones for quite a while now. Each one of its products has something that it excels at — the Vernee Thor has a huge battery, the Mars has a sleek body, the Active is rugged, and so on. In an effort to make the product lines more streamlined and easier to follow, Vernee will be renaming …

Cat has a brand new rugged phone with lasers and other super powers, and it costs $1,000

With a brutal, rugged and unmistakeable look, the new Cat S61 rugged phone means serious business and might just be the perfect phone for adventurers and blue-collar workers.

From the first sight you know that this phone is tough: it is constructed with an aluminum-reinforced frame and meets military-grade standards such as Spec 810G rating. And it’s also IP68 dust and water resistant, and can survive 1.8-meter drops on concrete.

It will survive a drop test and has some truly unique superpowers

But this phone not just about its super-tough …

Rugged Doogee S50 braves the elements with tough exterior and a huge battery

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What’s durable, capable, and won’t break the bank for you should the elements take the best of it? That’s the Doogee S50 fitting those descriptions, rushing to occupy the niche of affordable rugged handsets that have little to do with the puny protected phones of yesteryear, which sported tough enclosures, but feeble internals.
The S50 comes …

The rugged LG X4+ goes official with Snapdragon 425 CPU, LG Pay support

Despite the fact that LG said it will lay low for a while when it comes to smartphones, the South Korean company continues to introduce new products. However, it’s almost certain that we won’t be seeing another LG flagship for at least a few months.

That being said, it looks like LG has just introduced a middle-class smartphone on its home turf: the X4+. The smartphone will be available for purchase at all three major carriers in the country for about $280 outright.

The X4+ comes with Android 7.0 Nougat on board, but it’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, coupled with …

The Galaxy X (SM-G888N0) listed on Samsung support site is just a rugged smartphone

Samsung is definitely launching a foldable smartphone next year, but that doesn’t mean it will be available for purchase worldwide. Dubbed Samsung Galaxy X, the upcoming foldable smartphone was previously listed on the company’s support site with model number SM-G888N0, or at least that’s what we thought.

Unfortunately, Samsung SM-G888N0 is not the highly-anticipated Galaxy X foldable smartphone, but a rugged phone for professionals. Samsung issued a press release a few days ago that highlights the importance of next-generation technology for smart train and metro, …

The Vernee Active: rugged, good-looking, affordable, and it's available for pre-order

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The world of rugged smartphones is a sparsely populated one. Usually, the phones that are meant for active folk are kind of underpowered, kind of ugly, yet weirdly costly. In other words, they have a tough time drawing buyers considering that one can achieve the same effect with a “normal” phone and a rugged case.

This is how the Vernee …

The super rugged CAT S31 goes on sale in the US for $330

Caterpillar, the company that makes dozer, excavators and … smartphones, is launching a new phone in the United States, the CAT S31. Originally announced early this year at CES (Consumers Electronics Show), the super rugged smartphone is now available for purchase in the US for $330 outright.

It surely is a high price for a middle-class smartphone, but the CAT S31 is a rugged device so you’ll get a very sturdy handset that can be even used in hazardous environments (within some limits).

Talking about specs, the CAT S31 is far from being impressive, as …

Vernee Active is a rugged compact Android with '3-day battery' and 128 GB storage

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Looking for a rugged Android, but the Galaxy S8 Active is out of reach for at least two reasons? Check out Vernee’s new Active handset, which has learned to protect itself as a child on the mean streets, but has now grown to a 5.5″ adult with an octa-core chipset, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, plus a whopping 4200 mAh battery. Given the …

Best rugged cases for the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL: Protect what's dear

Building on last year’s legacy, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were off to a rather rocky start due to a trove of unpleasant issues that plagued a large amount of devices. A few unlucky users have had various issues with their phones, but thankfully, those are not that widespread.
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If you’re a lucky owner that hasn’t experienced a single issue on your Pixel 2/2 XL yet, lucky you, you should probably stick with that one and treasure it as good as you possibly can. One of the best ways to do that is none …

Rugged and armor cases for the iPhone X: protect your investment

That iPhone X sure is a pretty gem, yeah? It would be a shame if something happened to it…

Oh, no, wait, we’re not threatening you — it’s just that your $999+ investment has a slippery glass back and a huge chance that whatever side it falls on might cause a break. This may not be an issue in your everyday life if you happen to live a more peaceful lifestyle, but it’s a good idea to think about an armor case if you happen to go on long journeys from time to time, or hikes, bike rides, or just tend to bump against hard surfaces on a regular basis.

Whether …