Andy Rubin back at Essential after being away for less than two weeks

Just before the end of last month, Android co-founder Andy Rubin took a leave of absence from his latest corporate vehicle Essential. According to a report from The Information, Rubin had left Google back in 2014 after complaints about an “inappropriate” relationship with a female Googler led to a investigation. Rubin allegedly failed to follow Google policy that prevents supervisors and subordinates from having a relationship. No, this wasn’t a case of sexual harassment, but Google did close its investigation by stating that Rubin’s behavior was “improper and showed bad judgment.”

While …

Andy Rubin apologizes for Essential's privacy gaffe

You might remember our previous report about a possible phishing scam that Essential might have fallen victim a few days ago. Some customers who pre-order the Essential Phone received an email that asked for sensitive information like pictures of an ID and address.

Well, it appears that there was no hacking involved in the privacy issue, but rather a huge mistake from Essential’s part. According to Andy Rubin, the reason some customers received those mails asking for personal data was an email account gone rogue.

It appears that the company made an error …

Andy Rubin plans to bring the Essential Phone to the UK, Europe and Japan

You didn’t think Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone will be exclusively available in the United States, did you? Even though the company behind the quirky smartphone hasn’t yet come forward with an official statement to confirm its expanded availability, Financial Times reports the Essential Phone will be released in many other countries.

Apparently, Andy Rubin’s company negotiated the release of the Essential Phone in the UK with local carriers. Last week, Essential execs held talks with EE and other UK network operators to find a suitable time frame for the launch the …

It is real: a hands-on with the Essential Phone, presented by Andy Rubin

So, the Essential Phone was just revealed yesterday and it has some cool things going on about it. Titanium and ceramc build, a 360-degree accessory camera, an all-screen front, so on and so forth — it’s definitely a head-turner. But we didn’t get to see any live footage of the handset, just renders.

Today, Essential founder Andy Rubin sat down with Recode to show and talk about the product he is so proud of. He discusses the titanium build, the magnetic connector on the back, why the Essential modules might be better than the Moto Mods, the 360-degree camera, and other tidbits.

It’s …

First Essential smartphone (developed by Andy Rubin) could be announced next week

Ex-Google chief engineer and entrepreneur Andy Rubin, seen by many as the father of Android, will soon announce a brand new high-end smartphone that’s supposed to compete with the likes of Apple iPhone and Google Pixel.

The new smartphone is developed under the umbrella of an equally new company founded by Rubin and called Essential. Today, Essential announced – via its first Tweet ever – that “something big is coming May 30th.” It’s very likely that the company will officially showcase its first handset on this date, especially since Andy Rubin already revealed …