Nokia 8 Review

Nokia is back. It has embraced Android and it’s got a Snapdragon 835 flagship phone to compete with the big guns like the iPhones, Galaxies and Pixels. Welcome the Nokia 8.

Nokia has built its flagship smartphone following a few simple principles: keep Android clean and bloatware-free, deliver good performance, and provide timely software updates. In many ways, the Nokia 8 is a “stock” Android phone done right, with little flare except for that new “bothie” camera mode.

There are a few things to keep in mind, though: the Nokia brand is now licensed to HMD Global: a different company …

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review

In 2016, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced a smartphone which was among the first to spur the all-screen craze we’re observing today. The name of this unusual device was the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The gigantic phablet stood out with its “tri-bezel-less” 6.4-inch screen and attractive ceramic back plate, but unfortunately, it was hard to acquire for anyone living outside of China.

Luckily, Xiaomi has recently released a follow-up to the handset which grabbed our attention a little less than 12 months ago. The new Mi Mix 2 comes with many of the traits which made its predecessor …

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Review

“It’s just the right size!” – that’s what my girlfriend exclaimed when I presented to her the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. Little did she know that behind its humble appearance was a tiny beast of a phone – one that had as much processing power as a top-of-the-line Android flagship. And there’s so much more to like about Sony’s latest pocket-friendly handset, but ultimately, is its price of $600 justified? Well, perhaps it is.

DesignUninspiring with its boxy look, but sturdy and practical.

So yes, as its name suggests, size is a key selling point for the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact. …

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Review

For all the flak both Apple and Google get for “copying” one another, it’s genuinely interesting to watch how their very different paths through the smartphone landscape have converged time and time again. On the hardware front, we’ve watched Apple grow from a one-size-fits-all, take-it-or-leave-it approach to handsets to this year’s lineup, with not just the greatest number of phones ever, but also a couple distinctly different designs.

Google, meanwhile, has evolved from selling hardware with a real enthusiasts-focused kick to come out with some eminently commercial handsets, …

Google Pixel 2/XL review: 10 key takeaways

Our Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review is in, and the verdict is in: the new Pixels break some new ground when it comes to camera quality and overall deliver improvements to an already great first-gen product.
In just two years, Google has managed to enter the phone game with a phone that offers meaningful improvements over the competition and focuses on innovative data and AI-driven technology, rather than flashy looks, to stand out.

Our full review distilled in 10 important takeaways

If you don’t …

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Review

Today’s fitness tracker market feels oversaturated with devices of various shapes, sizes, and feature sets to the point where simply choosing which one you want to get becomes an exercise much tougher than the ones you’ll be doing once you actually buy it.

But despite this, last year Samsung still managed to position its Gear Fit 2 as one of the best options on the market, thanks to its inclusion of almost every major feature you can think of — and then some. So it’s not exactly surprising that, rather than release an all-new entry in its Gear Fit series this year, Samsung instead …

Huawei Mate 10 Pro rumor review: design, specs, price, and everything else we know so far

After releasing its P10 and P10 Plus flagships in the early months of this year, Chinese phone maker Huawei is preparing to end 2017 with a bang. In case you haven’t heard, this “bang” will come in the form of Huawei’s Mate 10 series.
So, what makes the Mate lineup special? Well, the “go big or go home” philosophy that the company adopts when designing and manufacturing these phones. The presently available Mate 9 can be seen as a perfect example of this approach – the large phablet packs a 5.9-inch screen, powerful hardware, a Leica-branded dual main camera, and …

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review

Three years ago, Apple changed the face of its smartphone lineup not just with a new, larger size for the iPhone, but by introducing a second extra-large option for users who craved bigger screens still: the iPhone Plus. And for a while, that’s basically what you were buying when you picked up an iPhone Plus: a regular iPhone but with a bigger screen.

But even from the start, there were hints that Apple wanted to differentiate its smartphone models based on more than just device size, and we were already seeing feature disparity between the two iPhones, as the Plus picked …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Review


Samsung’s Galaxy Active series, and increasingly ruggedized wearables, have helped establish the company’s prowess as the only true champion for more active (or careless) mobile consumers. Starting with the Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung began offering IP67 waterproofing – years before it was a flagship standard – and rugged design, which has now expanded to military standard certifications in drop tests, extreme temperatures, and IP68 waterproofing. Year after year these Active variants have been released shortly after Samsung’s Galaxy flagship, often tweaking small aspects …

Apple iPhone 8 Review

For the better part of the last decade, smartphone lovers everywhere have been doing the iPhone shuffle. It’s a simple maneuver, played out on a dance floor that stretches through the years. Big step, little step, big step, little step. One year brings us an iPhone that tends to feature a bold new design, then the next year upgrades that with an “S” model that refines the hardware and introduces key new features.

This year, the smartphone industry is positively oozing with change. Old flagship lines find themselves replaced by new visions, and even some of the longest-standing …