'Star Trek Discovery' premiere review: Smart, serious sci-fi on a slow burn


Star Trek history was made Sunday night, and not just because of Sonequa Martin-Green — who, as Michael Burnham, became the pioneering black female protagonist this franchise deserves. (Seriously, the camera can’t get enough of her, delivering epic hero shot after epic hero shot.) 

It’s more than that. For the first time in the history of Star Trek, we’re not getting an introduction to the main location of a show in its first episode. The equivalent of the Enterprise, or the Voyager, or the space station known as DS9, doesn’t show up yet. Your cozy familiar template for a spacebound show that introduces all its characters at once is deader than Kirk’s hairpiece.  Read more…

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Asus Zenfone AR Review

Asus is no stranger to niche devices, although AR and VR are slowly beginning to shed this perception. Being the first mobile device to support both Tango and Daydream, Google’s AR and VR platforms, the ZenFone AR retails as much less of a niche product than it would have only a few short years ago – advances in AR/VR technology aside. Instead, Asus’ newest phone is also their most high-end, and can easily be viewed as a flagship, even when the pending ZenFone 4 Pro eventually seizes this title with its Snapdragon 835 processor, more befitting of flagship status.

The AR …

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom Review

The last few weeks have been overloaded with new smartphone launches, centered around the late-summer extravaganza that is the IFA trade show, and now Apple’s new batch of iPhones. But even going back a month or two earlier, this whole season has been delivering a solid assortment of interesting handsets, running the gamut from the most tricked-out flagships to some attractively balanced affordable phones. As we take a little bit of a breather after recovering from IFA, we’re spending some time looking back on a few of those phones that might be worth a second look, and right now …

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 rumor review: Design, specs, features, price, and all we know thus far

Despite the availability issues, it’s pretty safe to consider the Google Pixel and Pixel XL as two of the better top-end phones launched last year. Their most profound feature was the camera, which really set a high bar for all other flagships to jump over.
Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that after the good start, Google will be willing to use the gained momentum and one-up itself and the competition in 2017 with the second generation of Pixel devices. Right now, we are not exactly sure if we will get treated to 2 or 3 new handsets as we’re hearing …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Just a little bit over a year ago, Samsung must have felt on top of the world, having just launched the Galaxy Note 7. It had decided to skip the Note 6 in order to finally put its flagship branding all on the same page, and there was plenty of reason to be excited about this hot new hardware. Maybe “hot” is a little too on the nose, because it wasn’t long before reports of particularly exothermic battery failures started making the rounds, sending a current of panic through Note owners. Samsung pivoted and tried delivering a fix, but even that effort proved insufficient, and in …

Samsung Gear S4 (Gear Sport) rumor review: specs, features, price, release date and all we know so far

Samsung will officially announce a brand new wearable device on August 30th at the IFA tech conference in Berlin, Germany, and chances are that it will be a new smartwatch. 
Is it time for the Samsung Gear S4 and what would it look like?
First, the name: it might not be the Gear S4. Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 exactly one year ago at IFA 2016, but one year after that launch, it seems more likely that its next generation smartwatch will be named “Samsung Gear Sport”.
Details …

LG Q6 Review

Call it the mini G6: the new mid-range LG Q6 looks and feels a lot like the company’s flagship phone. It has a similar bezel-less, immersive display and it’s got a nearly identical interface.

Of course, when you are talking about a mid-range phone like this new Q6 — sold at half the price of the LG G6 — you know some compromises have been made. Rather than having high-performance silicon under the hood, the Q6 is powered by the entry-level Snapdragon 435 system chip and it lacks the fancy dual camera system of the G6. It’s not water-protected either.

Also, it does …

Apple Watch Series 3 rumor review: design, features, price, release date, all we know so far

Smartwatches – they never became a smashing hit, but there’s one company in particular that has been selling them by the millions. That would be Apple, which ships more smartwatches than any other company in the business. For this reason the rumors of a new and improved Apple Watch model come as no surprise. But how exactly will it be superior to Apple’s current offerings? Well, let’s go over what we know so far.

What will we call it, anyway?

So far there have been no rumors stating a specific name for Apple’s next smartwatch, but we’re …

Honor 9 Review

There will always be top-shelf smartphones that spare no expense when it comes to design, features, and raw performance. And you’re always going to be able to find bargain-basement hardware that may feel awkward and outdated, but gets the job done for a fraction of what those flagships cost. But it’s right in the middle where things really get interesting, as manufacturers try to strike a careful balance that aims to still feel premium while also giving us a heck of a strong value for our money.

Last summer, Huawei’s Honor sub-brand introduced its latest affordable flagship …

LG V30 rumor review: design, specs, price, release date, and all we know so far

LG has something big and powerful to show us later this month. That would be a new phone, naturally – the LG V30, as it will be called. Its purpose: to be the most technologically advanced smartphone LG’s mobile division is capable of creating, to be a multimedia powerhouse capable of capturing and reproducing music, images and video with top-notch quality, and to be a worthy successor to the LG V20 from last year, of course. Here’s how LG plans on achieving all of this.
Design and display
The LG V20 from last year was a rugged, manly-looking …