This Is Our Review Of The LG P500 Android

The Android platform for smart phones is slowly becoming the standard for numerous phone companies, even LG is jumping on the bandwagon with its P500. Companies like Motorola and HTC got their success, courtesy Google’s mobile operating system and LG’s take on things is represented by the Optimus line. The LG Optimus One P500 Android handset has been gaining a lot of attention from the media since it was announced back in mid-2010 and that is amazing because this Android handset does not have high-end specifications. This LG phone instead tries to attract with a fair price tag without trimming too much on performance and features so users can still enjoy the Android experience and its growing marketplace of mobile apps.

Positive Aspects

A fantastic feature is the fact that this phone still looks like an Android phone, while several features are missing the look remains the same. The 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen display is definitely not the largest but that makes the phone more portable than its bigger Android peers. The phone and some of the applications are essentially faster because of the multi touch feature. This feature is special as ordinarily it is only offered on phones that are much more expensive. Also, you can watch DVD quality movies with this phone. While you can upgrade the phone itself to 32GB with the card slot, when you obtain the phone it only has 170 MB of memory. To lend to the phone’s value, a 2 GB microSD card is already included. In addition, this Android phne from LG can be used as an MP3 player, and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

And of course, this phone features WIFI and Bluetooth which comes with all the LG smart phones. A fantastic little feature that also comes included with the LG Optimus One P500 Android handset is the built-in GPS. Navigating through the user interface is rather easy in both portrait and landscape modes, thanks to the on-screen QWERTY keyboard and the accelerometer allows these two views to be changed without any hassle. And if all those features were not enough, the LG Optimus One P500 Android handset also features the 3G compatible network. One thing that many Androids on’t have is the quality of the speaker; nonetheless, that is not an issue with the LG.

Negative Aspects

Again, this phone is more affordable than most other smart phones with Android technology which of course means that had to cut back a little here and there. Although the camera has auto focus, face detection and geotagging, nonetheless this LG smart phone only works with 3 mega pixels. One other drawback is that this particular phone has no Adobe Flash support. This LG smart phone likewise merely comes with a 600 MHz processor, which means while everything can pretty much run without problems, editing documents can be sluggish.


The LG Optimus One P500 Android handset is one good Android device and serves as a fantastic transition phone to the smart phone world. This LG Android phone is also a good learning phone. You will be able to learn about all the features the Android phones have and will be able to find if later on you may need a more expensive phone with a lot more features in the future. But then, a lot of users got started with the LG Optimus One P500 Android handset and have decided that this more affordable model has all the features they will ever need.

This Is Our Review Of The LG P500 Android

Top Blackberry Smartphones Review

One of the best cellular phones on the market is the Blackberry Smartphone. This phone comes in several different models that provide potential buyers with a variety of phones individualized to mesh with their own personal and professional lifestyles. The newest Smartphone is available in approximately six different styles with many different colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. The Blackberry Smartphone has the ability to make phone calls, text, email, takes high resolution pictures either at or exceeding the quality of most high-dollar professional cameras, plays music in high quality audio, and even allows its users to surf the Internet for their favorite restaurants or the newest movies playing, where the nearest theater is and show times for that particular theater. Most Blackberry Smartphones now include GPS capabilities with Google maps to ensure that you never get lost again.

The Blackberry Bold 9700 Smartphone has a large high-resolution screen. This screen displays over 65,000 colors that creates vibrant viewing of your photos, videos, and website content. The track pad navigation feature gives the feel of gliding your fingertips over the keys on a laptop to make for easy scrolling through menu options and for easy selection of where you want to travel on your phone. The Blackberry Bold 9700 allows you to download and play music, create and/or watch videos, take high-quality photos with optimal viewing capacities, and speaker quality sound.

You can even sync your phone with your computer so you can pull data and photos from your computer and put them directly on the phone. Also, this phone allows for up to 35 hours of music playback. The Blackberry Bold 9700 can be upgraded for up to 256 MB of flash memory by inclusion of a microSD card. This allows for more room for all your photos, music, and videos. This phone is also inclusive with a 3.2 mega pixel camera. You can also use this feature to record videos and play them back in high resolution quality. In addition, the Blackberry Bold 9700 also provides speedy 3G networking and Wi-Fi capabilities to the Internet where you can download files and browse the Internet faster.

The Blackberry Storm2 9550 Smartphone has many of the same features as the Blackberry Bold 9700. The one feature that sets it apart from many other styles of Blackberry Smartphones is that it has touch-screen capabilities where you can quickly switch between different applications. New features of the Blackberry Storm2 Smartphone are the Next-Generation SurePress Technology and Wi-Fi support. Wi-Fi applications help you connect to the Internet instantly by showing where the highest quality connectivity options are located. SurePress technology allows for error proof typing and provides a virtual keyboard that makes for easy navigation.

The Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphone is the thinnest of all the Blackberry Smartphones. This phone has a 480×360 pixel screen that offers high quality resolution on photos, videos, video messaging, text, and maps. This phone includes Wi-Fi capabilities as well as an integrated GPS navigation system along with Blackberry Maps. In addition, this phone also includes a 3.2 mega pixel camera that takes high resolution images and videos with the touch of a button. The Blackberry Curve 8900 also allows for optimal mobile streaming so you can virtually take your home stereo system everywhere you go.

The Blackberry Tour Smartphone allows for world phone capabilities on an extremely reliable 3G network. This phone also includes a 3.2 mega pixel camera perfect for high resolution photos and videos and a smooth feel to the keypad with easy navigation features. Whether overseas or in the country, the Blackberry Tour allows you to connect to the Internet using 3G network connectivity from anywhere in the world. It includes a built-in media player and 256 GB of memory already built-in to the phone.

If you’re looking for that one phone that can do it all, Blackberry’s line of new-age Smartphones are what you need for all your needs. If you buy a Blackberry Smartphone, you won’t have to worry about buying a separate GPS if you are constantly traveling. Computers will become “old-school” as everything you can do on your computer you will now be able to do on your Blackberry Smartphone! Take the first step into the new-wave of cell phone technology and purchase your Blackberry Smartphone today!

Top Blackberry Smartphones Review

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A Review Of The Apple Iphone

Perhaps the most important device of the 21st century, the iPhone, by Apple Inc., delivers both form and function in one small package. After years of rumors and speculation, the phone is now earning Apple and AT&T some serious cash and giving users, or fan-boys as they are sometimes called, eternal gadget bliss. Some customers, however, aren’t so pleased.

The iPhone, touted sometimes as “Jesus Phone,” is still as prolific as its debut 4 months ago. It has been hacked, unlocked, and now patched. The applications are limitless. The biggest complaints of the phone are:

1. AT&T – Once you buy it, you’re trapped with AT&T as the sole carrier of the iPhone.

2. No MMS support – What phone, in this day and age, doesn’t include the popular MMS protocol to send images to other phones? Answer: The iPhone.

3. Price Tag – “OMFG” Can you justify spending $ 600 for the iPhone? After a few short months, the iPhone’s price tag drops to $ 399. Ouch, early adopters.

Each application of the iPhone is amazing. You simply can’t compare it to other phones on the market, though a lot of people try. The phone itself isn’t bad. Everything is touch-screen, so it takes a little getting used to, but the five modes within the phone feature work flawless. You have your favorite contacts, recent calls, contact list, the key pad to dial numbers, and visual voicemail. It’s a new way to make and receive calls. The phone even gives you as much Caller ID information as possible from numbers not listed in your contacts.

Having mail is important to a lot of people. With the iPhone, you have a real email client, similar to a Blackberry or other smart phone device. What’s different is the fact that it actually looks like an email client on your MacBook. PC users might not understand this point, but the simplicity of the Mail program is perfect for emailing “on-the-go.” Buyer beware though, the email program does have to use the painfully slow AT&T Edge network. This means if you’re loading a lot of messages, be prepared to wait minutes to download all of your messages. Web applications like G-mail are also frustrating because every email sent from the phone must also be retrieved after sending. Your best bet is to IMAP an email address.

Having the Internet at your fingertips is probably what makes the iPhone the most advanced mobile device ever. The power of having a Safari web browser is amazing, but the problem with Safari it’s slower and less powerful than its big brother counter parts, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Also, currently you can’t run Java or Flash yet, which makes it impressive visually, but as watered down as other mobile browsers in terms of functionality.

The built-in iPod is what you’d expect from Apple’s iPhone. It’s simple and easy to navigate. There is cover flow view which lets you flip through cover art to find the album you want to listen to, and a segregated video play list which lets you watch movies on the run.

“Third party apps” are a great thing on the iPhone. These web applications bring extra functionality to an already amazing device. At first, there were few, but as time passed, and as popularity grew, the iPhone became a booming business for third party web apps. The downside, they’re web apps.

The real power behind the iPhone is the unlockable features. You can unlock, hack, and crack your iPhone to add real 3rd party applications. Buyer beware, any form of modification will definitely void any warranty on the iPhone. Some users have “bricked” their iPhones by unlocking the phone for use with other carriers as well. Obviously these procedures are highly risky and should not be attempted by anyone unless their willing to blow their $ 400 dollars on a slim paper weight. Some of the 3rd party applications allow you to customize your iPhone with different graphics and icons. Some allow you to record voice notes and triangulate your position using wi-fi and cellular tower signals. Needless to say there are many benefits to hacking your phone.

Many customers have complained that Apple has gone too far in protecting their iPhone from the wrong hands and some iPhones have been permanently disabled due to illegal unlocking of the phone. Those who had the knowledge and sense to repair the lock were able to avoid this iPhone “brick” and remaining in wonderful gadget bliss.

Apple recently announced legal 3rd party applications in the coming months, with a development kit in February 2008. This time next year, expect to find open source applications, costly iPhone software and possible downloadable games.

The iPhone lives up to its hype, but could do more to please the masses. Those looking for a new, fun smart phone, look to iPhone in the coming months as prices drop and software becomes readily available. Only the die-hard fans should invest in the iPhone as it is now.

A Review Of The Apple Iphone

HTC Touch HD Mobile Phone Review – Get the World in Your Pocket

HTC Touch HD is one of the best Windows mobile 6.1 smart phones available in the market today. The mobile phone has a large screen measuring 3.8 inches, with a resolution of 480 x 800 WVGA pixels. The device has 802.11 b/g WiFi capabilities, and the features include Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP for stereo Bluetooth streaming. The mobile phone features a a MicroSDHC card slot, which currently provides an optional extension of up to 8GB of added memory. The HTC Touch HD features connectivity to GPS satellites through means such as, a built-in GPS processor, or through the cell towers offering Assisted GPS (A-GPS) devices.

HTC Touch HD offers a super fast Qualcomm® MSM7201a™ processor, having 528 MHz and 512 MB flash memory, along with a 128 MB RAM. This shows power and efficient run time on applications and features that this powerful phone has. You will enjoy taking pictures and videos on the HTC Touch HD as it features a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, and a VGA video conferencing camera. The mobile phone offers super high resolution display, much higher than what Apple Corporation has claimed for their iPhone. In fact, many of the Windows mobile phones have 2 to 2.5 time’s higher resolution than what iPhones offer. HTC Touch HD not only has a much higher resolution compared to iPhones, it has a much larger screen panel which is ideal for the perfect viewing of websites and other documents.

There are several touch screen mobile phones in the market, but if you look through the specifications of some, including the HTC Touch HD, this mobile phone would be your obvious choice. It has all trimmings, and along with the feature that the phone offers, HTC Touch HD would be your natural choice. If you are keen to get a Windows based touch screen mobile phone, HTC Touch HD is the mobile phone that you want. The phone features a massive touch screen, sitting cool on a slim casing, which also provides a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 5-megapixel camera.

If you are looking for a phone for business use, the Windows based the HTC Touch HD provides you with features related to your business applications, responding to several tasks at the touch of a button. The only problem is that, you need to pull out the stylus every time if you should be looking for more accuracy. For more accuracy, the stylus has to be pulled out every now and then, which has not found to be quite desirable.

The HTC Touch HD has been designed for personal as well as for business use, and the phone provides the user with the style and features of all the relevant kinds of applications that one would need in using the phone in for both, business and consumer use. Carry your HTC Touch HD with you where-ever you go, and find your bearings with its in-built GPS. You can never get lost with the HTC Touch HD.

Touchscreen are definitely classy and sophisticated, makes you want to buy one immediately however it also comes with a high price. You can still cut some cost by getting free line rental cashback deals or even luckier if you get a free HTC Touch HD contract offers, your choice still.

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Samsung Gear Fit 2 review

The Gear Fit 2 has a slim design with a beautiful curved AMOLED display that can show smartphone notifications and weekly charts. It also has GPS, heart-rate monitoring, onboard music storage for up to 1,000 songs, all-day fitness and sleep tracking, and automatic exercise detection.


Samsung got my attention with the Gear Fit 2. It had everything I looked for in a fitness tracker: all-day fitness tracking, heart rate, GPS for tracking pace and distance when running, smartphone notifications, inactivity alerts and automatic exercise detection. It even had some features I never even thought I would use, such as onboard music storage, and water and caffeine tacking.

The Fit 2 is more than just a fitness tracker. It’s a sort of like a mini fitness smartwatch. There are a variety of appealing watch faces to choose from, you can view and respond to notifications from your Android phone right on your wrist, and there’s a built-in Spotify app.

I also can’t forget about the design. The curved screen and beautiful AMOLED display is appealing to look at and feels comfortable on the wrist. And I really like the price. The Fit 2 is available now for $179/AU$289 (about £125), significantly less than the comparable Microsoft Band 2, Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and Fitbit Surge. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Android devices.

When it’s all said and done, however, I’m not in love with the band. I actually look forward to taking it off and going back my Fitbit and Garmin watches.


A mini fitness smartwatch, but with limited apps

The Fit 2 is like a slimmed-down version of Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. It has the same fitness features and notifications (and those features are both very good), but it’s missing app support. There are some basic apps, like a stopwatch and a timer. The one to care about is the Spotify app, which lets you control and access your playlists right from your wrist. Unfortunately, you still need a phone connected to use it.

There is 4GB of space so you can load up to 1,000 of your favorite songs right to the device, but who buys music anymore? It would have been a game changer if you were able to load Spotify playlists right on the device for offline use. Hopefully this is something that will come sometime down the road, but it isn’t guaranteed.


Running is frustrating

I was excited when Samsung told me the Fit 2 has GPS. As an avid runner and cyclist, it’s an essential feature to measure my pace, speed and distance. Working out with the Fit 2, however, has been nothing but frustrating. Novice runners may not have the same problems I did, but it’s clear this isn’t designed for serious athletes.

Most devices with GPS require you to wait until a signal is acquired. When you start a running exercise with the Fit 2, it immediately begins to countdown from three seconds and starts the timer. Each time I had to pause the band and wait for the signal to be acquired, which was never a fast ordeal. The Garmin and Polar watches I used for comparison acquired GPS within a few seconds. Meanwhile, the Fit 2 took a few minutes each time.

The other problem is that beautiful screen. There’s a special outdoor mode that increases brightness and makes it easy to see, but the screen isn’t always on. Instead, it wakes up when you move your arm to your face, which isn’t easy to pull off mid-run. And it isn’t even very responsive.

Much like the Apple Watch, the Fit 2 also only displays one data point per screen and doesn’t allow you to see crucial running information at a glance. If I wanted to see distance, I had to swipe over once and then swipe two more times to see my pace. This was extremely frustrating and became increasingly difficult thanks to my sweaty fingers.


Heart rate is good, except when working out
An optical heart-rate sensor on the back of the Fit 2 measures your heart rate every 10 minutes throughout the day. I found these measurements generally accurate when compared to a Polar chest strap…until I started working out. Heart-rate data is captured at 1-second intervals during workouts. Measurements tended to be off by around 20 to 30 beats per minute, especially during harder runs. At one point, the Fit 2 even recorded my heart rate at 225 bpm (it was actually around 190).

The Fit 2 is able to sync with the popular running and cycling app Strava, but it can’t upload heart-rate data, which is disappointing.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

Read below to find out about many of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s features, specs, and release date.

Samsung has decided that the design behind the Galaxy S3 ought to be a nature theme. A direct quote coming from Samsung states that the S3 is, “inspired by nature and designed for humans – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments”. The S3 will come in plastic casings of Pebble Blue and Marble White.

The menu buttons look comparable to the Galaxy S, although the home button has increased in size. The Super AMOLED HD display screen on the Galaxy S3 may be the greatest display screen out on the market for smart phones. The screen is 4.8 inches in size, which makes it the largest on the market place as well.

Making the phone in line with its nature theme, the S3 has sounds such as dripping water whenever you unlock the device or when touching menu options. While Samsung has pushed the nature theme, you able to customize these things if you do not enjoy it.

The Touchwiz interface has been retooled for ease of access. The dock at the bottom of the display screen now holds 5 items. The 4.8 inch display screen is certainly capable of handling the extra icons.

A brand new revolutionary technology for the Galaxy S3 is referred to as Smart Stay. It utilizes the camera to track the movement of your eyes. This allows for the screen to “know” when you is looking at it so that features such as the back light do not dim when you are looking at the screen. keeping with the Smart naming scheme, the S3 additionally has a feature called Smart Voice. This is comparable to SIRI on the Apple iPhone 4S. It allows you to use your voice to issue voice commands to the phone.

A feature called Direct Call also allows for you to make a call to someone straight from a message. You simply lift the phone to your ear and the Galaxy S3 will automatically call the individual you were chatting to.

S Beam is a feature to help make transferring files between phones easier. It is used to link two phones and transfer video, photo, music, as well as other content over wifi. It allows for you to easily put your Galaxy S3 next to your friends and tap a file that you wish to be transferred. You may only make use of this with another Samsung Galaxy S3 phone however.

Pop Up Play feature is a feature that was added to make multi tasking while watching videos easier. You are able to pop out and move your video screen around the phone’s display screen, allowing you to access your other apps.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports internal memory of 16, 32, and 64GB whilst also allowing an SD Card to expand the internal memory further.

The camera is guaranteed to be an excellent feature on the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with an 8 megapixel back camera. The front camera is 1.2 megapixels. The camera is capable of recording video at 720p.

The camera has standard features such as facial recognition, burst mode, High Dynamic Range, panorama, smile shot, beauty mode as well as others.

One of the most crucial features of smart phones are the apps. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has new apps, S Suggests and S Memo. Some important apps missing from the S2 are the Reader Hub for magazines and newspapers. The reader hub was replaced by the Video Hub instead.

The Galaxy S3 also has the Music Hub which allows you to browse MP3 music from the Amazon mp3 store.

The Gamer Hub enables you to download games from the app store.

The battery power has been improved from 1650mAh(Samsung Galaxy S2) to 2100mAh (Samsung Galaxy S3). This should allow for a longer batter life compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Samsung has promised the Galaxy S3 will use greater power management techniques to provide longer battery life than earlier models.

This Samsung Galaxy S3 review has shown that the device has many upgraded features to be regarded as one of the best phones on the market today.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 specs show its power over the competition with its 4.8″ Super AMOLED HD Screen, 1.4GHz Quad Core Exynos processor, Bluetooth 4.0, 64GB Internal Memory, S Beam, S Voice, Eye Catching, longer battery life, Pop Up Play, and more.

The only disadvantages coming out on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the somewhat cheap feel of the plastic casing. We believe that the technology and specs of the device more than make up for this modest set back however. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is scheduled to be released on June 21, 2012. If you are interested on where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can order it now on Amazon.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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Samsung Galaxy Review

It is only fair to expect a lot out of a product that labels itself “Galaxy”. As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy does, in fact, deliver on its promise to be impressive and is worth your attention. The reputation that Samsung has built up over the years is well apparent in the Galaxy. Consumers who opt for the Galaxy will surely not be disappointed with their choice.

The Samsung Galaxy uses a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen that has a resolution of 480×800, which it is safe to state serves up a very impressive images, especially for a mobile device. If you want to have impressive mobile video, then this is certainly the kind of technology you might want to be looking for in a smartphone.If you are unfamiliar with OLED displays, then they have a few advantages over other display offerings. OLED displays are believed to be more durable, and offer brighter images and response times. They are easier to view when outdoors. Super AMOLED is believed to take this all up another notch by consuming less energy and being even brighter. The end result is, of course, additional wow factor. This wow factor is only heightened when used in conjunction with the multi-zoom feature or playing back some particularly rich video content. Don’t be surprised if you don’t draw a little bit of a crowd.

This is not to say that the Samsung Galaxy isn’t packed with features. The Galaxy, in fact, has all the features that one would expect from an Android smartphone including a 1 GHz processor, a HD video recorder that records in full 720p and a 5 MP camera as well. Video and audio is also fully supported with MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and others such as DivX all supported.

You will also be pleasantly surprised by the Galaxy’s battery life. However, keep in mind that your battery will be zapped up faster if you use 3G rather than 2G. Of course, this is an issue with any new phone.

If you are looking for a head turning smartphone, this is probably one that you should consider. The display will certainly add to a new fun factor to your smartphone experience. Samsung continues to make impressive phones and the Galaxy is no exception.

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Hands-on Review

Smart Communications has opened its registration web page for those who want to pre-order Apple’s newest iPhone landing on our shores real soon.


No postpaid nor prepaid plans have been revealed as of this moment, but one thing’s for sure is we’re bound to get all available variants as listed on the local telecommunication company’s website. While the release date has yet to be announced, information from various sources point out to a mid-November launch in the Philippines, akin to recent iPhone launches the past few years, which may be the reason for the out-of-nowhere appearance of the local telco’s registration page.

For those who are interested purchasing the phone on Smart’s prepaid or postpaid plans, you may register your interest here. You can also read more about our full review of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, just in case you need to decide on which Cupertino phone is best to pick this holiday season.

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The Outstanding Review to Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Whenever you want to buy a smart mobile phone you will go to Google and search for keywords like Buy Samsung GalaxyNote 5, Buy Samsung Galaxy S3, Buy Samsung Galaxy S5, Buy Samsung Galaxy S6, Buy Samsung Galaxy S7, But after studying the endless results displayed and spending enormous amount of time you will finally realize that if you Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you will always be more benefitted than if you buy any other mobile phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Take note 5 is obviously beautiful. Its materials used and design feels as though a far more superior device than its ancestors in the series, but it also offers a few distinctive Note features.

Actually Note 4 was a great success for Samsung and there have been no competitor because this device comes in Google android tablet type. However when it comes to size, Apple has recently joined the battle of big gizmos by launching IPhone 6 Plus and but Samsung gained the flying shades.

Samsung has introduced the look it used in combination with the Note 5 andGalaxy S6. Gone will be the days of tacky artificial leather and clear plastic is usedfor Galaxy Note: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has introduce with an aluminium structure and Gorilla Wine glass 4 on back and front

The Elegant DesignThe usage of goblet means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also the most fingerprint susceptible note gadget we’ve seen, it hasadditional trope that it inherits from the Samsung Galaxy S6. But, not like the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 manages to be somewhat more elegantcompared to Galaxy S6 just, using its understated curves over the  attributes of the trunk, that benefit the handling of the large mobile phone.

Though a lot of the Galaxy design terms remain as same as before, the just-released Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now took its construction cue from the latest Galaxy S series flagship, giving it a cup and material structure. Glass panels are kept as well as a metallic frame, and colour options include translucent results that makes the telephone sparkle and reveal practically.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 5 for theBeautiful DisplayDisplay is used in Samsung Galaxy is a lot sunnier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s. Note 5 could have been far better in glowing ambient light, which is efficient for power saving. According to DisplayMate, it offers the best colour reproduction in compare to other mobile displays. The Note 5 achieves new milestone on screen lighting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Features

Overall Release date            August 2015Screen Type            Touchscreen Dimensions (mm)        153.20 x 76.10 x 7.60Weight (g)            171.00Battery capacity (mAh)    3000Battery Removable        NoHandset Colours        Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire,Silver Titanium, White Pearl,  

Display Features

Screen size (inches)        5.70Touchscreen            YesResolution in Pixels    1440x2560PPI (Pixels per inch)        518

Camera Camera (Rear)        16-megapixel Flash                Yes Camera (Front)        5-megapixel

Features For Connectivity

Wi-Fi                YesSupported Wi-Fi Standards    802.11 / g/ n/ ac /a /bGPS                AvailableBluetooth            Available (v 4.20)NFC                AvailableInfrared            NoUSB-OTG            Available Headphones in mm        3.5FM Availability        NoType of SIM             Nano-SIM GSM/ CDMA            GSM3G                Yes4G/ LTE            Yes

Operating System Operating System        Android 5.1.1

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Blackberry Torch Review

The Blackberry Torch is one of the latest handset releases from mobile phone giant Blackberry and comes equipped with several changes and upgrades from their previous phones that should prove exciting for fans of mobile technology.

The biggest change implemented by Blackberry with the release of the torch is the introduction of the new operating system Blackberry 6. This system will seem comfortably familiar to users of any of the old models but also introduces new features that keep up with other top smart phone operating system developers, such as Apple and Android. Its multimedia functions rival these competitors and in some aspects beat them. The improvement of the Blackberry’s youtube and podcast applications are extremely impressive. The speed of these make the last handset look poor in comparison, videos load instantaneously and there is hardly any loading time at all. The standard of the videos has also come a long way, the quality is crystal clear and looks like high definition.

Blackberry has always prided itself on its ability to provide its customers with unparalleled messaging and e mail software and with the torch this legacy seemingly continues. Those who are fans of social networking are especially in luck as access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Blackberry’s own messaging software, the Blackberry Messenger, are all available and easy to use. The blackberry messenger system took the world by storm when it was introduced as it gave blackberry users the facility to chat to other blackberry users without having to worry about how much they are spending on text messages. The blackberry messenger is very similar to msn messenger and users only need the blackberry pin of the person they want to talk to and they can chat instantly.

The Web browser also seems to be a victory for Blackberry as it is quick and user friendly, with the option of fast multi-tab browsing, and utilises the Torch’s impressive hardware well with features such as the double tap zoom working much better than many of the cheaper smart phones on the market. The double tap zoom has been a long standing problem with some of the cheaper smart phones on the market as the screen can be over or under sensitive. People where finding that when they went to click on something on a website and the screen was zooming in, blackberry have eradicated all these problems.

One of the most striking aspects of the torch is that of the marketing Blackberry have used to promote it. The Torch has not been launched with the idea of business at its core as the majority of Blackberry phones have been in the past and its move towards a more casual customer is reflected in its looks. The Torch still retains the QWERTY keyboard that its users love but also incorporates a touch screen as well; moving it into more direct competition with the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy. At the same time though it retains the quirky Blackberry features that previous phone owners will know and love.

The Blackberry Torch is one of the latest handset releases from mobile phone giant Blackberry and comes equipped with several changes and upgrades from their previous phones that should prove exciting for fans of mobile technology. You can purchase the Blackberry Torch from a variety of mobile phone retaillers including phones4u, dialaphone and carphone warehouse.

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