The Rock just revealed his latest action movie, co-starring Siri


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says a lot of things on social media, including the occasional dad joke, but unless he’s pranking us this time, we’re about to see him star in a film with none other than Apple’s digital assistant, Siri. 

“I partnered with #Apple to make the biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest, most over the top, funnest (is that even a word?) movie ever,” wrote Johnson on his official Facebook page. “And I have the greatest co-star of all time – #SIRI.” 

It’s unclear what the nature of the film is, but since it’s unlikely that a full-length feature from one of Hollywood’s biggest stars would just get dropped on us with one day’s notice, it’s more likely a promotion of some sort to show off some of Siri’s features. And since Apple has also been touting the iPhone as a filmmaking tool, it’s likely the “film” will be shot on an iPhone.  Read more…

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Meizu Pro 7 Plus gets pictured next to the regular Meizu Pro 7, rumored prices revealed

It looks like the dual-screened Meizu Pro 7 will have some jumbo-sized company when it launches. Among the new images leaking almost every day is one depicting a purported Meizu Pro 7 Plus next to the normal-sized handset. As expected, the Pro 7 Plus also has that much-talked-about secondary screen on its back panel. And, as you can clearly see, it’s got full support for playing Pac Man as well. What glorious times we live in!

In case you are wondering, the black handset on the left is, evidently, the Meizu Pro 7 Plus – it appears larger than the phone in silver (or gold) next to it, which …

Alleged Google Pixel XL (2017) design revealed: Thin bezels are in

While it may have been working on three different new Pixel phones for this year, Google will ultimately release only two models – at least if the latest rumors turn out to be correct. These two models should be a 5-inch Pixel to directly succeed the original Pixel of 2016, and a larger handset codenamed Taimen.

Possibly called Google Pixel XL 2017, or maybe Pixel 2 XL, the Taimen is – according to Android Police, a 6-inch smartphone that’s manufactured by LG and resembles the device seen in the render below.

Android Police is “exceptionally confident” that the renders below reveal …

The Gear VR successor's technology revealed, includes eye tracking and hand recognition

Thanks to Korean firm Visual Camp, we get our first glimpse at a reference variant of the Samsung Exynos VR III head-mounted display – a standalone unit with built-in displays that connects to a smartphone through the USB port. This is considerably more sophisticated technology than the Samsung Gear VR, which requires mounting the entire smartphone in the headset’s front.

Visual Camp boasted about having their eye tracking technology integrated in Samsung’s HMD. The system is designed to sharpen the resolution of the part of the display being viewed by the user’s eyes, while reducing the …

OnePlus 5 dual camera revealed: 20-megapixel Telephoto lens, with iPhone 7 Plus-like portrait mode

The OnePlus 5 will have a dual camera system that will look and feel just like the one on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus: one regular rear camera and a secondary, telephoto shooter that will be capable of blurring the background and capturing portraits, according to a report by TheVerge a day before the official launch of the OnePlus 5.
We also now have the official OnePlus 5 camera specs: the phone will have a 16-megapixel main Sony rear cam with an f/1.7 aperture lens, and a 20-megapixel secondary Sony sensor with an f/2.6 telephoto lens. OnePlus …

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 front panel revealed in video

The Galaxy Note 8 is the next big thing coming from Samsung, literally. The company’s flagship smartphone is expected to go official in late summer, slightly ahead of IFA 2017 tech exhibition.

Since we’re just a couple of months away from the official reveal, it’s quite to start talking about the unannounced phablet. The first credible information about the Galaxy Note 8 went public late last week when an image of a supposed dummy unit leaked online.

Today, we have another leak that has Samsung’s flagship in the center. It appears that the front panel …

Facebook internal guides on content moderation revealed in recent leak


An investigation by the Guardian gives a first time look at Facebook’s content moderation manuals, related to hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism, and others. Facebook moderators often have less than 10 seconds to review and action a reported post, meaning the possibility for inconsistent judgment is quite real. But, hey, with more than 6.5 million reported posts a week, those guys are not having a stroll in their 9-to-5. However, some of the rules seem quite confusing and look set to fuel social debate on how the company manages content.

In one of the leaked …

Paul McCartney revealed his 'Pirates 5' character and honestly just WHY?!


Yo ho yo ho, it’s apparently going to be a pirate’s life for McCartney! 

Paul McCartney — yes, Sir Paul McCartney from The Beatles, that’s the guy — on Sunday posted a photo of his Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales character, which was announced last March.

McCartney will be starring in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Yeah, no — we have no idea why or how this is happening either. But it’s happening.

A 74-year-old McCartney posted a promo poster for the fifth Pirates film that shows him looking remarkably like his now co-star, Johnny Depp. McCartney’s pirate hair, beard, makeup, bandana, hat, rings, AHH this man is almost unrecognizable.  Read more…

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Xiaomi Mi 6 revealed in new photos?

With the unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi 6 taking place tomorrow, we can expect a ton of leaked photos, renders and rumors to be disseminated over the next few hours. For example, a new rumor states that the flagship model will be offered in five different colors, black, white, silver, gray and gold. A couple of photos appear to have been snapped during some of the preparations for tomorrow’s event.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will feature a 5.1-inch display with a 1080 x 1920 (FHD) resolution. It will be powered by the Snapdragon 835 chipset containing an octa-core CPU and the Adreno 540 GPU. There will …

Report: Samsung starts work early on the Galaxy S9; more info about the Galaxy Note 8 is revealed

According to a report out of Korea, Samsung has started work on its 2018 flagship handset titled the Samsung Galaxy S9. The work on next year’s phone doesn’t usually start this early; after all, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ were just unveiled less than two weeks ago and neither one will be released until April 21st. According to anonymous sources, Samsung is 6 months ahead of its usual time schedule as it has already started working on the display for the Galaxy S9.

The report adds that the early start for the Galaxy S9 is tied to the manufacturer’s new and improved quality …