OnePlus 6 battery life test results: above average

The newest OnePlus 6 has just gone through our proprietary battery life test and the results are in.

We have been using the new OnePlus 6 for more than two weeks now and it has all been a breeze as the phone gets us through a full day with ease, but to get a true understanding of its battery life we had to compare it on equal terms with other devices.
The OnePlus 6 features a 3,300 mAh battery and the latest Snapdragon 845 system chip on board. While the chip is new, the battery is the same size that we have seen in the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. With a …

Poll results: Begone, Notch!

The smartphone design trend in 2018 seems to follow these simple rules — glass backs, extra-wide 18:9 displays, thin bezels, and a notch on the top of the screen to house the earpiece, selfie camera, and sensors the phone needs.

And that notch… well it has been controversial to say the least. Lots of vocal people out there make sure to tell manufacturers that they hate it. So, some Android phone makers, whose latest flagships sport “a notch”, have started to add a software feature, which paints the UI at the top of the display in black, simulating a whole bezel. So, you can kind of, sort …

HMD may have just decided to launch the Nokia X6 worldwide following poll results

HMD Global introduced its first-ever Nokia-branded smartphone to feature a notch display design, but the device is only available in China. Although the notch is still a controversial feature that many don’t see as an improvement, the Nokia X6 has been met with a lot of enthusiasm in China.

As a consequence, HMD Global’s COP Juho Sarvikas posted a poll earlier today asking fans if they would be interested in a worldwide release of the Nokia X6. The poll ended pretty quickly and it showed once again how powerful the Nokia brand is all over the world.

Out of the more than 8.5k people …

Results: OnePlus 6 pushes some fans away, wins over others

OnePlus’ brand-new flagship was just announced yesterday — shiny and beautiful in three different finishes, a modern-looking notch on its edge-to-edge display, glass back, and top-tier hardware. It looks sleek and is sure to run super-fast as OnePlus handsets have been known to do for the past few years.

But, of course, everyone has their own taste. Some don’t trust the up-and-coming company, others are sworn to despise The Notch whenever it appears on a phone. There are plenty of reasons to like the OnePlus 6, but we are sure some will have their reasons to dislike the new “flagship killer”.

We …

Poll results: almost half of us trust our future AI Overlords

Google demonstrated a new Google Assistant feature recently, putting all other voice assistants to shame while simultaneously dazzling and scaring the audience at the same time. We are talking about Duplex — the Assistant’s ability to converse with human beings naturally, without tipping them off that it’s actually a computer program.

At the Google demo, we saw the AI call in to make an appointment at a hair salon. Some are happy that the feature would take care of calls to strangers for them… other are worried about the ethics and future exploitability made possible by Duplex.

We …

Results: Android P's gesture interface — potential hit with the fans?

Google’s Android P is going to have a new gesture-based interface, as demonstrated at Google I/O and also visible in the beta build, currently available to the public. Said interface gets rid of the Recents button and turns the Home one into a nub — scroll up for task-switching, scroll sideways to swap between apps. Yeah, those gestures and setup sound a little bit iPhone-ish.

So, we wondered if the new system would attract the anger of fans, and we asked. But it looks like many are willing to give the new controls a chance, and some even loved it at first look. Only about 18% voted that …

The extra side keys on the G7 and S9 should serve a higher purpose (poll results)

It turns out that extra side buttons, apart from the lock key and volume rockers, may not be such a good idea, after all, especially in their trendy reincarnation that launches digital assistants on the Galaxy S9, or the new LG G7. 
Granted, they use different virtual helpers – Samsung’s button launches its own Bixby butler, while LG bets on the tried-and-true Google Assistant, yet just 10% of our poll respondents on the virtues of extra clicky physical keys on the sides, think that assistance function will be put to good use.
More than …

Sprint won't be missed (poll results)

We asked you last week whether you will miss Sprint’s name and jolly yellow logo, if and when the merger with T-Mobile gets approved by the regulators, and less than 10% of our 1637 respondents said that Sprint will be sorely missed. Actually, less than a third of you on aggregate, think that the deal could have resulted in anything else than… the new T-Mobile, as T-Mobile CEO’s memo to employees referred to the resulting third-largest US carrier that will be breathing down AT&T’s neck like never before:

The New T-Mobile …

Poll results: politics be damned, we want that Huawei P20 Pro!

Huawei was so, so close to officially making it the US markets via a chain of carrier deals. AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mo were all on board to sell the Huawei Mate 10, but were pressured to back off in the last moment. The CIA, FBI, and NSA all said that Huawei’s phones are not to be trusted and might be used to spy on users.

We won’t go as far as to discuss spying opportunities and modern portable devices. But the end result is pretty heartbreaking for your average smartphone fan. The triple-camera-equipped, chameleon purple Huawei P20 Pro is not going to make it to the official market. …

How often do you factory reset your phone? (results)

We asked you yesterday whether you hard reset your phones at all, given that some deep issues with them, as well as the inevitable slowdown over time, can only be solved this way, yet it requires some backup kung-fu on your part to save all the info and app settings you currently have. It turns out that, despite all these differences, factory resetting is still a popular way to solve performance problems for nearly 45% out of our 2381 respondents. A third only do a factory reset before they sell their phones, as the surefire way to clean it from all personal info, while 22% never …