Pokemon GO copies Monster Hunter series, adds Field and Special Research gameplay mechanics

The folks over at Niantic have just announced important changes are coming to their Pokemon GO smash-hit. Starting this week, players will have access to two new gameplay features: Field Research and Special Research.

Field Research will offer Pokemon GO players various objectives that include discovering and catching certain Pokemon or engaging in battles. You’ll be getting these tasks by spinning nearby PokeStops, each time you want new research missions.

On the other hand, Special Research may be requested by Professor Willow and will take players on a journey to make major discoveries. …

The world's top Apple analyst releases new research notes on the 2018 iPhone models

KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made so many great calls on Apple, that he is considered by many to be the most accurate out of the thousands of analysts who follow the company. In Asia, where it already is Monday thanks to the time difference, Kuo has disseminated a new research note to his clients, containing his latest musings about the 2018 Apple iPhone handsets.

Kuo expects Apple to release three new handsets this year. The lower priced model will be the 6.1-inch Apple iPhone 9. According to Kuo, this model will:

Feature an LCD screen.Be manufactured by Pegatron …

Two research firms say T-Mobile was tops in customer satisfaction throughout 2017; Verizon was next

Perhaps with T-Mobile CEO John Legere constantly talking about ways to eradicate customer’s “pain points,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the nation’s third largest carrier finished on top for Overall Customer Satisfaction in 2017 based on surveys taken by HarrisX Mobile Insights and YouGov BrandIndex. Both research firms state that T-Mobile customers were more satisfied than those subscribed to rivals like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, all throughout 2017.

Besides offering extras like free Netflix for those with two or more T-Mobile One lines, the carrier gives away several goodies …

Stephen Hawking makes one of his most famous research papers available online


More than 50 years ago, Stephen Hawking wrote his doctoral thesis on how universes expand. 

On Monday morning (GMT), that research became available for anyone to read through a digital library maintained by the University of Cambridge. 

“By making my PhD thesis Open Access, I hope to inspire people around the world to look up at the stars and not down at their feet; to wonder about our place in the universe and to try and make sense of the cosmos,” Hawking said in a statement.  

Hawking’s 1966 thesis, “Properties of expanding universes,” is the most requested item in the University of Cambridge’s open access repository. The catalogue record gets hundreds of views per month, according to the the university. In recent months, hundreds of readers have made requests to download the entire thesis.  Read more…

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Research firm claims Essential Phone sold only 5,000 units in the US

Andy Rubin’s company, Essential has been recently valued at roughly $1.2 billion, but its first product might be considered a flop if we take into consideration the latest report coming from research firm BayStreet.

BayStreet is known for tracking shipments of phones in the United States. According to the research company, only 5,000 Essential Phone units were sold in the country since its launch.

The number is ridiculously low, but not impossible to “achieve.” The Essential Phone should have been released on the market back in June, but it only started shipping …

NASA honors 'Hidden Figures' inspiration with a new research facility


More than 50 years after Katherine Johnson first helped send astronauts into space, the once “hidden figure” is hidden no more at NASA. 

The federal agency named a new research facility in Johnson’s honor this week. The Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility at Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia opened Friday. 

Johnson was part of a group of black women mathematicians whose calculations — done by hand — were essential to NASA’s early space missions. She was memorably portrayed by Taraji P. Henson in the movie Hidden Figures last year.  Read more…

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Apple leaps into AI research with improved simulated + unsupervised learning

screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-3-05-45-am Corporate machine learning research may be getting a new vanguard in Apple. Six researchers from the company’s recently formed machine learning group published a paper that describes a novel method for simulated + unsupervised learning. The aim is to improve the quality of synthetic training images. The work is a sign of the company’s aspirations to become a more visible leader… Read More

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Real-time motion capture system from Disney Research uses as few sensors as possible

runningman Serious motion capture setups often involve dozens of optical markers, inertial sensors or both, making them a pain to set up and tear down, and producing a ton of data. This Disney Research project produces high-quality results from just a handful of sensors by making some smart assumptions about how the body works. Read More

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How Virtual Reality Helps in Market Research?

Can a researcher run against a clock? Can he witness ‘live’ experience of the future market trend? You might be thinking that I am taking a flight of fancy? But this is worth to brainstorm. It is possible to pick up few moments from the womb of the future. ‘Virtual Reality’ (VR) is doing it all. It identically tells how best to measure, scan and do analysis of the rich information. Let’s dig out more from the stockpile of it. The market research companies can mutate the companies from scratch through it.

How VR works?
Let I introduce you to the perfect example of Oculus. The co-founder of it ‘Palmer Luckey’ smashed astoundingly in the tennis match. With the accurate backhand return, he registered his victory over his rival ‘Takeshi Kobayashi’ (a game developer firm COLOPL). Both are techies. Freaking with technology is in their blood. But both saw eye to eye in the tennis match. How? Actually, the virtual environment became tennis court. Using headsets, they encountered the challenges reality. The 3-d images turned life-size creating compelling for them to immerse. Their head as well as eyes’ motions or emotions were tracked. Finally, what they felt was proximal to reality but not ‘the real’. This is how VR technology works.

Go through the rundown of its benefits affecting business scenario:
* Virtual tour of business: A train of thoughts takes off to the virtual world. Here, you feel free to dive into the pool of upcoming future. Risk-factor, rejection and shortcoming will not infiltrate in the business roadways. Can you imagine why Facebook spent $ 2 billion over the deal of Oculus Rift (the gaming company)? Why Amazon video is setting-up a virtual reality R& D team? It’s just to let the potential customers sink into the immersive storytelling. By this, they can have the similar experience as of the real-time one. Sony, HTC and now Facebook have joined the league of the VR technology.

* Cost effective: By the end of 2016, around 40 million VR headsets, including 8 million gamer ones, will pop up in the market as per Jesse Schell report. Saturation or satisfaction can be its root cause. None of the veteran companies want to bear the burden of million dollars’ loss. Defects and rejection from the customer can outflow your expenditure in dump. But high degree of realism in this technology can save your time as well as money.

* Defect detector: Capitalizing on this technology will soon be the prime factor to emphasize on. Immersing the target audience into the virtual environment can let them live in the prospective technology. Let’s take an example of Apple. The iPhone’s app store will soon be this technology’s version. Here, the users can download movies and games. On finding any error, its users’ senses will help in detecting it.

* Data analysis: Key players of various corporate sectors are in the want of data and its accurate analysis. This new fuel of the global industry has customers’ preferences. Take a glimpse of ecommerce industry’s data. Amazon leads with 15 million products in its online retail shop. Flipkart offers close to 10 million products while Snapdeal has 4 million. Utilizing this technology, a company can bank on the products of whose demand surges. This data will be the foreteller of what’s in trend. Thus, developing and presenting what people want via it will be leveraging.

* Trend forecaster: Launching something without ascertaining customers’ views is a ‘daring’ act. This technology can bang on if its advantages are utilized seriously. Oculus cinema app is blowing entertainment industry. Ford Motor’s Immersion Lab exhibits interiors and exteriors of its prototype on its pre-launch.

Being deployed as a data analyst in Market Research Company, James has been capitalizing on his skills and potential. He dares to take on challenges. Building strategies while combating with complexities in data analysis and management, he has developed mastery. Besides, he loves to share his live-examples in his blogs.