Report: Apple has not yet started final production of the iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X, as many of you already know, is not scheduled to launch until November 3rd. That is six weeks following the release of the Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone 8 Plus on September 22nd. Pre-orders for the iPhone X will begin on October 27th. At least that is the schedule that Apple has mapped out for its tenth anniversary iPhone model. According to Raymond James analyst Christopher Caso, Apple hasn’t even started production of its expensive new premium model.

Caso says that further delays in the production of the iPhone X have popped up recently. The analyst has spoken with …

Apple's historic iOS 11 leak may have been an inside job, report says


We’re now accustomed to a minor hardware and software leaks in the weeks and months ahead of any major Apple event, but Saturday’s massive Golden Master version iOS 11 leak may be the worst ever suffered by the incredibly secretive company. 

Like, ever.

So now, just a couple of days away from Apple’s big iPhone event, we await the inevitable leak blowback, and it’s already begun: We now have new details on how the leaks may have made it to the public. 

That leak exposed a wide range of details ahead of Apple’s Tuesday event, including the names of the new iPhones, a new LTE Apple Watch, the name of Face ID and how it works, and a number of software goodies that would have otherwise wowed the audience in a couple of days.  Read more…

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Report: HTC and Google "in final stage of negotiation" regarding sale of smartphone business

It may sound like beating a dead horse, and at this point writing it certainly feels that way, but here goes: HTC is in very bad shape. This has been true for a while now, especially following the failure of the HTC 10, though we did for a while think its latest U11 was going to go at least some way towards fixing that problem.

But that obviously didn’t happen, as proven by the Taiwanese phone maker’s latest financials report showing August was its worst month in the past 13 years. Revenue dropped by 51.5 percent compared to last month and 54.3 percent …

The iPhone 8 will wear its display "cutout" loud and proud, new report suggests

The “notch” or “cutout” at the top of iPhone 8’s display has been a polarizing topic among fans ever since the first legitimate schematics for the device leaked online. The so-called notch houses a number of important sensors for biometric authentication, as well as the phone’s front-facing camera, but many were hoping that Apple would opt to to hide the notch by blending it with a dark status bar.

This would have been a viable option, since the iPhone 8 is outfitted with an OLED display, and the cutout would have blended nicely with a black status bar, …

Report: Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 could share its unveiling date with the Apple iPhone 8

Last week, we showed you a video made by the designer of the Xiaomi Mi MIX and the Mi MIX 2, Philippe Starck. The concept video showed a phone with very thin side-bezels and minuscule top and bottom bezels. Even though the device in the video is a concept, it very well could be giving us an advance look at the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2. After all, when the person behind a concept is the official designer of the real phone (and its predecessor) you have to take that concept more seriously.

Earlier this week, a report out of China claimed that the MIX 2 had received its necessary China Compulsory Certification‎ …

Report: Huawei's Kirin 970 SoC entered mass production this month

Huawei, one of the world’s largest handset makers, will be among the last to unveil its flagship smartphone for the second half of the year. While Samsung, HMD, Google and even Apple are expected to announce new products in the next couple of months, Huawei will introduce the Mate 10 in October.

However, one thing that will set the Mate 10 apart from other flagships to be launched on the market later this year is the SoC (system-on-chip). Huawei is expected to include its new, not yet released, HiSilicon Kirin 970 chipset inside the Mate 10.

Although previous …

Report: Google to pay $3 billion to Apple to remain the default search engine on iOS

Securities firm Bernstein sent a note to clients today, stating that Google will end up paying approximately $3 billion to Apple this year to remain the default search engine on the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. That is triple the amount that Google paid Apple three years ago for the same licensing rights. The revenue from Google is counted by Apple towards its rapidly growing services business. According to Apple, if its service business was considered a separate company, it would qualify for the Fortune 500.

Bernstein analyst A.M. Sacconaghi Jr. said in his firm’s missive to investors that …

Report: Apple iPhone 8 sensor will handle facial recognition while lying flat on a desk

The bottom line seems pretty clear. Neither Apple nor Samsung will be first to the market place with a fingerprint scanner that will be embedded under the front display. In fact, at the moment, that accomplishment will apparently be first credited to Sharp and its Aquos S2 device. Samsung is relying on the use of its rear-facing fingerprint buttons for biometric control, and it seems that Apple will be hoping that its 3D scanning facial recognition system will be able to unlock phones and verify identity. The main question is whether the financial institutions partnering with Apple on Apple Pay …

Report: Months after departing Uber as CEO, Travis Kalanick seeks a way to regain influence at Uber

Back in June we told you how a combination of five major Uber stockholders got together to push out Travis Kalanick, the CEO and founder of ride–shairing firm Uber. But without the ability to run Uber, privately valued at close to $70 billion, it seems that Kalanick was growing bored and missed the business he started. According to a report published Sunday, the former executive is seeking to win back some influence at the company by helping Sprint parent SoftBank make an investment in Uber.

By getting SoftBank to purchase shares of Uber currently controlled by large stakeholders, Kalanick’s …

Mysterious 6-inch iPhone 8 might be coming this September, report claims

A new report from South Korea claims that the luxury OLED iPhone might actually come in two sizes. 

The source of this information is a recent ETNews article that provides details about Samsung Display’s A3 production plant. Apparently, OLED panels for Apple are mainly fabricated in this foundry and full-scale production is set to start at the end of this month. While that’s certainly interesting, the really intriguing part is that the A3 plant is reportedly manufacturing both 5.8″ and 6″ OLED screens for Apple: 

If Samsung …