Apple will replace some damaged iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6s Plus through March

So there you are, sporting a non-working Apple iPhone 6 Plus that by one reason or another, qualifies for a replacement unit through Apple. Well, we are here to give you a little bit of good news. An internal Apple memo, sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers, says that from now through the end of March, “orders for whole unit service inventory of some iPhone 6 Plus models may be substituted to an Apple iPhone 6s Plus.”

In plain English, it means that if you are due a complete replacement of your iPhone 6 Plus, you might just luck into an iPhone 6s Plus instead. An older internal document …

Amazon brings Alexa to your smartphone, but it won't replace your smart speaker

Amazon isn’t making it easier for Google to monopolize the personal digital assistant market. The US giant has just rolled out a small but important update to the Alexa app for Android devices.

The update enables the vocal commands for the Alexa app, which was a mere tool to manage settings for the Echo smart speaker and other similar devices until now. With the latest version of Alexa, Android users will be able to speak to their smartphones and trigger Alexa skills, play music or even send messages.

However, you can only take advantage of voice commands if the Alexa application …

You might have to wait two weeks to replace the battery inside your Apple iPhone 6

Late last month, Apple apologized for quietly using software smuggled into certain iPhone models which throttled the CPU of these handsets. Apple explained that it was forced to do this so that these iPhone units wouldn’t shutdown when met with a complex task that could tax the older and weaker batteries inside these phones. To make up for what it had done, Apple sliced 63% off the price of a battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and later, cutting the price to $29 from $79 for the remainder of the year.

This drastic price cut has led to heavy demand for battery replacements in Apple …

Apple publishes letter of apology, cuts price to replace certain iPhone batteries by 63% to $29

After Apple recently confirmed that it throttled the CPU speed of certain older iPhone models, the company today published an apology letter that it titled “A Message to Our Customers about iPhone Batteries and Performance.” In the letter, Apple acknowledges that customers might feel that Apple let them down. As a response to those who say that Apple is guilty of planned obsolescence, the company says that it would never do anything to shorten the lives of its products.

Apple is now being accused in lawsuits of purposely slowing down the performance of older iPhone handsets just when the …

#BatteryGate: When the original iPhone launched, Apple VP said most users will never need to replace their battery

Apple has just issued an official letter of apology about the battery/slow-down-gate scandal that has been brewing in the past couple of weeks.
It’s an interesting read and you can find the whole thing linked at the bottom of this article, but there is one piece that stands out and that we emphasize below:
All rechargeable batteries are consumable components that become less effective as they chemically age and their ability to hold a charge diminishes.