Repairing HomePod costs nearly as much as the damn thing itself


Did you just pick up Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker? Better pray it doesn’t break, because it’s expensive AF to repair it.

Apple’s published service and repair details for HomePod on its website and — holy sh*t — it’ll cost HomePod owners a whopping $280 to repair or replace the dang thing if they don’t have AppleCare+.

For those who are paying attention, that’s nearly as much as the HomePod speaker itself, which costs $350.

Like all Apple products, whatever damage your HomePod sustains might be covered under the included warranty. But if it’s not, you gotta fork over the money to get it fixed. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well just buy a new one.  Read more…

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History reflects the facts to us that in Stone Age’s people were only spending their life with core necessity of life like eat. Drink, live etc. because they have no advanced tools like we are enjoying. Now in such a technological era, it is completely vice versa.

Current era people are in much need of advanced technological era tools to survive in it. We cannot spend our lives on basic necessities of life like the past. One must match one’s standard of living with current situation otherwise would badly suffer from its after effects.

Throughout the evolution communication tools having much importance in human life. In the past it takes weeks, months to communicate, but now it is vice versa. Advancement transfers it from personal movement, telegram, computers, mobile phones, tabs, etc.

Among those, one of the fastest and reliable ways to erase the communication gap is a mobile phone. If we have a look around our globe, we will find that almost every 3 out 5 people having the mobile phone facility. It has almost become the person’s core necessity of life.

Being a wireless tool people happily carries it while performing their routine matters. We also remember here that incidents having no intimation in a person’s life. It happens in seconds, but left its effects sometimes for a long span of time, i.e. months, years or lifetime.

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