Google removes 'Don't Be Evil' motto from its Code of Conduct


To be evil or not to be evil — that is the question, Google.

It seems after years of the tech company’s commitment to its low-key creepy-sounding mantra, “Don’t Be Evil,” Google has removed the phrase from its Code of Conduct.

So I guess that means evil is totally chill now?? Cool. Very cool and not at all concerning, right?

On Friday, Gizmodo noted that “Don’t Be Evil,” which has been part of Google’s Code of Conduct since 2000, was recently removed in either April or May, as shown by the Wayback Machine. 

Digging into the Wayback Machine’s April 21, 2018 archive shows the three-word phrase still present in an earlier Code of Conduct: Read more…

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Apple removes app that allowed teens to hide photos behind a real calculator

Apple has yanked the Private Photos (Calculator%) app from the App Store. The app allowed users to hide secret photos behind a real functioning calculator, which made it a favorite among enterprising teenagers. U.K. police say that Private Photos (Calculator%) figures in a current investigation, and child welfare groups spoke out against it. The earliest complaint about the app dates back to 2015 when U.S. district attorney Pamela Casey warned parents about it on her Facebook page.

Experts on digital safety ripped Private Photos (Calculator%), placing it on a danger list aimed at …

Microsoft Store removes Instagram app for Windows 10 Mobile

There are many ways to say that the party is really over. You can stop providing beverages and food, you can flick the lights on and off, scream at the top of your lungs for everyone to “GET OUT,” or you can remove Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile from the Microsoft Store. A recent update to Instagram for Windows 10 to version 30.1569.12133.0 added some new features, but removed the option to install the app on handsets running the mobile version of the OS. It still is available for the desktop version of Windows 10.

Instead of the app, Windows 10 Mobile users can try the Instagram mobile …

Twitter's infamous token limit removes Flamingo from Play Store

Twitter has been in the news several times over the token system it uses to control the number of users any third party client can have. The popular Android client Flamingo, has now been removed from the Google Play Store due to reaching said limit. The app became one of the more popular clients used by those who do not enjoy using Twitter’s own app. The app includes multiple themes, a pop up preview mode and other features that are not included in the official Twitter app. Unfortunately, this week their success caused them to reach the limit and the app was unpublished. The app developer, …

YouTube Kids removes conspiracy theory videos before more children poison their minds

YouTube has been working to remove conspiracy theory videos from its inventory of clips. The company set up an Intelligence Desk to prevent these emotionally inflammatory videos from hitting the site before getting attached to an ad from a company that would rather not sponsor bogus claims. For example, after the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, survivors of the attack who publicly went after the NRA and the Trump administration were wrongly branded “crisis actors” who show up at such events. And as is typical after such a tragedy, videos started appearing from far-right …

Qualcomm removes ex-chairman Paul Jacobs from board as he pursues bid for chipmaker

The never-ending saga of Broadcom trying to take over Qualcomm may have just made its first victim. Paul Jacobs, son of Qualcomm’s co-founder Irwin Jacobs, was replaced by Jeffrey Henderson in the chairman position last week.

The decision was made after several investors complained about Jacobs’ pay and said that since he has two separate roles at Qualcomm – executive chairman and chief executive, it might be confusing for employees and directors to tell who is in charge.

However, Jacobs remained a member of Qualcomm’s board until recently when he expressed his wish to pursue a bid …

T-Mobile removes $120 down payment for Galaxy S9+, but only for well-qualified customers

If you already placed a pre-order for Samsung’s new Galaxy S9+ flagship at T-Mobile, then you may soon be able to benefit from a price tweak that will slightly reduce the price of the smartphone.

T-Mobile recently confirmed it has decided to completely remove the $120 down payment for Samsung Galaxy S9+ on JUMP! On Demand. Up until the beginning of March, the smartphone was available for $120 down and $31 per month on JOD, but the carrier will not be asking the down payment any longer.

However, there are a couple of things you should know before placing your Galaxy S9+ pre-order. …

YouTube app gets fancy new AI that removes background like a green screen


While artificial intelligence may one day evolve into the godhead, right now it’s being put to a more prosaic use: funny backgrounds in YouTube videos. 

Engineers at Google have developed a new tool that uses AI and machine learning to filter out and replace the background in videos much like a green screen does. They call it mobile real-time video segmentation, and it’s here to up your YouTube game — assuming you have the limited beta stories, that is. 

That’s because, for the moment, the feature is only to be found there. Even so, it looks like it could have a big impact. After all, just imagine what the wonderfully twisted minds of the internet will do now that they can easily digitally replace the boring scenery behind them with, I don’t know, maybe a mural?  Read more…

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Xiaomi removes all traces of Twitter poll that had Android One topping MIUI

Last September, the Xiaomi Mi A1 was launched. This is an Android One handset which means that it did not come with Xiaomi’s own MIUI skin. The latter has been criticized by Xiaomi’s own fans and users of the company’s handsets. But now that Xiaomi has released an Android One phone, the company felt that it might be a good time to poll consumers to see which UI they prefer.

Now, looking at this from Xiaomi’s point of view, the company is not going to run such a poll on Twitter unless it is pretty sure that the results are going to be in its favor. Based on an image that was posted on a sub-reddit …

Apple removes Telegram from App Store for "inappropriate content"

Popular encrypted messaging app Telegram is currently unavailable for download on iOS. The reason – Apple has removed the service from the App Store after receiving complaints that “inappropriate content” was hosted on the platform. 

The nature of the content in question is currently unknown, but what’s certain is that it breached Apple’s developer guidelines for iOS apps. These state that each app should have filters and mechanisms for the detection and reporting of objectionable material, as well as tools for blocking users who posted such …