Russia? No, Strava. Fitness tracking app makes remote U.S. Army base locations public

US Army bases are clearly marked in remote outposts like Afghanistan’s Helmand province It seems that nobody, not even the US military, is prepared for the changes in thinking that connectivity and technologies preclude. Case in point – the popular Strava fitness tracking app, which is headquartered in San Francisco, and has over a million active users who log their running, biking, skiing, and plenty of other activities, has US army soldiers among them.

When deployed overseas, they keep tracking their jogging routines which appear on Strava’s worldwide heat map. So far so good, …

Sony Mobile shuts down 'my Xperia' remote tracking service

Sony Mobile, one of the world’s major smartphone makers, confirmed recently it has discontinued the ‘my Xperia’ remote tracking service. Although the company didn’t make any announcements previous to the shutdown, Xperia smartphone users who wanted to access the service earlier this week were redirected to Google’s Find My Device site.

my Xperia tracking service worked similarly to Google’s Find My Device, which is probably one of the reasons Sony Mobile has decided to pull the plug on its own service. Since many Xperia users wondered what happened with my Xperia and why isn’t working, a …

Best remote control apps for Android (2017)

A few years ago, it seemed as though smartphones with IR blasters were the way to go. In an ever increasingly smarter and interconnected world, it would only make sense for us to be able to control pretty much everything from the pocket computers that we carry on us everywhere. Alas, most smartphone manufacturers would beg to differ (*cough* Samsung *cough*), and thus we see less and less devices out there, properly equipped with the hardware needed to control the devices in your house. …

The new Apple TV may feature a redesigned remote with a touchpad

We’ve known for some time that after going years without an update, Apple had big plans for the next model of the Apple TV. While there have already been whisperings of plenty of changes, it seems the biggest change might be coming to the remote.


For the first time in a long time, a piece of Apple hardware — in this case the Apple TV’s remote — may be getting slightly larger in its newest incarnation. Of course there’s a good reason for this larger size: it’s necessary to accommodate a touchpad.

Previous versions of the Apple TV have used a remote paradigm that we all know well: buttons and a four-way directional control pad. While there will still be two physical buttons on the remote, the touchpad will be used for most of the navigation, an Apple employee who wished to remain anonymous told the New York Times. The remote will be roughly the same size as the Amazon Echo’s remote, according to the same source.

This comes on top of what were already some interesting tidbits on the new hardware. While the new Apple TV will obviously see hardware upgrades — a variant of Apple’s A8 chip has been rumored — additional rumors suggest that it will add Siri voice control functionality and its own app store supporting third-party apps.

In addition to these new features, Apple has a new business model in the works for its set-top box. For months we’ve been hearing that Apple has a web-based TV service in the works that, unlike the similar Sling TV, may carry major networks ABC, CBS, and Fox. The service is also rumored to cost around $30 or $40 per month, making it more expensive than Sling TV.

While most of the buzz around Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) has been centered around iOS and OS X, it’s also expected that a revamp of Beats Music and the newest version of the Apple TV will be revealed at the event.

The conference will run from June 8 through June 12 and, as in previous years, will be held at the Moscone West Conference Center in San Francisco.