Chrome 64 for Android released in the Google Play Store, here's what's new

It’s been more than a month since Google released the last stable version of Chrome for Android, which brought the enhancements of some existent features. Today, Google is rolling out Chrome 64, which further adds improvements to the mobile browser

There’s one important thing that Chrome 64 does better than any of the previous versions of the browser: it prevents sites heavy on ads from opening new windows or tabs without the user’s permission.

Also, the updated browser includes a new setting that allows users to mute the sound of an entire a website. You can access it from the Settings …

The first Sony Xperia phone without a 3.5mm headset jack might be released soon

Whether we like it or not, it’s probably just a matter of time before most relevant smartphone makers are ditching 3.5mm audio jacks, at least on their high-end devices. Samsung, LG, and Sony have not done this yet,but it looks like Sony may do it in the very near future. Last week, the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) approved a mysterious Sony phone while revealing a few interesting things about it. According to documents made available by the FCC, this unannounced Sony phone (currently known only by its FCC ID, PY7-21831A) appears to be using a USB Type-C port for both audio, …

OnePlus CEO says the company is looking to talk to U.S. carriers; next model to be released Q2 2018

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said today that the next new OnePlus handset, possibly named the OnePlus 6, will be released late in the second quarter of this year and will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 chipset. OnePlus set sales records late last year with the launch of the OnePlus 5T, which is now the company’s fastest and best-selling phone. Those records previously belonged to the OnePlus 5, which was launched late last June.

In addition, Lau said that OnePlus would start talking with U.S. carriers this year about selling its devices through one or more stateside wireless operators. The company …

A new OnePlus 5T (sandstone version?) might be released next month

Yesterday, OnePlus posted a teaser video featuring people
reacting to a mysterious product hidden inside a box. As you can see in the
video – embedded above – most people seem to like the texture of the product,
and some say it’s reminiscent of the sandstone variants of the OnePlus One and
OnePlus 2.


In case you didn’t know, unlike OnePlus’ newer smartphones, the
OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 did not have metal backs. On the sandstone versions of these two handsets,
the back had the texture of real sandstone, with a grippy, distinct feel. So
we’re thinking that OnePlus may have been working …

Samsung may have a new wireless charger released alongside the Galaxy S9

Samsung’s hokey puck of a fast convertible wireless charger is one of the most convenient such devices you can grab for your Qi-enabled smartphone (yes, that includes the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X). As these things go, it is even somewhat stylish, and doubles as a stand via the rotating base. Needless to say, there is an LED indicator, too, that shows when the device is properly centered and charging.

At first blush, there isn’t much more to improve, as it is also a powerful 10W charger under the hood, but Samsung may beg to differ, and, rumor has it, it is prepping a new version to be released …

Samsung's new Galaxy A8 and A8+ will be released in the first week of 2018

A couple of days ago, when Samsung announced its new Galaxy
A8 and Galaxy A8+, it said that the phones would be available in “early
January 2018.” Now, we have an exact release date – at least for one


Samsung says that the Galaxy A8 (2018) family is going to be
launched on January 6 in Vietnam.
Official prices have also been revealed: $485 for the Galaxy A8, and $595 for
the Galaxy A8+. Of course, these are local prices, so the two new phones may
cost a bit more in other countries.


The Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) are Samsung’s first mid-range smartphones
to …

Apple AirPods 2 may be released in second half of 2018

Not that it comes as a huge surprise, but Apple is going to release AirPods 2 next year, and, this coming straight from reputed analyst’s Ming-Chi Kuo, should serve as a near certain assumption. While the analyst is mum on the new features that the updated AirPods would bring, save for a “smaller quartz component,” whatever that means, he still divulged the release date, pegged for some time in the second half of 2018.

Apple announced a new wireless AirPods charging case to go with its AirPower mat way back in September, but neither the wireless charger, nor the case have materialized …

The lightweight Google Maps Go app gets released in the Play Store

Along with the release of Android Oreo Go Edition, Google outed a lightweight version of many of its apps, including Gmail, Assistant, Files Go, and Maps. Of all these apps that are included in Android Go, Files Go file manager was the only one that was available as a separate download via Google Play Store.

Well, starting today, Android users can try out a new app that’s lighter on resource requirements: Google Maps Go. The application is now available in the Google Play Store and is fully compatible with all devices powered by Android 4.1 and up.

The …

Android Oreo 8.1 is officially released, here are all the new features

The official rollout of Android Oreo 8.1 has begun! The news comes from a Google blog post about Android Oreo Go, a custom version of Android designed for low-end devices:

We’re excited to announce that this software experience—Android Oreo (Go edition)—is ready, and launching as a part of the Android 8.1 release tomorrow.