Honor Holly 4 gets released in Europe as Honor 6A Pro

Huawei is one of those companies that likes to confuse customers with its portfolio. When it’s not launching the same device worldwide, but using different names, Huawei makes some of its smartphones available in select markets and introduces variations of that device in other regions, again, under different names.

The same goes for the Honor Holly 4 which made its debut in India months ago. Initially introduced in China as Honor 6A, the smartphone is now available for purchase in Italy as Honor 6A Pro.

If you live in Europe, then you might have heard about …

Official: Here's when the OnePlus 5T will be announced and released

OnePlus just revealed some precious details about the OnePlus
5T – its next flagship smartphone that’s coming soon to replace the OnePlus 5.
The 5T will be officially announced on November 16, in New York City (as expected). Moreover, we now
know that the upcoming phone will be launched shortly after its announcement –
on November 21. According to OnePlus, sales will start on that day at 9:00 am ET (Eastern Time).


OnePlus has yet to share specific details on the price of
the OnePlus 5T. However, the company’s CEO recently suggested that the smartphone
would not cost more than $600 …

The first public beta of Android was released 10 years ago, here is what it looked like

Did you know that it was 10 years ago when the first public beta of Android was released to the public?
It almost seems like an eternity and the original Android version that was released was way different than what we have today. It was way different than what ended up on the first Android phone also. The T-Mobile G1, or the HTC Dream as it was known internationally, featured a touch-screen based interface very much like that on Apple’s iPhone, but the version that you will see presented by Google’s Sergei Brin is actually optimized to run on a …

Released today, the first beta of iOS 11.2 includes SiriKit for developers to use with HomePod

Today, Apple released the first developer beta for iOS 11.2, even though iOS 11.1 is still in beta. This update makes SiriKit available to developers to use to integrate their apps with Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker. Apple is requesting that those writing apps for HomePod check to make sure that their SiriKit integration is up-to-date, and that the voice-only experience for their app is working. This is tested by plugging headphones into a developer’s iOS device using the iOS 11.2 beta.

Like with any smart speaker, uses can request information from the virtual assistant that is …

HTC U11 Life to be released by T-Mobile, Android Oreo on board

Expected to be announced on November 2, possibly alongside
the high-end U11 Plus, the HTC U11 Life will be a mid-range smartphone that,
according to rumors, should cost around $400.


The U11 Life – pictured above – may soon be available in the
via T-Mobile. This info comes from a person who appears to be a T-Mobile store manager.
Apparently, the HTC U11 Life (in blue) is already shipping to T-Mobile stores,
so a release could follow shortly after the phone’s official announcement.


Running Android 8 Oreo, the HTC U11 Life will be dust- and water-resistant,
sporting a 5.2-inch …

Report: Microsoft's foldable tablet to focus on note-taking, may be released in 2018

A lot of ink has been spilled in the topic of Microsoft’s spectacular failure in the smartphone realm, though one would imagine such musings would stop now that Windows 10 Mobile is pretty much officially dead. And yet, there’s that one rumor that has simply refused to die: the one about the foldable Surface device that’s been in development seemingly forever.

But if a new report from Windows Central is to be believed, the reason as to why it persists is simple: Microsoft is actually working on such a prototype. Commonly referred to as “Andromeda” (though …

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) will be released in the US next month, free content on board

Samsung Mobile USA today announced the upcoming
release of a new Android tablet simply called Galaxy Tab A 8.0. The slate succeeds
the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2015), and it’s known in other markets as the Galaxy Tab
A (2017). As its name suggests, the new Samsung tablet sports an
8-inch screen. It’s not a high-resolution display, offering just 800 x 1280
pixels, but that’s because we’re talking about an affordable product here.


Samsung presents the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) as a tablet for
the whole family. The device comes with Parental Controls, Kids Mode, “$100
of premium games, books, …

OnePlus 5T could be released in late November

A couple of days ago, we saw what’s allegedly the OnePlus 5T
– an unannounced handset that OnePlus is seemingly working on, with the
intention of launching it in the near future. According to ever-reliable Evan Blass (aka
@evleaks), two trusted sources have it that this new smartphone will be
released before the end of November, though not sooner than November 20. 


Last year, November brought us the OnePlus 3T, so it makes a
lot of sense for the OnePlus 5T to be unveiled and launched in November, too. Unlike
the 3T, which was a OnePlus 3 lookalike with some upgraded internals, …

Google Assistant gets released in the Play Store, but it's just a shortcut of the app

In a surprising turn of events, Google has decided to release its Assistant app in the Google Play Store. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, the app does absolutely nothing for those who don’t already have Google Assistant installed on their smartphones.

It’s just there to let you know if it’s compatible or not with your device and possibly to get faster updates. It has become standard for many smartphone companies to release specific apps in the Google Play Store to allow them to update them faster without having to wait for the next Android update.

Google …

Batman: The Enemy Within released on Android and iOS, first episode is free

Initially slated for a late September release, Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within was delayed until October 3. Luckily for Batman fans, the game hasn’t been delayed again, so Android and iOS players can already download it via Google Play and App Store, respectively.

The direct sequel to the Batman: The Telltale Series, The Enemy Within is an episodic saga that will be released over the next couple of months. Today, Telltale Games released the first two episodes of the game, but three more will be launched in the future.

The good news is the first episode …