Samsung will release a Galaxy Note 9 with 512GB of storage in certain markets

Following rumors that Samsung was planning a Galaxy Note 9 variant with a whopping 512GB, new information now claims that the model will be exclusive to the South Korean and Chinese markets, although other countries may receive the storage option at a later date.

Presently, it’s unclear if any changes other than the storage capacity will be made to the top-of-the-line variant but, if not, 6GB of RAM is to be expected alongside Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 Octa. Additionally, Android 8.1 Oreo coupled with the latest version of Samsung Experience is set to ship straight out of the box, with …

LG V40 ThinQ rumor review: specs and release of LG's 4th flagship for the year

Take a look at the recently-announced LG V35 ThinQ above, what do you see? Well, the harbinger of the V40 ThinQ, of course, rumored to be released in the fall, for a price yet to be determined. If LG indeed goes through with its project “Storm,” as rumored, the V40 will be its fourth flagship for the year, turning it into a Sony of sorts, but on steroids. First, there was the V30S, which started the whole ThinQ thingy, and enriched the V30 with AI shenanigans, then came the G7 ThinQ, then the V35 ThinQ, so let’s preview the next ThinQ.


Thankfully, …

Nokia 8110 4G pre-orders go live across Europe, release set for July 4

In addition to launching a number of Android-powered smartphones, HMD Global has also hoped to capitalize on the Nokia name by reintroducing certain iconic devices. Last year, the Finnish brand reintroduced the popular Nokia 3310 and this year at MWC, HMD Global unveiled a 2018 edition Nokia 8110 4G, which has finally gone up for pre-order across various European markets.

Currently, the smartphone is being offered for just over £78 via Amazon UK, while those living in certain parts of continental Europe can get their hands on the smartphone for around €90 in either black or yellow. Customers …

Apple may release four iPhones this year, starting with an expensive SE 2 in June

Despite all the rumors and screen protector leaks, the iPhone SE 2 that is likely to be announced on Monday by Apple, is now tipped to just come with upgraded internals, instead of that whole notch redesign affair.
Granted, it’s just a single supply chain source quoted, but this premise makes way more sense than the notch-y theory, as, first, a TrueDepth camera for FaceID is unlikely at the SE 2 price point, and, second, the phone is likely to be very small, so a “full screen” design will be an overkill anyway.
The insiders, however, …

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL rumor review: Design, specs, camera, price and release date

Images by @MilenYanachkov /

Google may be one of the biggest names in the tech industry, but it’s a relative newcomer when it comes to hardware. First launched in 2015, and despite the numerous availability issues they were initially met with, Google’s lineup of Pixel phones has found its way into the hearts of Android fans from all over the world. And why wouldn’t it? It is the de-facto successor of the Nexus brand, and much like it, it offers the latest, greatest, and purest of Android with longer-than-usual update lifecycles. …

HTC U12+ price and release date on Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T

HTC took to the stage and announced a pretty stellar flagship today – the U12+ – with translucent glass version, all the specs bells and whistles, and added touches like the ability to navigate the large 6-incher without even stretching to touch the display, just by tapping or squeezing the sides.

The four surround sound mics, and the dual front and rear cameras with ultrafast focus only add to the positive impressions, and the U12+ already pegged the highest score for a dual-camera phone on DxO Mark, whatever that means. How much for this beaut, and when can you get it?

Well, …

Apple may release a $199 HomePod model with Beats branding

According to an anonymous source from Apple’s Taiwan supply chain, a cheaper version of the HomePod is in the pipeline and it may carry the Beats branding.

Priced at $349 at launch, the HomePod was not exactly a running success for Apple. It sold a respectable 600,000 units during the first quarter of 2018, but this is still not terribly impressive in a market where Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers are selling by the dozen for as low as $49.
Rumors of a more affordable version of the HomePod have been circulating …

OnePlus 6 price and release date

Alright, OnePlus has just announced its brand new “flagship killer” — the OnePlus 6 — in all of its shiny glory. With top-tier hardware, attractive looks, three different colors, and an extremely efficient screen-to-body ratio, the new handset will definitely draw some much-deserved attention.

But OnePlus phones have always had another thing going for them, making them a lucrative offer — their pricing. While it has been steadily on the rise ever since the original OnePlus One launched for $299, these flagships are still quite affordable, compared to the more …

Massive OnePlus 6 leak reveals prices, release date, and nice-looking renders

Mere days before the OnePlus 6 will be officially unveiled, Amazon Germany has made a tiny mistake and published high-res renders of the smartphone, alongside details about its price and release date. While Amazon quickly removed all the OnePlus 6 information that it inadvertently revealed, German website WinFuture still has the main details, plus new images of the upcoming device.
According to Amazon Germany, the OnePlus 6 will be released on May 22. This makes sense – we already know that OnePlus plans to allow a limited number of customers to buy the phone on May …

Samsung's Galaxy S9 lite release tipped for May 21, but you may never get it

The mysterious Galaxy S9 “lite” that has been making the rumor rounds lately may actually be a real phone that is going to be released soon at a price yet unknown. There were already a few press shots leaked of the downgraded S9, and it looks pretty in the new Burgundy Red that the S9 is also going to get.

Today, however, a tip out of the vast and wild prairies of the Chinese tech blogosphere, claims that the release date of the S9 lite will be May 21, but the handset will be exclusive for JD, a Chinese e-tailing giant that rivals Alibaba when it comes to tech and gadgets. That’s …