Qualcomm wants to redefine Hi-Fi for smartphones with its new USB Type-C DAC

Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 chipset is official now, but it was not the only noteworthy news that came straight from the company’s Hawaiian Tech summit this week. 
It would seem that Qualcomm is taking Hi-Fi audio pretty seriously in line with the recent early retirement of the 3.5mm audio jack from most phones as it announced that it will be making a brand new Hi-Fi DAC available for device manufacturers to bake into their devices. 
The Aqstic AQT1000 Hi-Fi digital to analog converter is a USB Type-C plug’n’play …

Skullgirls for Android/iOS promises to redefine the fighting game genre

Skullgirls is a well-known 2D fighting RPG title that was originally launched on PC four years ago by developer Lab Zero Games. Today, the indie title makes its debut on mobile devices thanks to developer Hidden Variable and publisher LINE, the popular social platform giant.

The game is supposed to offer one of the most visually polished gaming experiences on mobile, courtesy to the carefully hand-drawn 2D animation. Skullgirls has an impressive RPG progression system that enables players to collect and personalize more than a dozen unique characters, unlock, upgrade …