Apple's future iPhones might be the reason for Samsung's rumored OLED super factory

According to insightful industry insiders, Samsung might be poised to build another OLED factory that will essentially reaffirm it as the global leader in OLED display manufacturing. The factory will be built in South Korea in two stages. The first stage of the construction expected to last anywhere between six months to a year and will kick off OLED display panels production sometime in 2019. The second stage of the construction will further expand the new factory and will finish by 2021. The investment is said to cost Samsung some 16.3 trillin Korean Won. 
The …

OnePlus had no real reason to abandon the OnePlus 2, and it won’t need one for the 5, either

Good news, everybody – the OnePlus 5 is finally official! What this hopefully means is that the company’s hype campaign for the device will thankfully die down soon, at least for a short amount of time. But aggressive and slightly irritating as it was, it sure worked: the 5 is eagerly being awaited by a ton of fans, nevermind its slightly higher price and… unimaginative design.

But everyone out there who’s considering buying the device should know exactly what they’re getting into. Consider the following article as a word of advice: for all of its great marketing, …

Report: iPhone 8 is the reason for new Galaxy S8 and LG G6 variants

Over the past few days, several reports indicated that both Samsung and LG are preparing to unveil additional variants of their 2017 flagships. Apparently, Samsung has decided to introduce additional color options for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, while LG is said to be cooking up “Pro” and “Plus” variants of the G6, which will feature different amounts of onboard storage. 
At a first glance, both of these stories might seem unrelated, but according to The Investor, the two Korean tech giants are actually preparing for the launch of Apple’s …

29.1 million Americans don't make purchases on their smartphones for some reason

VentureBeat turned up some interesting stats on smartphones’ relevancy to online shopping. Although $140 billion worth of sales were entirely made on smartphones in 2016, a significant count of American consumers – 29.1 million, to be exact, are yet to jump the gun and order something online completely through their mobile phone.

There’s still hope for these millions of people, however. Their numbers have been coming down over the last six months, while the number of mobile shoppers has been steadily increasing. About 60% of US consumers carried out a purchase through …

Here's a good reason for the iPhone 8 to have a vertical dual-cam setup

A handful of alleged iPhone 8 schematics leaked over the last couple of weeks, all of which depicted a device with a vertically-oriented dual camera on the back. As can be expected, this design choice, along with the unusual placement of the fingerprint scanner on one of the schematics, generated quite the backlash online, with a lot of people expressing extremely negative opinions on the aesthetics of this design. Now, we didn’t fall in love with it at first sight either, but we weren’t so much taken aback by the way it looked, as much as the reason why it looked the …

Samsung's emoji-only texting app actually has a good reason for existing

Emoji have become something of a necessary evil in everyday online communication: few people can sincerely claim to actually like them, but most of us use them regardless – they’re just so convenient. But Samsung’s Italian division sees them as more than just silly little time-savers: a new app bearing the very unfortunate name Samsung Wemogee aims to use emoji as a means to help people with aphasia, a serious language disorder.

The condition presents itself when brain regions responsible for speaking and language comprehension are injured, and results in trouble …

Reason for buy Samsung Galaxy J1 – Mid Range Smartphone

Samsung offer Samsung Galaxy J1 in Low Price Smartphone. Samsung is Popular brand which launch mobile in Top Expensive range or also launch in Low, almost launch Smartphones in all the range according to user Pocket. This time again Samsung Galaxy J1 is head lines of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy J1 price is $ 129 (Rs 7,999), Let’s check the Samsung Galaxy J1 specifications and see this price is good or not according to features offered by the Samsung Galaxy J1. Great benefit of Samsung is Top brand Mobile Company and offer premium quality phones with this plus point is Service Centre available in City of all Countries.

Samsung Galaxy J1 specifications is 4.3 Inch TFT Capacitive touch screen Display with 480 x 800 Pixel Resolution and 217 ppi. It having 16 Color and Multi Touch.
Samsung Galaxy J1 is 5 MP Rear camera with 2592 x 1944 pixel resolution and having capacity to record videos at 720p@30fps. Other functions are Auto Focus, touch focus LED Flash , Geo Tagging, HDR and face detection . Samsung Galaxy J1 is 2 MP Secondary camera, It seem good camera for the selfie in proper light and video Calling.

Samsung Galaxy J1 is 1.2 GHz Dual core cortex A7 processor run on Spreadtrum Chipset integrated with Mali-400 GPU. It’s 512 RAM and 4GB Memory with 64 GB External Memory by Micro SD Card. Samsung Galaxy J1 powered by Android v4.4 Kitkat Operating System.
Samsung Galaxy J1 support HSPA+ Network , It is support other function like GPS, Hotspot. It is 1850 mAh Li-Ion Battery.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Key Specifications
SIM Type-: Optional Dual / Micro SIM.
Display-: 4.3 Inches TFT Capacitive Touch Screen Display.
Camera-: 5 MP Primary Camera / 2 MP Secondary Camera.
Processor-: 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor,Cortex-A7.
Chipset-: Spreadtrum.
Operating System-: Android v4.4.x OS.
Battery-: 1850 mAh Li-Ion.

As we mention Above Samsung is Top Brand in Mobile Company and offer only Premium Quality Smartphone, Service Centre available in all cities. There is also other local Companies which give more far better features and Specification but when come to the reliabilities and quality Samsung is Win.

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Samsung Galaxy Note deals O2-Another reason to purchase this phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of newest and riskiest experiment from the South Korean mobile phone maker which aspires to combine the powers of smartphones and tablet pc in one gadget. Since its release in the mobile phone market almost a year back, its appeal has broadened to include many tech lovers all over the world. But, how this device achieved so much success?

The first reason is that there aren’t much opposition for the Note, as there is no other widget with a size more than a typical smartphone and less than a standard tablet PC. The Asian giant asserts that this widget is born from amalgamating all features of smartphones and tablet pc. In addition, users have included the S Pen. With this stylus, users can conveniently mark their photographs or documents.

The S pen can also be used to create a signature, which can be conveniently placed in any document. This attribute certainly will fetch much difference to enterprise buyers who have to take signature in much paperwork. With this trait, there is no more scanning of the document prior to being sent to different clients as there has to be a sign on it.

This Samsung galaxy note is already available with several prominent service providers in the UK mobile phone market, such as Vodafone, Three, T-mobile, Orange, o2, etc. Galaxy Note deals O2 are offered in three major formats, namely contracts, pay as you go and SIM-free deals.

We would advice out users to research the deals first in offline store and then on online comparison sites. And then resolute to purchase from the place that offer much affordable price. In this manner, users will get the best value for your hard-earned cash.

If you are a technology lover and always wish to keep two different devices like a smartphone and a tablet computer, it seems that you can now work with only one. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note, users do not have to take two gadgets anymore. Isn’t it great!

Over all this thingy has achieved this much success with the bold attitude of the South Korean mobile phone maker to make a new form of widget which could break the usual norms and set the boundaries high for smartphone buyers. As a matter of fact, no other electronic company except Dell has ever launched similar product. Dell tried to attract users, but failed miserably. Only Samsung hit the bull’s eye with Samsung Galaxy Note deals O2. The reason could be Samsung’s acceptance in the mobile phone market as a leader.

In the upcoming future, many other companies are also coming up with their own phablets. In the end, the winner will be the one who has the more creative idea. Apple has barely touched the 4-inch mark, and will take a lot of time reaching the 5-incher mark. So, Samsung’s position is fairly safe. It’s not that we are taking competitors lightly, but the position of Samsung is too difficult to challenge.

Galaxy Note deals o2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 contract deals are selling like hot cakes in the market.

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Another Reason to use Galaxy S7 Covers

The early reviews are in for Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship phone and it seems to be good news all around. Reviewers have said that the new Galaxy S7 is very close to perfection, which is high praise indeed. Tech lovers have been thrilled that Samsung has brought back many features that the S6 had lost, such as the sorely missed SD card slot that allowed users the ability to use cheap, easily available expandable storage with their Galaxy phones. People with an active lifestyle will also be pleased to hear that the new S7 can probably handle most of what you throw at it as long as it is in liquid form, thanks to its IP 68 rating.


The Galaxy S7 covers all the bases, seemingly at least and it even has some very trick features that show that Samsung has put some serious thought into the design of the phone. For instance, a sensor inside the charging port of the Galaxy S7 can tell if it is still damp after the phone has been exposed to water. In case there is still moisture in the USB port of the phone, a warning is shown to the user when a charger is connected and the phone does not allow charging to take place, as this would damage the charger and the phone as well and may lead to shocks or short circuits.

All is not completely rosy however and the price one pays for having a super thin, incredibly powerful phone is in the repairability. The popular online site iFixit publishes teardowns for the most popular phones as soon as they can get their hands on them and they have done the same for the Samsung Galaxy S7. While they were really impressed with the build quality and the measures taken to waterproof the Galaxy S7 internally, what they found was that the Galaxy S7 was possibly the least repairable phone from Samsung ever. iFixit in fact gave the Galaxy S7 a repairability score of just 3/10. The main reason for this low score was the fact that the experts at the site came to the conclusion that in case a Galaxy S7 owner were to drop their phone in such a way as to damage or crack the screen, it would be nearly impossible to repair the screen or replace it without damaging the display that sits underneath it. Since the display is possibly one of the largest and most expensive components of the phone that would mean that you would have to essentially write off your Galaxy S7 if you managed to damage the screen.

This once again underscores the need not just for Galaxy S7 covers but protective cases for almost all smartphones today due to how susceptible to damage they are. Even with a premium phone like the Galaxy S7, which has a lot of features to protect it from water damage and a sturdy metal chassis to make it strong, a simple face down impact can render the phone useless, making the case for Galaxy S7 covers.

An exclusive range of designer cases for Galaxy S7 will give a nice makeover to your smartphones.