This could be our first look at a real HTC U12 (aka Imagine)

HTC may not be planning to unveil a new flagship phone at MWC 2018, but the company is certainly working on at least one new high-end handset. We know this because, last week, HTC showcased an unannounced smartphone in Taiwan, its home country, during a 5G event held by a local carrier.   
Unfortunately, HTC covered the top and bottom edges of its unannounced phone, as well as its rear, so we can’t take a proper look at its design. Anyway, according to ever-reliable Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), this is, apparently, the HTC U12, codenamed HTC Imagine. Needless …

HQ Trivia: how to play, how to win, and how to make real money

Do you know the name of Napoleon’s spouse? How about the number of moons known to orbit Saturn? What is the world’s longest river? If you can answer all of these questions within 10 seconds, then HQ Trivia is a game made for you. 
Launched in late 2017, HQ Trivia has become a massive hit, and millions of players have already tested their general knowledge, likely hoping to win real money along the way. But while playing the game is easy, winning is not. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips and tricks that can boost your odds at winning HQ Trivia. 

How …

Allo is a quality app, but Google isn't giving it a real chance

To say that Google has had a confused and confusing strategy with its communication apps is something of an understatement. For a while, it looked as though Hangouts would be the focus of Google’s efforts — it had messaging, voice chat, group video chat, and it was available across mobile and desktop platforms. Then Google decided to blow it up.

Now, Google has pushed Hangouts towards enterprise users and split it into Meet and Chat. The idea was for Hangouts Meet to be the group video app and Chat to be the text messaging app, although in practice Chat still doesn’t exist as a standalone …

This app tells you which museum art you look like and it's way too real


Every so often an app takes hold of web culture to the point where you can’t help but notice its presence every time you scroll through your feeds. This time, it’s the Google Arts and Culture app.

Though the app launched in 2016, a new feature that compares your selfies to works of art found in museums has been hitting off on social media in the last few days. The concept is pretty simple: take a selfie or photo of somebody else, and Google will compare that to thousands of pieces of artwork, and deliver you a selection of possible doppelgängers.

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AT&T to launch a real mobile 5G network by the end of 2018

AT&T is planning to launch a mobile 5G network that will comply with the recently approved 5G New Radio (NR) specifications. In its press release, the US carrier states that the service will be available in 12 cities by the end of this year, but it hasn’t specified the names of those markets or which devices will get upgraded to the higher speeds first.
Melissa Arnoldi, president of AT&T Technology and Operations, has commented on the developments:

5G will change the way we live, work and enjoy entertainment. We’re moving quickly to begin deploying mobile …

HQ Trivia game for Android goes live in the Google Play Store, play to win real money

Popular mobile game HQ Trivia has finally made its debut on the Android platform after a short beta testing period. Although the game shows as “unreleased” in the Google Play Store, it appears that everyone can download and play it.

HQ Trivia has quickly become a phenomenon after being released on the iOS since it’s one of the few mobile games that allows players to win real money. If you make it to the end of the game and you collect at least $20, you can actually transfer the money to your Paypal account.

But how exactly does HQ Trivia work? Well, it’s …

Google has developed AI voice that sounds indistinguishable from the voice of a real human

Google has pioneered a brand new text-to-speech system that it calls Tacotron 2 and it works with stunning accuracy, delivering voice narrations that are indistinguishable from the voice of a real human. This is not an exaggeration: Tacotron 2 is the second generation of the technology and it consists of two deep neural networks, one that converts the text into a special spectogram (like the one you see in the picture above), and the second one, the WaveNet, that reads this chart and interprets it into a real voice.
The system is currently …

Can you tell the difference between a real human voice and Google's new AI voice?

Google has developed a new AI-based text-to-speech system – the Tacotron 2 – that sounds indistinguishable from the voice of a real human, at least that is what Google claims.
To be perfectly exact, the Tacotron 2 system received a mean opinion score (MOS) of 4.53 comparable to a MOS of 4.58 for a professionally recorded speech.
The new system does not sound robotic or digitized in any easily noticeable way, and it can even tell the correct pronunciation of words depending on the semantics. It can also deal with some …

The obsessive taking of selfies is now a real mental disorder and it's called 'Selfitis'

It was all fun and games until… the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction classified the obsessive taking of selfies as a real mental illness and it’s even got a name: “selfitis”.
The funny thing is that just a few years back, in 2014, a hoax claimed that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) had coined ‘selfitis’ as a new mental disorder. It was all fake news then, but it is real now. The research that brings this new mental disorder into focus is authored by Janarthanan Balakrishnan of the Thiagarajar School of Management …

Pre-register for Android version of trivia game HQ and win real cash

Earlier this month, we told you about the HQ Trivia app that allows you to play a trivia game for real cash. One game begins ever day at 9pm EST, and on weekdays there is a matinee starting at 3pm EDT. HQ has been available from the App Store to iOS users. And now, HQ is heading to Android. While there is no set date for its debut on Google’s open source OS, you can pre-register for the app right now. The buzz around the water cooler suggests that HQ for Android will be ready to go starting at the end of this month.

Filling out the pre-registration form doesn’t mean that the app will automatically …