Razer Phone gets torn down on video: Tons of screws, but relatively easy to fix

YouTuber Zach Nelson, better known as his YouTube alias JerryRigEverything, has just taken it to himself to unwrap the interesting new Razer Phone and show us what’s making it click and tick like the well-oiled machine it is.
After unscrewing nearly a dozen screws, we get to see just how easy screen replacement on the Razer Phone will be for all those unlucky enough to drop the device on some fine Italian terracotta. Attached at the rear of the display is one of the largest heatpipes ever on a smartphone and that’s necessary due to the gaming-oriented nature …

Razer Phone's cameras will get better soon thanks to software updates

Launched in the US last week, the Razer Phone is one of this
year’s most interesting handsets – not just due to the fact that it represents
Razer’s first foray into the smartphone market, but also thanks to its appealing
list of features (including 8 GB of RAM, and a 5.7-inch Quad HD screen with an
impressive 120Hz refresh rate).  


While Razer seem to be very happy with its first phone,
right now, the company isn’t fully satisfied with the experience that the
handset’s cameras (8 MP front, dual 12 MP rear) are offering. Thus, the company
is working on software updates to improve …

The Razer Phone is now available for purchase in the US

A few days ago Razer opened pre-registrations for its first smartphone so that customers could get notifications as soon as it would become available for purchase. If you haven’t expressed your interest in the device by now, you’ll be pleased to know that the Razer Phone is now available for purchase in the United States.

For the time being, you can only get it via Razer’s online store, but at some point, it will arrive at Microsoft brick and mortar stores. As previously announced, the Razer Phone can be had for $699, which isn’t too high of a price considering …

Razer launches Hammerhead USB-C earphones for the Razer Phone and iOS Mercury Edition

Just in time for the market release of its smartphone, Razer announced the immediate availability of the Hammerhead USB-C earbuds, the ultimate accessory for the Razer Phone. The new earphones are now available for purchase via Razer’s online store for $79.99/€89.99.

They aren’t compatible exclusively with the Razer Phone, as they can be used with just about any Android smartphone that features USB Type C port. The Razer Hammerhead earphones are made of highly durable aluminum and feature flat cables, as well as bi-flange ear tips for passive noise isolation.

The …

You can now buy the Razer Phone in the US

You can now purchase the Razer Phone in the US. 
After being announced some two weeks ago, the first phone with a 120Hz display is now available for $699.99 with a year’s worth of warranty. Aside from the ultra-smooth display, the phone also comes with rather intriguing other specs, like 8GB of RAM, a hefty 4,000mAh battery at the rear, stereo speakers, and a bundled Hi-Fi DAC that hooks up into the USB Type-C port (yeah, no headphone jack here).
You can also get a $39.99 Razer-themed rugged case for the phone which should protect …

Razer Phone price and release date

The Razer Phone, the first true “gaming” smartphone with a 120Hz display, is now official, but how much does it cost and what is its release date?
The Razer Phone price is set at $700 in the United States and £700 in the United Kingdom. Razer has not unveiled official prices for the rest of the world, but we expect the Razer Phone to cost around €700 in Europe as well.
The Razer Phone release date is set for Friday, November 17th.
What about availability? In the United States, the Razer …

Where to buy the Razer Phone in the US

Packed with high-end features, including a large 120Hz display (in
a first for the US
market), the Razer Phone is launching on November 17 for $699.99 – a price
worthy of all the advanced features that the device is offering. As you probably
know, this is Razer’s very first smartphone, and while it may be made for
gamers, it will likely serve you well regardless of what type of user you are.


But where can the Razer Phone be bought? Well, online, the handset
will be sold via Razer’s own website (see the source link below to reserve the phone), as well as via Amazon. Interestingly, the …

The Razer Phone has an awesome 120Hz display, and here's how it works

Razer made headlines this week with the announcement of a new product (whose list of design features somehow lacks an array of rainbow-colored LED lights). The Razer Phone, as it is called, is essentially a phone made with high performance in mind – one built around top-notch hardware specs a passionate mobile gamer would demand. One component in particular – that 5.7-inch “UltraMotion” display – makes Razer’s first phone unique and even more worthy of attention than it already is.

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So what’s the …

Results: Razer Phone… not bad!

So the Razer Phone launcher yesterday. Looking like an evolved Nextbit Robin, it rocks an unapologetic rectangular look with huge top and bottom bezels and a subdued matte black finish. All of this aids the phone in what it tries to accomplish — be a gaming machine with stereo speakers, a massive battery, and a good grip. But it doesn’t do much for its looks, though.

Well, that’s a subjective thing, you might say, and we agree. That’s why we decided to ask you in yesterday’s poll — do you like the Razer Phone? Turns out, it has quite a lot of fans. Either because …

Razer Phone size comparison vs Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, Pixel 2 XL, LG V30, iPhone 8 Plus, and all the rest

With no RGB lighting in sight, gaming company Razer has just officially forayed into the smartphone market, a niche that is not quite welcoming to newcomers. The likes of Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei, and LG are not going to voluntarily squeeze themselves so that the gaming paraphernalia giant could fit in. 

But what if it caters to a subniche that remains largely ignored – mobile gaming? True, mobile gaming doesn’t hold a candle to PC and console ones, but there’s still a large bunch of smartphone users whose needs for exceptional framerates …