Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular: AT&T and Verizon unveil monthly plan rates

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a cellular connectivity option that costs $400 for the 38mm size and $430 for the larger, 42mm size, but did you know that you will need to pay an additional monthly fee to your carrier in order to use that cellular connectivity?
AT&T and Verizon Wireless have now announced prices: it will cost $10 a month to get that cellular connected watch rolling on their network.
This makes 2017 one of the priciest years to own already premium priced Apple products. The iPhone X costs more …

Survey: Android devices now have lower failure rates than iPhones

No matter if your smartphone is an iPhone or an Android model, you have probably experienced app failure, annoying lag, hardware problems or some other kind of malfunction. After all, it is just an electronic device, and no such device or its software are perfect. But you know that, don’t you? What you probably weren’t expecting to hear is that, according to analysts, Android smartphones are generally performing better than their iOS-based rivals in terms of trouble-free operation. 
This is one of of the key findings of a report released by Blancco Technology …

Nokia reports 400% increase in malware infection rates, mostly on Android smartphones

Nokia is back in the headlines with its second bi-annual ‘Threat Intelligence Report’ where the crafty Finns explore mobile infections and vulnerabilities for the first and second half of the year (2016). The report paints a rather bleak picture – last year saw a 400% increase in malware infection rates, with smartphones being 85% of infected devices.

Unsurprisingly, Android phones and tablets are most vulnerable, for Android is the world’s most popular operating system (yes), and therefore most targeted by attackers. In an interesting twist, infections among Windows PCs have fallen, which …

Affordable Calling Rates to Asia to Keep You Connected

The concept of nuclear families is still fairly new and it is quite common to see 3 generations of the same family living under the same roof. All the uncles are just like fathers and aunts like mothers. The cousins are like siblings. There is something amazing about so many people going on about their daily lives and then getting together on a big table for dinner. The discussion ranges from serious politics to mindless fights. It is so cute seeing how everyone pampers the little child. There is always noise, you can at all times hear at least two people fighting but this all is part of a great experience.

Just imagine if one of the people belonging to such a family has to go abroad for some reason. It could be merely for visiting and vacation purposes or it could be a more permanent move in pursuit of education or better career opportunities. It is not possible to describe the feeling of loneliness that haunts the individual. They get more home sick than your average person, for there is so much back at home, that you dearly wish you were part of. The quietness of being alone itself takes ages to get accustomed to. In these circumstances, asian cheaper calls are a must.

Yello is the optimal dialer that facilitates all type of communication. For starters, its calling rates to asia are extremely economical. In fact, they are lower than most other services out there. It is quite understandable to think about the money you will incur whilst calling back home because international calling is so expensive. Yello aims to ensure that the outrageous international calling rates never become the cause for you being disconnected from your family.

While calling landlines and mobile numbers is extremely cheap with Yello, you can also use Yello for free communication. All that is required is that both parties download Yello. The best part is that Yello is compatible with so many devices, smart phones, androids, iOS and windows which means that no matter what device the other person owns, they can easily download Yello. You can make free calls to india from usa and for that matter, free calls to anywhere from anywhere! The connectivity is instantaneous and the voice quality amazing.

Not only can you call with Yello, but send SMSs at economical rates and even free to Yello users. Multimedia messages are another offering of Yello. Video conferencing means that while being a million miles away from loved ones, you can still be a part of any dinner, house party or occasion back at home. You can have your meals right next to your family and when you come back home tired from an entire day of work and all you need is to see your loved ones, there is nothing better than video chats to serve that purpose. And you know how family and their laughter and happiness has the power to revitalize and inspire us.

Yello does not only offers amazing calling rates to Asia but free calls to mexico , Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and any country in the world are possible. Calling and SMS rates to all countries in any part of the world are the lowest possible.

Download Yello today for an amazing calling experience.

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Best Calling rates from India to USA

Wokitalky, an international calling card provider company is a startup by former and current students of Oklahoma State University. Wokitalky was started with an aim to provide cheap international calling rates to the people living abroad, away from their loved ones. The tagline of Wokitalky’We value emotions’ pretty much sums up the purpose they are trying to fulfill with their efforts. It was started with an aim to bridge the distances between people and their loved ones who are separated by distance by providing very cost effective and best quality services. Wokialky provides best calling rates from USA to India, classic sound clarity and hassle free talks from distant miles.

With the number of people moving to foreign countries in search of a good career or studies increasing, telephone is a very strong medium to keep them connected to their people back home. The market of international calling card providers have been seen an all-increasing trend. The telecom providers to attract users are introducing new schemes and plans. Wokitalky stands out amongst all the competitors with its unprecedented voice clarity, ease of use and best calling rates from USA to India.

Wokitalky has come up with exciting calling plans that suit every kind of person. May it be a too talkative or a tacit person;Wokitalky will have a plan that just suits your needs. The regular plan that allows you to have unlimited anytime anywhere talks with your family is one of the most popular and most purchased plan out of all. Other plans include monthly plans, which provide the users minutes based on the purchase amount to make international calls. Indian students studying abroad are the people, this service benefits the most. With the king cheap and best calling rates from USA to India that Wokitalky offers, it s very difficult a temptation to turn down.

Wokitalky makes sure that no matter what, you are able to talk to your loved ones, anytime and anywhere. Wokitalky provides to its users many different ways to access its best and cheap calling services. The Wokitalky app available for Android, Apple and Blackberry users to make one click call using wifi services. You can also check your balance, save contacts and setup speed dials to make your lives easier. You can also send text messages and make Skype calls from your laptops in case you do not have the phone with you.

Wokitalky with its multiple interfaces and ease in its use truly cares for its customers and makes sure that they stay connected to their loved ones. There are many advantages to Wokitalky as compared to its competitors which include best calling rates from India to USA, cheap calling international calling rates, hassle free voice clarity, Skype and app support and quick customer service. Wokitalky is gaining popularity amongst users since its launch as everyday, more and more people are purchasing Wokitalky plans owing to the benefits it provides to its customers.

The Author is an expert in calling card provider with focus on Best Calling Rates to India from USA and Best Calling Card for India from Australia.