Business customers rate T-Mobile the number one U.S. wireless carrier according to J.D. Power

You might think that it is mostly younger consumers who flock to T-Mobile, attracted by its brash president and CEO John Legere. In addition, the carrier’s in your face ads and attitude would seem to be more suited toward those not old enough to remember a world without smartphones. Today, the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Business Wireless Satisfaction Study was released, and surprisingly it showed that large, medium and small businesses ranked T-Mobile the highest in wireless customer satisfaction.

According to the survey, employees working for a company that offers its workers unlimited data are …

Sprint Unlimited promo rate expires, price goes up to $60 a month

If you were hoping to sign up for Sprint’s unlimited plan for $50 a month, you’re too late. With the expiration of this promotion, the normal rate of $60 a month takes effect.  However, if you did manage to subscribe in time during the promotion, you’ll be paying only $50 monthly through next June. Barring a change or a new promotion, all Sprint customers will be paying $60 a month for unlimited starting in July 2018.

During the period when the promotion was offered, Sprint was charging subscribers with up to five lines of unlimited to pay only $90 a month. Now, certain Sprint locations …

Report says Apple iPhone X yield rate drops under 10%; release could be delayed until December

If you’ve been constantly thinking about November 3rd, daydreaming about receiving your Apple iPhone X and mentally opening the box containing the tenth anniversary model, you might need to adjust your fantasy a little. A tweet disseminated today from financial news wire service Brightwire contains the latest rumor concerning a delay in the release of the Apple iPhone X.

While Brightwire’s tweet didn’t specify what is holding up production of the premium handset, it did say that yields have fallen under the 10% mark. That is quite an abysmal figure. When you consider that this means more …

Android handsets failed at twice the rate of iPhone units during Q2 2017

The latest State of Mobile Device Performance and Health report was just issued by Blancco Technology Group and it revealed that during the second quarter, one out of every four Android devices failed worldwide. That was more than double the 12% of iPhone models that failed globally during the same three month period. In North America, the gap was even wider with 24% of Android phones going down vs just 8% of iPhone handsets. Strangely, in Asia the numbers were reversed with 60% of iPhones failing versus 28% of Android flavored handsets.

From April through June, Samsung handsets accounted …

Special "notch" required for Apple iPhone 8 OLED panels said to cause low yield rate

It seems that Apple is having an issue with the OLED panels being made for the production of the Apple iPhone 8. The tenth anniversary model is a premium version of the handset, and for the first time it will employ an OLED panel instead of using an LCD screen. A Weibo post by Foxconn Vice President Luo Zhongsheng (who is a legitimate executive of the company) reports that 40% of the OLED panels received by the contract manufacturer are failing to meet the grade at Foxconn because of the specific way that Apple wants the material cut.

The Foxconn executive noted that with this special cut …

iPhone loyalty rate hits 92% ahead of iPhone 8 release

It appears that iPhone users are extremely loyal customers. In a survey conducted this April, financial services firm Morgan Stanley established that 92% of iPhone owners who were likely to buy a new handset in the next 12 months plan to upgrade to another iPhone. 
This is a sizeable 6% year-over-year increase compared to the 86% recorded by Morgan Stanley in 2016. In fact, the loyalty rate for 2017 is almost tied with Apple’s all-time record of 93% documented in 2015 when the iPhone 6s was launched.
Morgan Stanley …

That heart rate sensor on the back of your Galaxy S8 can actually be useful for something

As far as gimmicks go, Samsung’s insistence on shoving a heartbeat sensor on the back of its flagships, including the latest Galaxy S8, is a pretty unobtrusive one – in fact, chances are most users aren’t even aware of the feature’s existence. But, as it turns out, being an unnecessary gimmick doesn’t mean it can’t have actually useful built-in functionality as well.

If you’re anything like me, selfies can be uncomfortable to take sometimes, and particularly so with a larger device. Certain poses and angles can make the on-screen button hard to …

Fitbit's Alta HR packs a heart rate monitor in a slim package

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker right now, Fitbit’s products seems like the most obvious choice, what with the company’s near-monopoly on stylish yet useful consumer wearables. The newly-introduced Alta HR, which is the follow-up to last year’s Alta, continues that trend by packing even more functionality, namely heart rate monitoring, into the same frame as its predecessor.
The original Alta featured an impressive array of features, including Fitbit’s signature activity recognition and sleep tracking, a small LCD display, support for phone notifications, …

Samsung Galaxy W – Amazing Features at a Reduced Rate

As smart phones seem to dominate the present mobile markets, even the common people are craving to get their hands on a smart phone which contains spectacular features. With the help of the various Samsung Galaxy W deals that the mobile network service providers have devised, the mass appeal of Samsung Galaxy W has increased manifold. The price rate of this amazing gadget was only reduced because if one decides to purchase one of these deals, he/she only has to pay for either the handset or the SIM card. Once a user pays for one of them he becomes automatically entitled to receive the other free of cost.

This smart phone boasts of having 3.7 TFT touch screen with a crystal clear display. An equally commendable 5 megapixel digital camera is attached to the handset and has the capacity to deliver exquisite high definition pictures. There are many people who have been often heard to complain about the speakers and sound quality of their mobiles. However, the DNSE sound enhancement applied in this case makes sure that along with admirable picture quality, you also get the sound quality of the highest order. The capacity of song storage in this smart phone is also appreciable. This plethora of mobile features can be available to a user of any social caliber if he/she is aware of the Samsung Galaxy W contract. Some of the Samsung Galaxy W best deals make every possible additional feature that one can desire in his/her smart phone available in an instant.

One of the most extra-ordinary features that one can avail through the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy W cheap contract is the UI. It makes several unusual applications available to the client in an amazingly reduced price range. There are not many mobiles that share this feature. This fact can be known by simply logging in to an online mobile store and browse through all mobile deals that are prevalent in today’s market. The option of making all mobile deals available online is an extremely useful scheme to attract customers. This way, the time and energy of a user is also saved as the user can be informed about the various mobile deals from within the comforts of their home. Another tactful advantage of this method is the fact that the users can openly compare the features and the available deals of one mobile against the several others. This helps the user to choose the one which suits him/her best. Our website offers best deals that you can’t simply resist indulging into. So, start exploring our site and take advantage of the deals available there. Make sure that you choose the one that makes you happy and content.

Samsung Galaxy W – Amazing Features at a Reduced Rate

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Galaxy North Avenue 2 – A First Rate Lifestyle of Noida

Galaxy North Avenue 2 is one of the best carved well-appointed skylines surfacing at Noida. With the launch of this ultra modern architecture, the Gaur & Galaxy Group had gained accolades in the region for creating such a magnificent building. The residential apartments are themselves innovative, unique and incomparable. Displaying the art of master piece and superb constructional pattern, these buildings are raised with chronological planning and meticulous technology. The way these projects have been shown the light of the day, they are totally aspiring and worthy of appraisals .Fulfilling both ends expectation of the customers as well as the builders, these are the towers of grandeur appearance. Tasting the success in the form of quality, durability and satisfaction, these residential apartments are worth living.

Landing in the best frameworks and master class buildings techniques, this place remain the best affordable options in the area to make one’s life dream homes suited for them and their families. The project keeps is nurturing the land near Sector 51 in the posh locality of Noida. Being situated in the zone of residential abodes, it has been made cycled with almost each prime locations of the metropolis. With the newly developed roads and highways, this place is suited for all most sections of the society. Offering the series of 2/3/4 BHK apartments, built within the area of 925 – 1755 Sqft. the Galaxy North Avenue 2 Noida is designed to suit the growing demands of the modern generation.

Other than all this, some of the highlights of the project Galaxy North Avenue 2 provided are meandering eco gardens, landscaped gardens, jogging track, meditation place, yoga centre, gymnasium, swimming pools and the clubhouse too. Some of the very hi-tech specifications that would enable a lovelier trendy outlook of homes are imported tiles / marble flooring in main entrance lobby of every building, designer 600 x 600 granitite flooring for living room, dining room and internal lobby areas, designer kitchen with provision for exhaust fan, piped gas connection, and superior washable cement paint for external walls.

About Developer:
Gaursons and Galaxy builders are all set to create history in Noida Extension, where they are coming up with a landmark township, Gaur City. With a potent to become benchmark for all future real estate developments, Gaur City, spread over 125 acres, is a fine amalgam of high living ensconced not only by the greenery but all the modern amenities such as multiplex. The promoters of Galaxy Dream Home Developers are a well known name in the realty sector and during all these years they had gathered years of valuable experience. With its experience, principles, and innobvative architectural approach, it is bringing project it is all set to bring in a remarkable change in the lifestyle of people who are going to dwell in these homes. is India’s first and only online brokerage for Real Estate It’s offers Galaxy North Avenue 2 original booking with best prices.

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