Samsung promises to enable FM radio for unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the US soon

Samsung announced early this year that it will enable FM Radio chips in its smartphones sold in the United States, and for the most part, it kept its promise. However, if you’ve bought the unlocked versions of the company’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, then you’re out of luck.

Many customers who purchased the unlocked Galaxy S9/S9+ in the US aren’t able to access FM Radio on their devices, even though they should have it enabled.

Upon further investigation, it looks like the fault lies with Samsung, as the South Korean company forgot to add a certain API to the unlocked …

Samsung decides to enable FM Radio chips in its smartphones sold in the US

Samsung has just announced a partnership with NextRadio that will see that all its future smartphones will have their FM Radio chips enabled in the United States. LG made a similar move last year for the same reason, so Samsung felt like it needed to even the scales.

According to an official statement, Samsung is the newest smartphone maker that supports NextRadio by unlocking the FM Radio chip in all the upcoming mobile phones in the United States and Canada.

Unfortunately, that probably means the decision doesn’t apply retroactively, so many of the smartphones …

New app turns you into a radio DJ

Some of you out there might be old enough to remember when radio DJ’s had personality. Back in the mid 60’s to late 70’s, radio stations like WABC in New York blasted 50,000 watts of top 40 music with its distinctive echo and top DJ’s like Dan Ingram, Cousin Bruce Morrow, and George Michael. For those who not only miss those days, but also want to try their hand at spinning some tunes, a new app called Stationhead will give you the opportunity.

With Stationhead, you can turn your streaming music playlists into your own personal radio station. That means that you get to introduce each song …

Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile report successful test of first 5G New Radio system

Qualcomm, ZTE and China Mobile announced early Friday morning that it had a successful test of the world’s first end-to-end 5G New Radio system. The system allows data to run at multi–gigabit per second speeds (> 1 Gbps) with latency of under 4ms. That compares to the 20ms latency that is the standard for current LTE networks. The system is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards. That group is made up of telecommunications companies that set the standards for 3G, 4G and now 5G networks and equipment.

Because 3GPP standards will be the ones used by the industry …

watchOS 4.1 to bring cellular music and radio streaming support to Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has started seeding watchOS 4.1 beta, a new update that brings quite a lot of improvements to the newly announced Apple Watch Series 3. One of the features that Apple promised to bring to the smartwatch in October at the earliest, cellular music streaming is included in the new beta build.

The official changelog mentions that with the new version of watchOS, users will be able to stream any song from Apple Music or the iCloud Music Library.

Aside from cellular music streaming, watchOS 4.1 beta adds a new Radio app that gives users access to Beats 1 …

LG to enable FM radio on its smartphones sold in the United States and Canada

One of the most basic features included on mobile phones, FM Radio is rarely seen in smartphones these days, especially those sold in the United States (perhaps Canada too). For some reason, major handset makers like LG are required to disable the FM chip inside their phones before they are introduced in North America.

Well, that’s not the case anymore, as LG announced it has teamed up with TagStation, owner of the NextRadio application, to enable FM chips in all phones launched by the South Korean company.

However, LG’s decision to enable FM chips in its …

Galaxy S8-exclusive New Release Radio opens to all Play Music users, here's how to access

Google just made the New Release Radio station that launched as a Galaxy S8 exclusive available for all of its Play Music service users. The station uses AI to learn your listening habits, and constantly scouts for newly released tunes or albums that are in sync with your music preferences, streaming them via the Play Music app on your phone. You know, like Spotify, Deezer and the like, but going back just two weeks in time to dig up the freshest content. 

That’s a pretty easy way to follow what’s new in your musical neck of the woods without spending too much time …

Galaxy S8/S8+ owners get an exclusive ‘New Release Radio’ station in Google Play Music

When Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 flagship devices this year, it also made official that it was going to scrap its Music app and exclusively use Google Play Music in its products. In a press release at the time, Sammy announced that Galaxy S8 and S8+ users would benefit from smart music recommendations, tailored playlists and other niceties, thanks to its partnership with Google.

It now seems that owners of the latest Galaxy S phones are beginning to ‘tune into’ an exclusive Google Play Music feature, called New Release Radio. Don’t get overly excited, though, as there’s nothing …

Sprint is no savior; Radio Shack goes bankrupt again

Almost exactly two-years after a bankruptcy court agreed to a plan that turned approximately 1,500 Radio Shack stores into co-branded locations with Sprint, the electronics retailer filed Chapter 11 once again. This allows the company to keep operating and buys it time to reorganize while giving it protection from lenders. 200 stores will close immediately, and Radio Shack’s parent company, General Wireless Operations Inc., will take a look at the remaining 1,300 stores. General Wireless picked up the stores during the reorganization that took place in 2015.

Two years ago, Sprint CEO …

Digital Radio Listeners Seen to Hit 200 Million in 2018

According to the web site, latest data showed that the number of internet radio listeners would swell from the current 159.8 million in 2014 to 183.4 million by 2018.

“Digital radio listeners are now at mass-market proportions, representing just more than half of the population and nearly two-thirds of internet users,” eMarketer said.

Listening hours are also expected to increase in the United States, according to AccuStream Research forecast.

The company said average monthly hours are expected to increase from 4.22 billion in 2014 to 6.7 billion in 2016.

eMarketer also noted strong demand for personal stations, which provide songs based on the user’s preference, existing digital music collection and previous listening activity, as well as digital extensions of over-the-air stations.

The digital marketing firm also noted a shift from desktop computers to smart phones, tablets, in-car systems and other electronic gadgets equipped with digital radio applications.

Another observation is a mix of monetization models, from free access but with advertisements to paid subscription for ad-free unlimited listening.

It is no surprise that the social media platform Audioboo is hosting the audio channels of big media networks like BBC, Fox Sports, ESPN, Al Jazeera, and even that of publications like The Guardian, The Telegraph, among others.

The streaming site has seen the potential of spoken word content through partnerships with networks and publications for content.

Audioboo is operated by Audioboom Group PLC (BOOM.L) which trades in the London Stock Exchange. It has 2.5 million subscribers and 2,000 channels, not to mention at least 13 million active users through website, mobile applications, among others.

Audioboom, which is said to be the audio version of Youtube, provides a feature of embedded players that allows clips to play on Facebook and Twitter.

Audioboom rakes in revenues through its multiple income generating features: paid subscriptions for heavy users, commission from sale of premium content and advertising.

The streaming site allows users to upload for free content up to ten minutes duration. But it charges users for premium content – £6.99 per month or £60 per annum for uploaded clips that can last up to 60 minutes, and average of £500 per channel.

Audioboom is a SaaS based digital social media audio platform enabling the creation, broadcast and consumption of audio across multiple global media outlets. Audioboom works with some of the biggest names in broadcasting across sport, entertainment and current affairs to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide via Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms.

The technology allows partners to embed playlists onto their sites and apps, use our mobile apps and functionality as listen again players and re- syndicate their content around the web.
Audioboom also allows the monetisation of audio via the dynamic insertion of pre and post roll advertising into content as a user is listening, allowing contemporary advertising selection, depending on content genre and geographic location of the user.

Audioboom has over 1,700 content partners, including the BBC, Telegraph, Guardian, CBS, Sky Sports, Premier League, Southern Cross Austereo, Reuters, CNBC, Universal and Fox.

Audioboom has over 1,700 content partners, including the BBC, Telegraph, Guardian, CBS, Sky Sports, Premier League, Southern Cross Austereo, Reuters, CNBC, Universal and Fox.