BLU Tank Xtreme Pro ultra-rugged smartphone quietly introduced in the US

US-based Android OEM BLU has just revealed yet another rugged smartphone in the Tank Xtreme series. The new handset is listed on BLU Products’ website without a price tag, but BLU Tank Xtreme Pro is expected to hit the shelves at Amazon soon.

BLU Tank Xtreme Pro is a bulky phone, bigger and heavier than the Samsung Xcover 4, another rugged smartphone that recently made its debut on the market. BLU’s device measures 146 x 74.8 x 13.9mm and weighs no less than 206g (battery included).

The smartphone is IP68 certified, which makes water and dust proof like no …

Panic detection mode is quietly featured on Android 7.1 to fight malicious apps

A feature that Google added to Android 7.1 hasn’t received much in the way of any press. However, this so-called “panic detection mode” helps users exit out of malicious apps. According to XDA Developers, this feature tracks how many times you press the back button within a certain period of time. Four button presses at .3 seconds a tap or faster will set off the mode, override the app, and send you back to the home screen.

This comes in handy if a malicious app prevents you from leaving it by backing out through its pages. The detection in “panic detection mode” sees that you are trying …

Redesigned Google Pixel launcher quietly appears at Google I/O

Google is working on an updated Pixel Launcher and at Google I/O, one could already see Google Pixel phones running on the new launcher.

A new quick search bar within easy reach on the homescreenThe most prominent feature on display is a search bar right in the homescreen. It is located in the bottom part, within easy reach, and reminds us of the Spotlight quick search functionality on Apple’s iOS, where you can swipe down on the homescreen to see a similar search bar. Here, though, the search bar is always visible, which is both convenient, but …

Huawei Nova Smart quietly introduced in Europe for €200

The outpouring of Huawei smartphones is almost overwhelming, as the Chinese company launched at least a dozen of new handsets in the last couple of months. The latest addition to Huawei’s portfolio is called Nova Smart, and it’s now available for purchase in select European markets.

Since the handset is part of the Huawei Nova series, it’s a pure mid-range smartphone rather than a high-end one. It sports a decent 5-inch HD (720p) display, as well as a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera.

At its core, the Huawei Nova Smart packs a 1.4GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, 2GB …

'Free app of the week' section quietly disappears from Google Play

Google last month introduced a ‘Free app of the week’ section to Google Play, where it began highlighting one paid app or game per week, making it free for the duration as well. However, just as swiftly as it popped up on the Play Store, the ‘Free app of the week’ section has quietly disappeared from Google’s massive online storefront without notice.

The promotional section went live in the U.S. in late March, and for the short time of its existence, offered two games on the house – Chameleon Run and Card Wars – Adventure Time. We were hoping that the company would …

Has Microsoft quietly killed off Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft’s recent release of the Creators update of Windows 10 Mobile is very limited. Only 13 models supporting the platform are able to update to this new variant of Windows 10 Mobile. Of the 13, only 6 are Lumia branded handsets. And now, Microsoft has removed the Upgrade Advisor app that allowed Windows Phone 8.1 handsets to update to Windows 10 Mobile. Add to that the report that the Windows Insider app no longer offers new builds of Windows 10 Mobile for Windows Phone 8.1 users, and well, Windows Phone’s goose is seemingly cooked.

For example, let’s take a model that was originally …

Huawei Y5 2017 quietly unveiled: stylish curves, but unimpressive specs

Huawei is well-known for its affordable Android smartphones since forever. It’s one of the few companies that refined its portfolio of entry-level beyond anything we’ve seen until now. Naturally, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other choices that make as good alternatives.

The latest addition to Huawei’s ever growing lineup of affordable smartphones is weirdly called Y5 2017. It wasn’t officially announced since it’s an entry-level device, but it’s now listed on Huawei’s website.

We do know much of the phone’s specs configuration, but no details about …

Alcatel quietly released the first ever smartphone with both front and rear dual cameras

You may know Alcatel as the budget smartphone brand by TCL Corporation, which also currently owns the rights to the BlackBerry name. So it’s something of a surprise to find out that the company has very quietly released the first smartphone equipped with a dual camera system on both the front and the back.

Even more surprising is the fact that the device, named Alcatel Flash (not to be confused with the Alcatel OneTouch Flash or the Alcatel Flash 2), is only available in a few Middle East countries, and we can find no press release officially announcing …

Samsung has quietly slashed prices on two of the best affordable phones around: the Galaxy A5 (2017) and A3 (2017)

The new Samsung Galaxy A (2017) series are impressive: the phones feature a design that looks and feels almost exactly as fine as the glass and metal one on the flagship S7 family, they sport truly impressive battery life, feature an impressive water-protection rating and run on the latest Samsung Grace user interface.
And now, less than a couple of months after their official launch, Samsung has slashed the prices on both the 5.2-inch Galaxy A5 (2017) and smaller, 4.7-inch A3 (2017).

The new price adds to the value of …

Apple is quietly preparing to become the king of consumer AR

It’s already been established that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, is really pumped for augmented reality, as he’s previously gone on record as saying his company plans to heavily invest in the technology in the long run. And it seems that wasn’t just empty talk, either, as, according to a Bloomberg report, “hundreds of engineers are now devoted to the cause” of bringing AR to Apple’s products, a result of the company carefully picking up talent from around the world for several years now.

The company is reportedly heavily investing into what it believes is its …