Google is testing quick access buttons for Maps that will quickly take you home or to work

Google makes it easy to navigate to work or home using Google Maps. After registering both addresses, navigating to your place of employment every morning is as easy as saying to Google, “Navigate to work.” You’ll quickly see how the morning drive time traffic will affect your commute. And at the end of the work day, a simple command of “Navigate to home” will bring you back to your family using the quickest route available.
If telling Google to Navigate to work or home is just too much for you to handle, there is potentially good news coming. Google is testing quick …

Android version of the SwiftKey app receives an update; new toolbar quickly finds GIFs and stickers

One of the most popular apps of all time is SwiftKey, which offers third-party QWERTY keyboards to iOS and Android users. The company was purchased by Microsoft for $250 million back in 2016, and the app allows users to replace the stock QWERTY on their handset with SwiftKey’s customizable keyboard. Yes, this is a free app that according to the company, is employed by more than 250 million people worldwide.

SwiftKey for Android has just received an update to version 7.0. One of the new features is a toolbar that allows users to quickly call up stickers and GIFs. It even allows subscribers …

Apple iPhone X sells out quickly in South Korea

South Korea is home to a couple of Apple rivals in Samsung and LG. But the Apple iPhone X made a statement on Friday when Korean carrier SK Telecom sold out its stock in 3 minutes. That compares to the 20 minutes it took SK Telecom to sell out the Apple iPhone 7 last year. The carrier said that the silver colored version of the tenth anniversary model was the most popular of the two color options (Space Gray being the other choice), selling out in just one minute.

In South Korea, the 64GB Apple iPhone X is priced at the equivalent of $1,237 versus the $999 the phone costs in the states. …

Android devices quickly and securely sync with Bluetooth enabled accessories using 'Fast Pair'

On Tuesday, Google announced a new way to pair a Bluetooth enabled device with an Android powered smartphone running Android 6.0 or higher, and carrying Google Play services 11.7 and up. Called ‘Fast Pair’, the feature is rolling out to Android devices powered by the Marshmallow build of Android and higher. Currently, ‘Fast Pair’ will work with ear buds like  the Google Pixel Buds, or Libratone’s Q Adapt On-Ear. The feature will soon work with the upcoming Plantronics Voyager 8200 series wireless headsets.

‘Fast Pair’ uses  Bluetooth Low Energy for advertising and discovery, and …

How and when to preorder iPhone X (and get it as quickly as possible)

Can you feel that tingle, that tremble in the air, that rumbling beneath your feet? That’s the iPhone X release date nearing, and since you’ve landed on this page, you probably want to be among the first to get one. Well, we’re sure it’s not the kind of thing you want to hear, but looking at the way things are shaping up, only a fraction of those willing to spend a $1000 on an iPhone X will get theirs in a timely manner. Here’s a few tips on how to have a better chance at being among them. Spoiler alert: staying up late is involved.

Don’t wait for the iPhone …

My biggest hope for Bixby is that it dies quickly

Samsung is a strange company in many ways. It’s the only maker other than Apple to make a profit in mobile hardware, but it has a bit of an inferiority complex because it doesn’t have the software story to compete top to bottom with Apple and Google. But, that doesn’t keep Samsung from trying. Samsung’s attempts in software often misfire either because of a lack of interest (Tizen) or because Samsung is doing nothing more than doubling up features found in other apps (like the Samsung browser, calendar app, etc.) It’s easy to see Bixby squarely in that second category, but that’s not quite accurate.

Bixby …

Recharging Your Mobile Sim Card Quickly and Affordably

Visiting Saudi Arabia? You might have already looked into obtaining a mobile device. If so, you already know that you need to purchase a sim card. There are several different mobile providers to choose from. Based on your needs you can purchase the sim card that is best for you. For example, if you don’t need much you can get an STC card with 3GB for one month.

However, what happens if you need to recharge your mobile? You want a quick and affordable way to do so. One website that offers this option is JeelTech. As one of the leading online stores for smart phones, sim cards, and Internet bundles, JeelTech offers clients an easy way to purchase their mobile device. Also, if you need to recharge your mobile they can help.

At JeelTech they offer sim cards from STC, Friendi and Virgin Mobile. If you need to recharge STC or recharge a Friendi sim card, they can help. Simply visit their website and select recharge. You can then choose the option you want. For STC clients there are many options to choose from. If you need the phone for several months, you can select the three month option. If you have another provider such as Friendi, you might opt for a prepaid recharge for SR 50.

Not sure which one is best for you? Talk to the professionals at JeelTech. The team is always available to help customers and answer any questions. They can help you choose the best sim card, smart phone or Internet bundle. Their goal is to make the mobile device purchasing process fast and simple.

In addition to enabling you to recharge your mobile, JeelTech also offers high quality smart phone devices such as the Obi Worldphone 4G 32GB, the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and much more.

If you wish to recharge your mobile device sim card, want to purchase a new device such as the Obi Worldphone 4G 32GB or simply want to know more about JeelTech, visit their website today.

In addition to enabling you to recharge your mobile, JeelTech also offers high quality smart phone devices such as the Obi Worldphone 4G 32GB, the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and much more.