Bridge Constructor Portal review: a puzzler with great physics and witty humor

A few days ago, we learned of a new game in the Portal universe. No, not Portal 3 — Valve doesn’t count to three — but a mashup between the indie game Bridge Constructor and the Aperture Labs universe. Bridge Constructor Portal is available for PC, consoles, and mobile, and we were quick to install it on an iPhone and try it out. So, how is it?

The Portal Universe

For anyone thinking that the Portal name is just tacked on here to solidify a few extra sales — rest assured that this game goes above and beyond to bring that “Portal feeling”. The very first thing …

Puzzler Colorcube is the free Apple App of the Week

You can save 99 cents from now through Wednesday by downloading Colorcube for free on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Currently, the puzzler is the free Apple App of the Week. Originally launched in July of 2016, the game requires you to make certain decisions in order to match a pair of puzzle pieces. There are over 250 levels, and the game includes a soundtrack that follows you across the Colorcube platform.

Each level shows the target image at top. This is what you want your puzzle piece to look like when you’re done changing it. Using buttons at the bottom of the page, you select …

Puzzler Framed is the iOS Free App of the Week

Framed is an interesting noir-styled puzzle game that allows you to rearrange the order of events that take place in a comic book-style story. The changes you make to the story affect its eventual outcome. By downloading the app before this coming Thursday, you’ll be saving $3.99 which is a pretty solid discount as far as these things go. The award-winning animation is gorgeous, and the music score features original Jazz performances.

While iOS users will save some money by installing the app between now and the end of Wednesday, Android users can also play Framed although it will …

Monument Valley 2 puzzler announced at WWDC 2017, up for purchase for $4.99

The sequel to the award-winning puzzler Monument Valley has just been revealed at WWDC 2017. The game is already available for purchase in the App Store for $4.99, but it will only work on devices running iOS 9 or later.

Developer ustwo promises to offer players a whole new story from the Monument Valley universe, which means you won’t need any experience from the previous game to enjoy the new one.

If you like beautifully crafted puzzle games with immersive music and amazing artwork inspired by artistic movements and architectural styles, then Monument Valley …

"Mechanical" puzzler Zip-Zap is the free iOS app of the week

From now until next Wednesday comes to a close, you can grab puzzle game Zip-Zap for free from the Apple App Store. After all, it is currently the free iOS app of the week, which saves you $1.99 when you download the app right now. There is a Mouse Trap/Rube Goldberg type of feel with the game, which uses levers and hinges that are placed on the screen by tapping on the glass. There are more than 100 levels that you need to complete.

While the game is currently free on the iOS platform, it can be purchased for Android users from the Google Play Store for $1.99. Both the iOS and Android …

The free iOS app of the week is Love You to Bits, a "cute" science fiction puzzler

This week’s free (until Thursday) iOS app of the week is Love You to Bits. It is actually a science fiction puzzle game that requires you to go into space as an explorer named Kosmo. Your task is to find and retrieve pieces of Nova, Kosmo’s robotic girl friend who was accidentally blasted into many parts. During your quest, you will visit strange planets, meet aliens, and deal with space puzzles. Most players describe this game in one word, “cute.”

Once you obtain all of Nova’s parts, your job is to rebuild her. As it says in the game’s App Store page, “Experience and rebuild a thrilling …