Build a team of legendary fighters in Capcom's new Puzzle Fighter free-to-play game

Capcom is well-known for its popular arcade games that are mostly about fighting, so it’s no wonder the studio’s newest title is a “love letter” to fans. Puzzle Fighter allows players to build a team of legendary fighters from all of Capcom’s most popular fighting games.

Your team will consist of a main and two support characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. Players can choose to play iconic characters like Ryu, Ken, or Chun-Li to take on Mega Man’s X, Darkstalkers’ Morrigan, or Dead Rising’s Frank West.

Make no mistake though, this is a …

Impossibly beautiful puzzle game Monument Valley 2 is coming to Android

Monument Valley 2 is one of the most beloved original puzzle games for iPhone: it features a touching story, but also ingenious level design and some impossible mechanics that captivate players.
Sadly, it launched as an iOS exclusive, with no version of the game for Android.
This changes on November 6th when developer ustwo will release Monument Valley 2 on Android.
In Monument Valley 2, we have a new narrative that focuses on motherhood: our heroine, mother Ro, goes through the motions …

Critically acclaimed puzzle game Talos Principle finally arrives on iOS

The Talos Principle is an atmospheric puzzle game that has been available for PC, consoles, and Android devices (limited to Nvidia K1 or X1 hardware) since back in 2015. Now, 2 years later, it has finally made the jump to the iOS App Store.

If you’re into gaming, you probably have heard about it, but not necessarily played it yet. It’s a title that has been praised by both fans and critics, with a Metacritic score of 88 (out of 100) from critics and 8.4 (out of 10) from users. So, it’s certainly worth a dive when you have the time to space. Now that it’s available …

This giant puzzle of a CMYK gradient may be the hardest we've ever seen


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For some, jigsaw puzzles are a slow, relaxing pastime that exercise the creative and logic centers of the mind. For others, it’s their version of a personal hell.

If you’re one of the former, it’s time you experienced Clemens Habicht’s 1,000 Colours. This is no ordinary jigsaw puzzle — because of the subtle changes in color, it’s a true test of patience, process, and attention to detail that’s not for the faint of heart (or the faint of sight). 

1,000 Colours is one giant CMYK gradient split into 1,000 pieces with — you guessed it — a shade for each tile. You won’t have the luxury of a real-world image to focus on while you try to match the picture on the box to the jumble of pieces in front of you. Instead, you’ll need to consider how each color flows into the next, and rely on trial and error to find the perfect fit for each piece. Because of this, veteran puzzlers may find 1,000 Colours to be one of the most meditative puzzles they’ve ever completed. Read more…

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Puzzle game Telepaint is the Free iOS App of the Week

How would you like to download a puzzle game for your iOS device, and save some money in the process? Telepaint, which normally costs $2.99, is the Free iOS App of the Week. The game has you carrying walking buckets of paint through portals that you open. Different levels of game play get increasingly harder, and there are six different worlds for you to play in. An accompanying sound track provides synced rhythm, and there is an in-app purchase available so that you can purchase an extra-level for 99 cents.

Recently, an update added two new channels with 40 new levels. Also, the …

Puzzle game klocki is the free iOS app of the week

From now through next Wednesday, iOS users can pick up puzzle game klocki for free. Normally 99 cents, this app is now the iOS free app of the week. The goal of the game is to connect different types of lines together. Using a lever, you can move a tile that is imprinted with lines, so that the lines on two adjacent tiles match up. You can see the game in action by clicking on the video trailer at the top of this story.

If you’re an Android user who wants to play klocki, we have great news. The game can also be found in the Google Play Store! But the game is not free for Android …

Puzzle game "Cut the Rope: Magic" is this week's free iOS app

From now until Wednesday turns into Thursday, Cut the Rope: Magic is the free iOS app of the week. Normally priced at 99 cents, the game features 160+ new puzzles and complex new boss levels. As part of the popular “Cut the Rope” series, this particular game comes with new graphics, sound and game play. During your journey, you will have to figure out puzzles and cut ropes that contain the candy you will feed Om Nom.

Speaking of Om Nom, in Cut the Rope: Magic you can transform him into new forms to help with your puzzle solving capabilities:

The Bird Form helps Om Nom fly …

Temple Run: Treasure Hunters match 3 puzzle coming to Android and iOS

Imangi Studios, the small team behind the Temple Run franchise, has just announced a new game that’s not an endless runner. Temple Run: Treasure Hunter is a match 3 puzzle that will soon be available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

As a matter fact, a beta version of the game is already available to Android users in some countries, so you can look for it in the Google Play Store and see if it’s available in your region. A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the developers promised to launch it in 2017.

Although Temple Run: Treasure Hunters …

Brilliant puzzle game Shadowmatic finally gets to shine on Android

Two years after its debut on iOS, critically acclaimed puzzle game Shadowmatic has finally found its way onto Google’s Play Store.

Simply put, Shadowmatic is an indie puzzle game which tasks the player to rotate bizarre 3D objects in a stark spotlight, until their shadow turns takes on the shape of a familiar object.

Although the game’s premise may sound weird at first, it’s soothing gameplay and excellent score — somewhat reminiscent of the Zen Bound series — will soon win you over with theirdecidedly quirky, but serene, charm.

Shadowmatic’s controls …