LG puts the focus on audio with the G7 ThinQ

In a time where manufacturers are abandoning the headphone jack, LG has just announced several new features to appear in the upcoming G7 ThinQ. LG has been known for including quad-DACs in its phones. Those who love high-end headphones and audiophiles are always very appreciative of this feature. It is clear that a majority of music today comes from the smartphone. We power Bluetooth speakers with them at parties, we connect headphones to them at the gym and we connect to our vehicle’s sound system when driving. LG recognizes this and is placing the focus on one of the things that move us, …

Opera puts an end to VPN on Android and iOS

Opera has been a popular browser for privacy enthusiasts for years. It is often marketed as a secure and swift alternative to other browsers such as Chrome. A popular feature has been the ability to surf the web via a VPN. Opera has now announced that beginning April 30th, 2018, it will be shutting down its VPN for both Android and iOS. In order to soften the blow, the company has reached an agreement with SurfEasy. SurfEasy claims a 99 percent success rate and was founded some time ago via kickstarter. Opera has said that current Opera Gold users will receive a free one year subscription …

T-Mobile puts the blame for its anemic prepaid growth on AT&T (updated w/ AT&T statement)

UPDATE: AT&T sent out an official statement on the T-Mobile CFO’s deductions:

T-Mobile’s comments about our fourth-quarter postpaid phone subscriber growth are misleading. We’ve offered our customers a BYOD option for years. We haven’t made any meaningful changes to our credit policies in quite some time, and when we do make changes, we disclose them in our SEC filings.