This free service puts all artworks at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art right in your phone

If you are an art fan or just looking to waste some time on your mobile, doing something that is a lot more sophisticated than, say, chasing Pokémons around, then the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) has something you will truly love.

Apparently, the museum kicked off a service last year that allows you to get on-demand photos of pieces of art from the collection the museum holds. SFMOMA houses more than 35,000 artworks, mostly sculptures, paintings and photographs, all of which could be accessed by sending a text to 572-51.

Your text message should …

Samsung lists phone as in stock, but puts it on backorder for the free half of a BOGO deal

Recently we told you about Samsung’s decision to apparently tighten up which phones it would accept on a trade-in deal it has for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. The original deal required that the trade be in working condition without a cracked or broken display, and be able to hold a charge. That led some to use cheap phones purchased at Walmart as trades. Apparently, Samsung caught on because a model like the $9.99 Alcatel OneTouch Pixi Eclipse was both accepted and rejected for the trade credit of $200. 

Today, one of our loyal Phone Arena readers told us about his …

Samsung puts Always On Display on the Play Store, but only Galaxy S8/S8+ users can get it

With the hopes of delivering new updates to the numerous Galaxy users faster, Samsung just released its Always On Display app on the Google Play Store. This way, any new features, hotfixes, and bug fixes will arrive faster and will not require a dedicated system update from Samsung.

However, don’t think that since the app’s up on the Play Store it will be available with any Android phone out there – no. It will only work on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Sadly, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge users can’t download the app – they are left with Samsung’s mercy to update their version of the …

Amazon puts Echo Look app on App Store and Google Play

Amazon has just published the mobile app for its upcoming Echo Look device, and you can now download it on iOS and Android devices. The Echo Look is a hands-free camera that is intended to serve primarily as a style checker, but is still only available by invitation only. Amazon has not given any details on possible release date, but has shared enough about the device to get people excited.

The camera lets you take photos or record short videos of yourself, using only your voice. Algorithms then scan your appearance and give you advice on whether your fashion choices make sense, while also …

Nissan puts Signal Shield to reduce smartphone distraction at the wheel

As we all know, using a smartphone while driving a car can be quite a dangerous thing. And we all know why we should pay attention to the road, not to the phone, right? A recent study confirmed that even using a hands-free system can be just as distracting for drivers as holding the phone to the ear, not to mention texting while driving. Of course, there are some apps available that claim to reduce the distraction (as for example Samsung’s “In-Traffic Reply”), but their effectiveness is still to be proved in practice. Nissan, however, has another idea – the company bets …

FCC Chairman puts the kibosh on the 2013 plan to allow cell calls on planes

Back in November 2013, there was talk that the FCC was going to allow cellphone users to make calls using their handsets while on a commercial airplane. Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai, who was appointed to the post back in January by President Donald Trump, announced his intention to take the proposal “off the table permanently.” This is considered to be a victory for those who were worried about having to hear conversations going on while stuck inside an aircraft.

Besides having to hear conversations at 30,000 feet with no escape (unless you call hiding in an impossibly cramped …

Samsung's latest smartwatch patent puts a screen on the rotary dial

One of Samsung smartwatches’ defining features for a while has been their rotary dial (or at least it has for the circle-shaped models, anyway). So it’s no surprise the company would be looking into ways to upgrade that feature in new ways, as evidenced by a new patent application for a screen-equipped dial which is to be possibly used in a future smartwatch.

While, as usual, we advise against getting overly excited for a patent, as there’s very little guarantee such a product is anything more than a Samsung engineer’s fever dream at the moment. First …

IEEE puts out a first draft guide for how tech can achieve ethical AI design

IEEE One of the barriers standing in the way of ethically designed AI systems that benefit humanity as a whole, and avoid the pitfalls of embedded algorithmic biases, is the tech industry’s lack of ownership and responsibility for ethics, according to technical professional association, the IEEE. Read More

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