How Cambridge Analytica used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others to put Trump in the White House

It sounds so creepy and far-fetched, almost like the plot to some B-list movie thriller. A company called Cambridge Analytica was able to help deliver the presidency to Donald Trump by getting inside the heads of the real estate developer’s supporters and non-supporters using social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Data that was supposed to be used for research only was sold to Cambridge Analytica, which in turn sold the Trump campaign on the power behind its use.

To the credit of the team running the Trump campaign, they understood that mining the Facebook profiles of 50 …

Can the Galaxy S9 measure your blood pressure? We put its new optical sensor to the test…

Samsung has big plans for its pulse meters, and the new one on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ “provides richer, more accurate information on users’ health status.” How does it do that? Well, there is a new, more accurate optical sensor on the back of the S9 and S9+, for once, which can measure something called the Heart Load Factor, which is a gauge of the real-time demand that is tasked to your heart. Of course, it comes with the usual “intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only” disclaimer, but that’s usually all everyone is using those for anyway.

The funkier part is that …

Stanford students put down their iPhones to protest device addiction

No, it doesn’t have the impact of the student sit-in to protest the Vietnam war that took place at Stanford in 1966. But you might consider this to be the 21st Century version of that event. Students from the California university staged a protest this past weekend at the Apple Store in Palo Alto to protest device addiction. More specifically, the group (named Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices or SSAAD) were complaining that Apple wasn’t doing anything to stop users from constantly checking their iPhone and iPad devices.

Holding signs in front of the store in protest of Apple’s …

Apple: put your HomePod 'on a different surface' if it leaves wood marks

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time…— Andy Slater (@Grossberger101) February 15, 2018
The new Siri-powered HomePod smart speaker has been leaving ring marks on people’s wooden surfaces, it seems, and it might be par for the course, says Apple. Some of the people who got the HomePod, noticed it leaves lighter circles where it lies. It turns out that these might be the oils or wax on certain wooden materials getting diffused by the silicon base that is absorbing the thumping sounds emanating from the speaker. Say what? Yes, it’s a thing, and it is in …

Some Surface Pro 4 owners put their slate in the ice box to stop screen from flickering

A small number of Surface Pro 4 owners are having trouble with flickering screens. Given the name Flickergate by some, the problem has been discussed on Microsoft’s support forums by those unfortunate enough to find themselves with one of the tablets exhibiting this behavior. The big problem for these owners (said to include at least 1,600 people), is that their expensive slate is no longer covered by the warranty.

Microsoft says that it is aware of the issue, but so far the gang in Redmond is only closely monitoring the situation. Since the flickering usually takes place when the …

Nintendo to put an end to its first entry into the smartphone app ecosystem

Nintendo’s first push into the mobile gaming, Miitomo will be discontinued effective May 9. The Japanese company announced that users of Miitomo mobile app will not be able to continue to purchase premium coins as of right now.

According to the official statement, those who still use the app will receive daily login bonuses until May 9 in the form of Miitomo coins and game tickers. These bonuses can be used to play Miitomo Drop or take advantage of other features such as the Miitomo shop.

In case you’re wondering what will happen if you fire up the app after May 9, Nintendo says that …

Who's got the best highway coverage? Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint's networks put to the test

Just in time for the Great Thanksgiving Exodus, a unique testing procedure was set out to measure the network coverage and performance of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint over vast swaths of the nation’s acclaimed highway system. How vast? Well, how about driving 52,000 miles in all states, and conducting 703,000 voice and data tests between March and July 2017? The tests were standardized by using state-of-the-art Rohde & Schwarz Diversity Benchmarker II gear with Samsung Galaxy phones, as these are currently at the forefront of modern network connectivity …

Electric scooter folds down into a block you can put under your arm


The main problem with last-mile transportation options like scooters and bikes is, they’re still really cumbersome to lug around even if they fold down.

Manufacturers are certainly pushing those boundaries. The Cubike is a crowdfunded foldable electric kickscooter that collapses into really small package.

I mean, really small.

It folds into a small package.

It folds into a small package.

Image: cubike

Made by a Shanghai-based spinoff of an industrial electronics firm, the Cubike is a 6.8kg (15 lbs) scooter that is capable of going at 30 km/h (18 mph).

Best of all, the bike folds down into a compact size roughly about an A4 sheet of paper in width. That means it can go into small lockers or get carried around without getting in the way. Read more…

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If you don't put a case on your Apple iPhone X, it could end up looking like this!

You might remember a now famous video from 2014, dated September 19th. Yes, that was the day that the Apple iPhone 6 launched, and an 18-year old named named Jack Cooksey had just purchased the new phone at the Apple Store in Sydney, Australia. A television reporter on the scene decided to interview the kid, who was clutching the box containing his new phone. With the television camera focused on him, Jack opened the box and his brand new iPhone 6 slid right out and hit the pavement.

Well, let’s move forward three years to 2017. Today, the Apple iPhone X is being launched, and while Apple …

T-Mobile will put a 5GB cap on high-speed data use for "Mobile Without Borders" starting next month

Back in July 2015, T-Mobile announced Mobile Without Borders. With this perk, T-Mobile subscribers received unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada, and still got all of the 4G LTE data that they were entitled to with their regular plan. This allowed a T-Mobile customer to travel throughout North America without having any changes made to their data plan. At the time, T-Mobile said that Mobile Without Borders was really designed to be used primarily in the states and was not made for prolonged international usage.

On Wednesday, T-Mobile announced that it was making a change …