T-Mobile will put a 5GB cap on high-speed data use for "Mobile Without Borders" starting next month

Back in July 2015, T-Mobile announced Mobile Without Borders. With this perk, T-Mobile subscribers received unlimited talk and text to and from Mexico and Canada, and still got all of the 4G LTE data that they were entitled to with their regular plan. This allowed a T-Mobile customer to travel throughout North America without having any changes made to their data plan. At the time, T-Mobile said that Mobile Without Borders was really designed to be used primarily in the states and was not made for prolonged international usage.

On Wednesday, T-Mobile announced that it was making a change …

These stock photos put rescue animals center frame


For creatives looking to do a little good, a new collection of stock photos featuring rescue animals lets licensees donate to a Los Angeles-based animal shelter with each download.

The project is a collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Getty Images, and the Amanda Foundation, a Beverly Hills animal hospital and nonprofit rescue organization that saves animals from kill shelters throughout the city and puts them up for adoption. The collection includes 60 images starring some of the foundation’s neediest residents, all in search of forever homes. 

According to Saatchi & Saatchi LA, every licensing dollar earned off the collection will benefit the nonprofit. Read more…

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NYPD to put 36,000 useless Windows Phones to waste, replace them with iPhones

The New York Police Department will scrap 36,000 Windows Phones that it gave police officers over the past 2 years because the devices are already obsolete and cannot be updated.

A huge step into the 21st century… not.New York City bought Nokia smartphones running Windows Phone as part of a $160 million NYPD Mobility Initiative under Mayor Bill de Blasio that was said to be “a huge step into the 21st century.” Mere months after the last phones were given to cops, the NYPD is now planning to replace all of them with iPhones. Ouch! These days, …

Should Samsung have put a wide-angle lens on the Galaxy Note 8?

Dual cameras on smartphones are still a fairly new trend, but one that’s picking up fast. And there are four different ways in which manufacturers implement the technology.

The first we actually saw on the HTC One M8 years ago — a low-resolution sensor assists the “main” camera only by collecting distance information each time you take a photo. Thanks to that, users are able to return to the picture later and set background blur effects and the like. Of course, the tech back then was a bit bad and the effect was far from convincing.

Then, we have the “Huawei” …

This free app lets you snap AR-like photos and videos, and put 3D characters or people into your shots

AR/VR company called 8i has released a smartphone app that allows you to experience AR through your mobile device and turn your pictures into sci-fi-like snaps. The Holo app, free on Google Play and App Store, lets you put animated characters and people into your photos and videos, almost as if they were there for real. Almost.

The app is pretty cool for what it does, but does feel a little stiff at times, even though taking pictures with Spiderman by your side can’t really get dull, ever. Nonetheless, if you take Spidey, for example, and decide to put him into your shot, …

Google Assistant SDK publicly released so that anyone can put the Assistant into their devices

Google has just made an important step towards convergence by publicly releasing the Google Assistant SDK. The personal digital assistant that’s been added to Google Allo, Google Home, and Pixel phones, is now part of a much larger ecosystem that includes Android Wear, as well as Android phones powered by Marshmallow and Nougat.

Moreover, Google announced that its Assistant would be available in Android Auto and Android TV shortly. However, with the release of the developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK, anyone can port the assistant to their devices.

If …

Xiaomi phones not coming to America anytime soon, put your cheap flagship hopes elsewhere

If you are still hoping to buy Xiaomi phones in the USA by official means, you will have to wait indefinitely. In an interview with Global VP Wang Xiang, the exec admitted that US market expansion is still no priority for the smartphone maker.

That’s not particularly pleasant news, for the brand’s handsets become increasingly desirable each year, but users in America and Europe are being left out. Sourcing them from unofficial suppliers remains the only route, which isn’t optimal due to markups, occasional lack of warranty or customer support, and network incompatibility …

Niantic made a critical update to Pokemon GO to put an end to certain types of cheating

Niantic made a critical update to Pokemon GO that all trainers need to be aware of. The stats of wild Pokemon are now randomized based on player levels, which has upset so-called spoofers, snipers, and other types of cheaters.

Before the update, they implemented bots to search the game world for Pokemon and generate reports for their stats. They include metrics like movesets, height, and weight. The beasts would always appear with the same stats, making hunting the right Pokemon too easy and systematic.

The game becomes more random, with the sizes and unique …

Next week's T-Mobile Tuesday allows you to put down some roots for free

Well boys and girls, it’s that time again. Next Tuesday T-Mobile will be once again giving out freebies to its subscribers. First up, a $5 credit on carpool ride sharing service Lyft Line. Share a ride with others going the same way you are, and save a fiver in the process. When you get home, you can rent a movie for free, or take up to $5 off the purchase of a flick from VUDU. With Paper Culture, you can receive half off on eco-friendly greeting cards. Get 50% off your order, thanks to T-Mobile, with free shipping up to $8.99.

Hungry? T-Mobile is giving subscribers a $25 credit to be used …

Nokia 6 is put through a scratch and bend test

Coming soon to various markets around the world, the Nokia 6 may not be the hottest smartphone we’ve seen, but it’s certainly a very interesting product. If you’re thinking of buying the Nokia 6 once it hits the market, you may first want to know just how durable the device is. Luckily, YouTuber JerryRigEverything can already satisfy your (and our) curiosity.

As you can see in the first video embedded below, the 5.5-inch screen of the Nokia 6 doesn’t scratch easily – thanks to a sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 that’s protecting the front of the phone, putting it on par with many other handsets …