Face ID on Apple iPhone X can't be used for family app purchases

So, your son has approached you with a list of apps that he wants you to buy him from the App Store for the holidays. In the past, with the “Ask to Buy,” or “Family Sharing” feature, you would receive requests from your kids for permission allowing them to install apps on their iOS devices. As the “family organizer,” it was up to you to approve each request. After checking to make sure that your offspring wasn’t trying to slip in some violent or sex-filled game, you would signal your approval using Touch ID.

But now you own an Apple iPhone X. And to give a thumbs up to the list of apps your …

Apple purchases AR headset firm Vrvana for $30 million?

The next big product expected from Apple could be the company’s AR glasses that the tech titan is reportedly working on. Former Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Muster believes that this product could become bigger than the iPhone. That is a tall order for any device, especially considering what happened with that mess known as Google Glass. While the latter is used in the enterprise, the question still remains whether AR glasses will be widely used by the public.

While no official word has come out of Cupertino regarding an AR headset, there has been praise heaped on augmented reality by no less …

29.1 million Americans don't make purchases on their smartphones for some reason

VentureBeat turned up some interesting stats on smartphones’ relevancy to online shopping. Although $140 billion worth of sales were entirely made on smartphones in 2016, a significant count of American consumers – 29.1 million, to be exact, are yet to jump the gun and order something online completely through their mobile phone.

There’s still hope for these millions of people, however. Their numbers have been coming down over the last six months, while the number of mobile shoppers has been steadily increasing. About 60% of US consumers carried out a purchase through …

LG Announces Pre-Order Bonus for US LG G4 Purchases

LG has announced pre-order bonuses for those in the US that pre-order or purchase the LG G4 ahead of its official retail launch next month on all four carriers. From today until June 21st, LG will gift US buyers of the phone an accessory pack featuring an additional battery, charging cradle, and 32GB memory card with the purchase of the phone to thank early buyers.


However, the offer requires a short application with a copy of it and a copy of the proof of sale receipt to be sent to LG’s offices in California by mail. The form being provided online includes several customer questions concerned with what led to the purchase of the G4 and which competitor devices were under consideration before buying the phone.

Purchases from all four US carriers will be valid for the promotion, with Sprint being the first one to announce participation earlier .