The game must go on: Get a PS4 controller charging station on sale for $14


Between your obsession with Monster Hunter: World and your mounting excitement for the upcoming God of War, it’s no secret that your PS4 controllers get quite a workout. Make sure they’re always running with this charging station for PS4 controllers on sale today for less than $14.

If you’re the type who likes to turn off their console completely instead of using Standby Mode, this charging station is great for keeping your controllers juiced up without using the console. Part of the AmazonBasics line of products, it can charge two controllers simultaneously, reaching a full charge in three hours. The indicator lights change from red to green when they’re done so you can get back to harvesting monster parts for armor as soon as they’re ready.  Read more…

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Sony Xperia XZ2 pre-orders start today overseas; reserve a unit and get a free PS4 or PlayStation VR

Just yesterday, we unboxed the Sony Xperia XZ2 for you. Starting today, pre-orders are being accepted overseas for both the Xperia XZ2 and Xperia XZ2 Compact. At both Carphone Warehouse and European carrier Three, those making a paid reservation for one of the two new models will have a big choice to make. Sony is tossing in a free PS4 gaming console and the Gran Turismo Sport bundle. Or, as an alternative, those who pre-order one of the two new handsets can opt to receive a free PlayStation VR Starter Pack instead.

The SIM-free Xperia XZ2 is priced at £699 ($974 USD), while the XZ2 Compact …

Greatest pre-order gift ever? Austrian telecom bundles free PS4 Slim with Xperia XZ Premium

If you thought Samsung offered some great pre-order gifts for the Galaxy S8, you’ll be amazed at what Sony is giving away for early adopters of the Xperia XZ Premium. 
The company’s e-stores in Europe recently started taking orders for the 2017 Sony flagship, bundling a set of premium headphones to people who reserve their unit before May 31st.
Apparently, high-end headphones are not a cool enough gift for Austria’s “3” telecom, so the carrier’s pre-order bonus for the XZ Premium is a free Playstation …

The Flame in the Flood arrives today on PlayStation 4

When it was released last year, The Flame in the Flood garnered a lot of attention for its big name developers and unique take on the wilderness survival genre. Today, PlayStation 4 players who have been missing out the experience will finally get to take a trip up the game’s fictionalized Mississippi river and through a dystopic version of the American South.


Announced last month, the PS4 version was ported by Curve Digital and arrives as The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition, which includes Director Commentary from game studio Molasses Flood’s “team of AAA refugees,” a new dynamic theme, new system avatars and a few gameplay tweaks just for Sony’s console.

The studio’s experienced talent have some of the biggest titles in gaming under their collective belts — including BioShock Infinite, Halo and Rock Band — but The Flame in the Flood stands apart with its indie game ethos, crafting system and fast-moving exploration of a completely realized post-apocalyptic world. It doesn’t hurt that Chuck Ragan’s lively alt-country soundtrack was one of 2016’s best either.

The Flame in the Flood runs a reasonable $14.99 on PS4, but players will get a couple bucks off for the launch. And, of course, it’s still available for PC and Xbox One as well.

The Flame in the Flood arrives today on PlayStation 4 Video Here

FIFA 15 Release Hits iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone

The mobile FIFA 15 release delivers soccer fun to the masses on iPhone, iPad, Android and even Windows Phone. This isn’t the same game as the FIFA 15 release on consoles, but you can still build a winning team and play as soccer greats.

Today is the FIFA 15 release date and while many users can’t wait to play on PS4, Xbox One, OC and older consoles, there is a new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team release on mobile devices.

Instead of a focus on playing, the new FIFA 15 release on iPhone, iPad and other platforms focuses on the team building and team management known as Ultimate Team.

On the console and PC version of FIFA 15 you can enter this mode to build a great team using FUT packs that you earn and buy, and the same is true on the mobile FIFA 15 game.


The iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone FIFA 15 release is free to download, but you’ll need to spend cash if you want to build a great FUT fast. With FIFA 15 in-app purchases up to $99 it’s possible to spend more on this mobile game than on the PS4 FIFA 15 release with just a few taps.

If you can get past the FIFA 15 in-app purchases you can build a FIFA Ultimate Team with over 10,000 players and 500 teams all available on the mobile version. You’ll also need a lot of space to download this game, with 1.35GB of space required on the iPhone and iPad.

In Ultimate Team you can earn cards, trade cards and collect cards to make the best possible FIFA Ultimate Team. This does not link up to the Xbox One or PS4 FIFA 15 game, so you’ll be building two separate teams. This is nice for players that don’t own a console or enough cash to buy FIFA 15.

The FIFA 15 release for mobile devices isn’t limited to building the perfect team. The game also lets you play FIFA 15 on your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Although you can play in simulation mode where you control the lineup and subs, you can also play with yourself at the controls.

Choose from Classic or Casual controls depending on your skill and play style and get ready to play. You can also use an external controller to play without relying on the touch screen.

Players can play locally through a FIFA Ultimate Team mode or choose form a total of four weekly challenges, one of which is your team’s next real-world game.

You can download FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for iPhone and iPad, Android or Windows Phone. The game is free, but if you are letting a child play you may want to disable in-app purchases to prevent any accidental purchases.