Samsung Internet Browser is now faster than ever, and protects you from malware

Samsung this week updated its Internet Browser for Android (pictured on the left), making it faster and better than ever. 
The latest version of Samsung Internet Browser (v. 7.2) uses an upgraded engine – Chromium M59 – thus offering a speedier browsing experience and enhanced graphics in online gaming.  
The new Internet Browser from Samsung features protected browsing (alerting users when visiting sites that try to steal information or install malware), and various interface improvements (including an “Add to home screen” icon …

New Samsung Max app saves data, protects your privacy

Samsung just announced an Android app made with two goals in mind: to let you browse more and to help you do it more safely. It is called Samsung Max and it can be downloaded today from the Google Play store.
How does Samsung Max work? One of the app’s primary functions is to reduce the amount of data you consume without this hurting the experience. It can compress web pages, photos and media that you access through the web browser or other apps — you get the same content delivered to your screen, but it takes less megabytes to do so. Additionally, the app can point …

Update from Microsoft protects Windows 10 Mobile handsets from Meltdown and Spectre

Android and iOS powered devices are certainly not the only mobile products that need protection from the current two bad boys of the security flaw world. We are referring, of course, to Spectre and Meltdown. These bugs, with the help of a malicious app, can steal the secrets that you hide in your phone, including the passwords that are used to get into your banking and brokerage apps.

Microsoft has pushed out a cumulative update for all Windows 10 Mobile handsets regardless of whether they are registered with the Insider program or not. On the company’s support page, it says that the update …

Google protects you: Play Protect is finally on a slow rollout to mainstream users

We’ve been hearing about Google Play Protect — Google’s solution for device protection — since this year’s I/O. And while some beta testers have seen it earlier, the feature seems to currently be on a slow rollout to all users.

What is Play Protect? It’s basically an anti-malware tool, which monitors app behavior and gives them a firm slap if they try something funny. To be clear, the Play Store has had various levels of scan for a while now. However, Play Protect ups the ante a bit.

The new service is not only a ghost scanner that checks apps that are live …