AT&T launches Threat Defender, an Android app that's not meant to protect your smartphone

File this under “carriers do wacky things” to please customers. The “culprit” in this case? AT&T, which has just launched an Android app called Threat Defender. Even the most non-tech savvy consumers would probably think that the new app launched by the US carrier is meant to protect their smartphones.

Alas, AT&T Threat Defender is purely an entertainment app that’s only good to “protect” you from boredom for a little while. If you haven’t guessed it yet, Threat Defender is an interactive game that’s available to everyone who owns a device running Android 2.3 and up.

It’s …

If Google Play Protect messed up Bluetooth on your Android phone, here is a quick fix

Google Play Protect combines several features that are already available for Android handsets, and puts them together under the Google Play Protect branding. This includes automatic scanning for viruses and the Find My Device feature. The Google Play Protect logo will soon appear on the packaging of every device with the Google Play Store pre-installed. The service has been pushed out to several Android models, and this has led to a problem with Bluetooth on some units.

For some reason, Google Play Protect red flags an app called Bluetooth Share 7.0, mistakenly listing it as being unsafe. …

Spigen's cases are ready to protect your Galaxy Note 8 from day 1

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The Galaxy Note 8 is out and it is as beautiful as it is big and slippery. Yup, let’s say it outright, a glass sandwich looks awe-inspiring, but is prone to slip from careless hands, especially when the device is as tall as the Note 8 is. And, with it’s price-tag, that’d be one expensive slip!

Of course, you’d be considering protection. If you have a less …

Google protects you: Play Protect is finally on a slow rollout to mainstream users

We’ve been hearing about Google Play Protect — Google’s solution for device protection — since this year’s I/O. And while some beta testers have seen it earlier, the feature seems to currently be on a slow rollout to all users.

What is Play Protect? It’s basically an anti-malware tool, which monitors app behavior and gives them a firm slap if they try something funny. To be clear, the Play Store has had various levels of scan for a while now. However, Play Protect ups the ante a bit.

The new service is not only a ghost scanner that checks apps that are live …

Best cases to protect your shiny, new Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Alright, guys, Sony has announced that its second 4K smartphone — the Xperia XZ Premium — is headed for the US and will be landing on the 19th of June with a price tag of $799.99. Yeah, it’s a pricey top-tier handset, but hey — we guess that’s the price of the super-sharp 4K display.

So, yeah, it’s a pretty phone, but it’s also an expensive phone. You will probably want to have at least one case for it — if not for everyday use, then for just special occasions where you will be spending more time out and about with increased risks of dropping the handset. Of course, …

Nike's new cases for the Apple iPhone 7 protect your handset while giving the device some "sole"

Footwear manufacturer Nike has started offering a new line of cases for the Apple iPhone 7. There are two different styles, both taken from actual Nike sneaker designs. One, called Air Force 1, is available in Blue only. The second model, called Roshe, is offered in either crimson or green. Both cases are priced at $35. Just as a heavy duty sole protects the bottom of your feet from taking a pounding, these cases are made to protect your iPhone 7 from drops and falls.

The cases are made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic. This material is flexible, durable, and strong enough to …

GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch

Kids’ smart watch links to parents’ smartphones, so they can keep tabs on their location and communicate quickly. The GPS smart watch is worn by kids but synced up to their parents’ smartphones. Through a downloadable app, the parents can track where their children are, send alerts like “dinner’s ready,” or even dial the smart watch to talk to them.



GPS and LBS dual-locating function
Electronic fence function: sends an alert if a child leaves the preset area
Remote monitoring: high-sensitivity mic lets parents listen in to children’s surroundings
Two-way communication: parents can dial the watch and kids can call their parents
SOS one-key calling: holding the SOS button for 3 seconds will automatically dial the parents
Fitness tracker: stores 3 months’ worth of steps data
Need a cellular data Connection service,you need to buy a SIM CARD(not included in package)


Bold and colorful kids’ smart watch
Material: plastic
Screen size: 0.96”
Compatible with Android and iOS devices
Battery: 3.7V 400mA rechargeable
Standby time: 2–3 days

Proceeds from each sale will be donated towards SickKids. Every year, more than 100,000 children come to SickKids for life-saving care and the number continues to grow. Thanks in large part to donations SickKids is already one of the world’s leading health-care institutions. With continued support, they can continue to push the frontiers of what is possible in care, research and learning. Every dollar counts. Every supporter makes a difference for kids.

GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch
$29.99 USD  $59.99 USD

Learn More About The HTC Surround And How To Protect It With Proper Accessories

Windows 7 has recently released the HTC Surround which is expected to attract a lot of attention because of its unique features that it offers over other smart phones. It includes a number of great apps such as weather watching, picture enhancement, sound equalizing, stock market updates, sticky notes, flashlight functions, metric conversions, and future forecasts. You can also use the HTC Surround as a portable entertainment device, with its large screen designed for movie and video watching and its top notch virtual surround sound system designed to let you hear big things from a very small package. This article will discuss some of the other top features of the HTC Surround so you know why this might be the must have smart phone of the season.

Imagine being able to watch your favorite movies no matter where you are on a little screen that can keep up with you throughout your day and night. That is the future with the HTC Surround. Through the smart phone interface and integration with Microsoft’s smart phone operating system, Windows Phone 7, you can watch whatever you want whenever you are on the go with the HTC Surround. It includes a 3.8 inch touch screen that allows you to pinch to zoom in or out on your favorite scenes, and offers a dazzling 380 x 800 WVGA resolution.

The phone was clearly built for audio and video playback; it includes the capacity to play a number of different multimedia formats, including wmv, mp3, m4v, mp3, wma, and m4a. You can even record video in mp4 format through the included 5 megapixel color camera. And if you’re simply in a picture taking mode, you will be happy to know that the camera comes with an auto focus and flash, not to mention 720p hd video recording.

Even though the smartphone is designed to go everywhere you go without leaving anything behind, this rugged little smart phone can still use all the protection you can find. It’s always recommended to protect your valuable investments and smart phones are no exception. When you buy accessories such as cases or screen protectors, you make the decision to protect your technological investment, and that means you will be able to enjoy your phone for years to come.

You can find all sorts of cases and screen protectors that will fit your smart phone in stores or online, and if you shop around, you can easily get them without spending a fortune. It is worth doing a little research to buy them so you don’t lose your phone prematurely due to an accidental interaction with a concrete floor. It doesn’t cost much to buy these accessories, but they can pay off in a big way the first time you accidentally scratch the face of your phone with your keys or drop your phone while in a rush to catch an elevator.

Want to learn more about HTC Surround accessories , please visit Think Mobile Solutions. We have hundreds of HTC Surround cases and accessories. We offer free shipping within the U.S.

Protect Your iPhone 6 With A Quality Case

People are using numerous phones to communicate as well as use in daily activities. It also used in browsing the internet and entertainment purposes by listening to music, watching, videos, playing games, etc. In fact, the phone is used in performing numerous daily activities useful in making our lives convenient and easy. This important device is being bought from the market according to requirement in life. Users can find budget friendly mobile to luxurious one in the market of different brands to get genuine experience. The users prefer to use expensive phone with good applications and high end processor to get special expensive. Though, the device is bought spending lots of money but users can’t protect the device from damages or scratches in screen. This decreases the utility of the device as nobody like to use a damaged device among the peers. Let us look at procedures to protect the devices from any sort of damages occurring during use or accidents.

iPhones are known for their special applications, designs, high end processors, and other advanced features. The users can easily perform their official work apart from the daily activities in the device. This is why the people are buying latest iPhone 6 from the market at expensive price. Though, the device is expensive but users get seamless using experience. Hence, it has become a favorite device for the tech-savvy people due to presence of most advanced application. Buy iPhone 6 cases online to use in device and protect from any sort of damages occurring during the accidents. The screen will look awful if there is scratch in the device. In this situation, people like to buy new one drying up the saved money in the account. To avoid this situation, people should use fitting cases after buying from online store.

Users get numerous brands and models to choose from the market according to their preference. Nexus is a popular device for the user with lots of advanced features and applications. It is useful in getting the convenient experience of using the device after buying. Though, the device delivers high end performance to the users but need to be maintained cautiously to avoid problems in accidents or scratches in screen. It definitely decreases the utility of the devices. Buy Nexus 6 cases from this portal at affordable price of the market to protect your phone from any sort of damages. In this way, the expensive device can be protected from possibility of damages while using.

Xiaomi is a Chinese based brand providing special features and applications at affordable price of the market. This is why the users like to use the device to get high end experience in browsing and other activities. But, most of the markets don’t have cases fitting the device in order to deliver maximum protection while using. So, buy Xiaomi cases from this portal at attractive price of the market to protect your expensive phone from possible damages. But, users need to select a sturdy and top quality case to get special protection from accident, scratch, and even physical shock. Buy your favorite cases for your phone from the large collection of product at attractive price of market.

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