Alcatel reveals its 2018 smartphone lineup, promises immersive 18:9 display experience

Alcatel can’t miss a major tech event like CES (Consumer Electronics Show), even if the smartphone brand is not quite ready to introduce new products. However, a little bit of self-promotion and sneak peeks at what’s to come doesn’t hurt.

So, until the big reveal drops at MWC (Mobile World Congress) next month, the company confirmed its 2018 smartphone lineup will be split in three series: Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 1.

Alcatel 5 series will include “affordable premium tier” smartphones, which will offer features like face unlock, 18:9 full view displays …

2018 needs to be the year of private spaceflight companies fulfilling their past promises


It’s time for private spaceflight to start making good on its promises. And in 2018, hopefully it will do just that.

From SpaceX’s long-promised first flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket to NASA’s plan to contract private companies to deliver astronauts to the International Space Station, 2018 should be the year when spaceflight companies start meeting many of their long-touted goals. 

“I’m looking forward to a lot of past promises becoming reality,” John Logsdon, professor emeritus of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, said in an interview.  Read more…

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DxO One Android camera add-on promises "pro-level" photos for $499

The DxO One camera add-on was originally launched for the iPhone in 2015, with the promise that it would eventually make its way to Android. Back in October of this year, DxO announced that the One will soon be launching for Android through an early access program, and it’s made good on that promise. The 20MP camera add-on is now available for Android phones, starting at the same price as its iPhone counterpart.

The add-on is compatible with almost every Android phone equipped with a USB-C port and promises “professional quality” photos and ample versatility …

New face recognition technology promises 10 times better accuracy than Face ID

A new face recognition technology coming from a Chinese phone maker promises 10 times better accuracy than Apple’s Face ID.
The new face identification technology uses a similar principle to Face ID on the iPhone X: it uses a dot projector to project a mesh of points to the face and make a detailed 3D map. However, unlike the iPhone X that uses some 30,000 points to map a face, this new technology uses 300,000, ten times more, hence the 10 times better accuracy claim.
The new face recognition tech comes from Chinese …

Apple promises a fix for the iPhone X's cold weather blues

Some iPhone X users have noticed that their touchscreen becomes unresponsive with a rapid change of temperatures, like, say, going out of the house in cold weather. Well, the weather has to be near freezing, and the screen apparently stops being operational for a few brief seconds, plus locking and unlocking the display prompts the iPhone X to again register touches, but it must be annoying nonetheless, so Apple issued a promise for a fix. 

It turns out that this might be a software problem of sorts, as the phone is having a recommended temperature …

Google promises 3 years of OS and security updates for Pixel 2/XL

Google has officially committed to keeping the new Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL updated for the next 3 years, a solid commitment that outdoes all other Android phone makers. Yes, this includes both updates to the operating system and security updates.
One of the big downsides of owning most Android phones is software updates: even the big names like Samsung take months to update their phones and after the first major update, devices are often abandoned or take even longer for future operating system updates (they might still get security updates).

With …

New BlackBerry Motion video promises "32+ hours of battery life" in a phone that's built to last

Not long after we saw the very first official BlackBerry
Motion promo video, we’re now treated with a second look at this interesting, yet to be released
smartphone. As you can see above, BlackBerry Mobile says the Motion is a
device that’s built to last, as it’s got a strong aluminum frame, a
“premium” anti-scratch display, and a dust- and water-resistant design
Equally important, BlackBerry promises “32+ hours of
battery life” from the 4000 mAh battery that’s found inside the Motion – hopefully,
this means that, on a single charge, the phone will keep its lights …

OnePlus admits it collects private data of smartphone users, promises to stop by the end of October

OnePlus has just issued an official statement regarding the recent reports that claim the company’s OxygenOS collects private data of those using OnePlus smartphones. The most important thing is OnePlus admitted it collects data from users, but the Chinese company explained the reason behind its decision.

First off, OnePlus says its OxygenOS smartphones transmit analytics in two different streams: usage analytics and device information. According to OnePlus, these are necessary to “better understand general phone behavior and optimize OxygenOS for better overall …

Google promises three years of Pixel 2 software and security updates

While most Android phones can only dream of timely updates to the newest version of Google’s mobile operating system, the Pixel phones are a different breed, and get them first and fastest. 

The problem is, however, that most of the Android crop makes do with 18 months of updates to the latest and greatest, or two cycles at best, meaning that you have to resort to some modding trickery if you want to get the new versions to your still perfectly good hardware. That, or your updates come so late, that you have already give up (looking at you, One M9 on Verizon). 
Needless …

New LG V30 teaser video promises "immersive sound"

Samsung may be making headlines these days (thanks to the announcement of its Galaxy Note 8), but LG doesn’t want us to forget that it’s also getting ready to announce a new high-end smartphone: the V30. Thus, the company today released yet another teaser video, this time touting the “immersive sound” that the LG V30 will apparently bring (though there are no details on exactly what that means). 

A recent rumor had it that the V30 would feature Bang & Olufsen audio enhancements, so we’re looking forward to seeing if that’s indeed the case. As you may know, …