TSMC picks up the pace of 7nm chip production after demand from clients increases

TSMC, the company that produces the 10nm Apple A11 Bionic chipset, has started increasing the number of chips it is mass producing using the 7nm process. Industry sources say that the company moved up its timetable to increase production after demand picked up from clients like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Huawei’s HiSilicon. Those three are known as fabless chip producers because they do not fabricate, or manufacture, their own chips. Some of TSMC’s fabless clients are skipping the 10nm process and are going straight to 7nm with their designs.
TSMC, which is calling its …

Xiaomi named in patent infringement suit; plaintiff requests production of Mi Mix 2s be stopped

Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, a division of Chinese smartphone manufacturer Coolpad, has filed a patent infringement suit against three units of Xiaomi. The suit alleges that Xiaomi Telecom Technology Co Ltd, Xiaomi Technology Co Ltd and Xiaomi Factory Co Ltd used Yulong’s intellectual property without authorization. In the suit, which was filed with a court in Jiangsu province, Coolpad asked for production to immediately cease on several Xiaomi models including the Mi Mix 2s (seen in the picture at the top of this story).

The lawsuit alleges that Xiaomi …

Samsung reports record operating profits for Q1; Galaxy S9 production cut says analyst

Earlier this month, Samsung gave a preview of its first quarter earnings and said that it would report record operating profits. And sure enough, the company announced on Thursday morning (thanks to the time difference, it is the next day in South Korea) that it achieved a fourth consecutive quarter of record operating profit. Leading the way for the company was sales of memory chips.

During the first quarter, Samsung reported net profit of 11.69 trillion South Korean won, equivalent to $10.8 billion USD at current exchange rates. That happens to be a healthy 52% gain from the net profit …

Samsung to begin iPhone display production next month

Samsung could begin manufacturing OLED displays for this year’s iPhone lineup as early as May. It has been rumored for some time now that Apple would be launching three new iPhones in September, two of which are expected to utilize OLED displays, just like last year’s iPhone X.

Now, according to a new report, it appears Samsung, the company behind the OLED displays, will begin manufacturing them ahead of time. This is due to the fact that the two new devices, which are currently being dubbed the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus and are respectively expected to feature 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch displays, …

How Elon Musk is fixing Tesla Model 3 production problems: More humans


After Tesla failed to hit its goal of producing 2,500 Model 3 electric cars a week, CEO Elon Musk says he’s figured out what went wrong: robots.

Yes, robots, which are designed to help build lots and lots of Tesla’s electric vehicle at an insane speed, are to blame for why customers who pre-ordered the Model 3 still haven’t gotten them yet.

In an interview with CBS Good Morning, Musk said the Model 3 is in “production hell” because Tesla used too many robots. 

“It’s worse than I thought,” Musk said. “We have this crazy complex network of conveyor belts and it was not working so we got rid of that whole thing.” Read more…

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Apple might be kickstarting trial production of its 2018 iPhone lineup soon to avoid bottlenecks

Apple is rumored to be kicking off trial production of its three anticipated 2018 iPhone models in late Q2 2018, a bit earlier than last year. This heavily hints that all three devices that are expected to debut in early September will launch together.
The reason for this “rush” is most certainly Apple’s desire to avoid last year’s supply mishaps that caused the iPhone X to hit the shelves at a later date than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which hurt the overall sales of the device. In particular, the low yield of infrared 3D sensors for the iPhone X’s FaceID functionality …

Chinese manufacturer Wistron might've used unauthorized parts in iPhone production

The second largest iPhone 8 Plus manufacturer in the world, Wistron, has been accused of using unauthorized parts in its production process. As a result, the device production might’ve been halted for two weeks.

Unauthorized waterproofing parts have been reportedly used by Wistron in the production process of the iPhone 8 Plus without warning Apple. Rumors have it that Wistron has penalized some of its high-level executives as a way to regain Apple’s trust. 
Wistron has its own position on the issue stating that the production process hasn’t been …

JP Morgan cuts estimate of Q1 Apple iPhone X production by 25%, Q2 production by 44%

Over at securities firm JP Morgan, analyst Narci Chang is taking an axe to his estimate of Apple iPhone X production for the first half of 2018. From January through March, Chang now expects Apple to produce 15 million units of the tenth-anniversary model. That is a drop of 5 million handsets (25%) from his original prediction. For the second quarter, the analyst lowered his estimate by a whopping 44%, as he now sees 10 million iPhone X units rolling off the assembly line during the three months. He originally called for 18 million phones to be produced from April through June.

Apple hinted …

Due to Apple iPhone X production cuts, Samsung faces a glut of OLED production capacity?

Because Apple announced that the average revenue per iPhone unit sold during the fiscal first quarter was higher than expected, it appeared that the iPhone X was selling better than believed. Prior to the earnings release, every other day we would get conflicting reports on how the tenth anniversary model was selling. This quarter, Apple has apparently scaled back production of its $1,000 handset, but whether the cut is as deep as feared is unknown.

A report recently published by Japan’s Nikkei says that Samsung has been hurt by Apple’s decision to cut production of the iPhone X. Samsung …

Slumping iPhone X sales may have convinced Apple to cut production


Stagnant iPhone X sales have prompted Apple to dramatically slice production of the tech giant’s latest and most advanced handset, according to a report from the Japanese financial newspaper The Nikkei Asian Review. 

Apple initially planned to produce 40 million of these handsets at its Chinese factories between January and March 2018, but Apple has reportedly cut this goal in half to 20 million. 

Apparently, major markets in the U.S., China, and Europe are to blame for the now-sluggish sales after an initial buzz following the phone’s release in November.  Read more…

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