Four ways to wake up the iPhone X screen. No home button? No problem!

So, the iPhone X is coming out in just under a month, and you may be one of the many waiting at the edge of their seats. And for good reason — the X is a long-awaited design evolution and a technological marble by Apple. But, being so drastically different, it also comes with slight differences on how you are going to physically the device.

For example:
There is no home button? How can I conveniently wake my iPhone now?
The little circular pad, which has been a signature feature of the iPhones ever since the original launched is now gone. Users have long been …

Federighi on Face ID, sunglasses and theft: Shades are not a problem, but getting your iPhone X stolen is

Face ID, Apple’s new security and authentication method for the iPhone X, has been the object of various controversies from the moment it was announced at Apple’s September event. From the perceived failed attempt of Craig Federighi to unlock the iPhone X using Face ID during the keynote, down to legitimate concerns about the security and privacy of users’ data, the system will have a lot to prove when the X launches.

In the mean time, iOS developer Keith Krimbel has emailed Apple with some questions regarding Face ID, and he has got an interesting …

Samsung's new Gear IconX wireless earphones could fix the first-gen model's biggest problem

Samsung’s first foray into the wireless earphone space wasn’t exactly a grand slam. The first-gen Gear IconX had a lot of features that remain unique to this day, such as a built-in music player for phone-free listening as well as an integrated fitness tracker and heart rate monitor. However, the biggest drawback of the wearable was its poor battery life, which, quite understandably, was a deal breaker for most consumers. 
Well, it looks like Samsung isn’t ready to give up just yet, as the tech giant just unveiled version …

AirAsia X flight shook like a 'washing machine' following mid-air problem


An AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back on Sunday, after a mid-air technical issue left the plane’s cabin shaking like a “washing machine.”

Flight D7237 with 359 passengers onboard left Perth at 6:50 a.m. local time, then returned to Perth by 10 a.m., after what reportedly seemed to be a problem with an engine.

“I heard a loud explosion I think on the left-side engine,” passenger Tzeyau Chung told ABC News.

“After the explosion it started to shake, it started to bounce, but overall the captain did a very good job. Of course we were a bit worried but at the end of the day … we safely landed. I think that is the most important thing.” Read more…

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Verizon spreads Galaxy S8 update with fix for red tint display problem

Verizon is the latest carrier to issue an update for the Galaxy S8 and S8+’ ‘Red Tint’ display issue. Software version NRD90M.G950USQU1AQDF for the Galaxy S8 and NRD90M.G955USQU1AQDF for the Galaxy S8+ is now live and seeded over-the-air. In addition to providing adjustments for the display’s color temperature, the build improves device performance and fixes the “DQA keeps stopping” pop-up error on some phones.

To fix up your screen, install the update, then go to Settings > Display > Screen mode and tweak the color temperature until you like what you’re seeing. …

Norway's Slow TV encounters a weird problem: TV that's too slow


The producers of Norway’s smash-hit “Slow TV” genre have captivated audiences with videos of a 134-hour-long cruise voyage and 13 hours of people knitting. 

But sometimes even Slow TV can be too slow.

Norway’s public broadcaster NRK recently suspended a show following the progress of migratory reindeer because the animals stopped moving, The Local reported, citing Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

The latest addition to this hypnotizing genre followed the spring migration of reindeer from their winter home on the inland Finnmark plains to the coastal summer grazing areas on Kvaløya island.  Read more…

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Analyst: Low yields on embedded Touch ID tech is Apple's biggest problem with the iPhone 8

Yesterday, we told you about the Wall Street analyst who now expects 3D-sensing to be pushed back to 2018’s Apple iPhone 8s. The feature, to originally be found in the front-facing camera only, allows the phone to unlock and verify the user’s identity by recognizing the face of the unit’s owner. It also will calculate depth-of-field data so that dual cameras are not necessary for the “blur” effect created with the iPhone Portrait mode.

Today brings another rumor about the 2017 premium iPhone model, direct from Wall Street. Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Co.shot out a note to clients today …

LG hit with a class-action lawsuit over G4 and V10 bootloop problem

A year after LG acknowledged that a large number of G4 handsets sold worldwide is affected by a bootloop issue, allegedly caused by “loose contact between components”, the South Korean tech giant is now targeted by a class-action lawsuit filed by disgruntled G4 and V10 owners.

The LG V10 was released half a year after the G4, in October of 2015, and is also affected by a similar issue that sends the phone in an endless bootloop. The V10 is similar to the G4 in terms of hardware, with only a handful of differences, such as the additional camera and expanded storage, …

Apple didn’t just fix its dongle hell problem with a miraculous new connector

It takes a lot of courage to make changes that customers may like, and Apple is one prime example of that. The company is planning a wireless future for its devices, but that road is paved with lots and dongles and adapters that are needed to bridge the past to said future. The best examples in that regard are the iPhone 7 which lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack and the 2016 MacBook Pro which lacks any ports but USB-C connectors.


A report on Monday hinted that Apple may be working on a new type of connector for iPhone accessories that would be thinner than USB-C and Lightning ports, the Ultra Accessory Connector or UAC. It turns out that’s not the case.

Documentation shared with Made for iPhone (MFI) partners seen by 9to5Mac reveals the UAC is an 8-pin connector that measures 2.05 x 4.84mm at the tip. The connector might be used by some accessory makers instead of USB-C or Lightning ports, to save space, but won’t be found in future iPhones or Mac.

A second report in Ars Technica explains that the UAC connector that will be used in MFi accessories already exists. It’s called Ultra Mini Connector by Mitsumi, while Nikon calls it UC-E6.

Apple confirmed to Ars that it’s adding the port to the MFi program at the request of licensees, not because it’s looking to adopt a new kind of connector for the accessories made for iPhone and Mac.

Apple’s specs for UAC indicate that the new connector will be used for headphones, 9to5Mac said in its original report. Apple will let manufacturers create Lightning to UAC, USB-A to UAC, and 3.5mm to UAC, adaptors.

Yes, that means you might need even more dongles for future iPhone accessories. In other words, Apple is far from fixing its dongle hell problem.

Blackberry Thumb: An Increasingly Common Problem

Repetitive strain injuries have been a common issue among consumers for many reasons. They suffer it from playing golf or tennis. It has often occurred from our use of technology. Many people have complained that using a typewriter or keyboard will cause pain in fingers and wrists. Now, with smaller gadgets for sending messages, the thumb alone can suffer. If you use a Blackberry or other text messaging/mobile phone item, you could have Blackberry Thumb. Expect to see massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and holistic practitioners addressing this concern specifically in the near future if your local agencies do not already do so. After all, like sore backs and necks, this is an issue relating to muscles, nerves and joints.

Pay attention to any signs of strain which will resemble those of other muscle or joint aches you might have experienced in knees, arms or back. These will include soreness, burning, stiffness and locking. The morning is likely to be your worst time. Sometimes it happens to people because of a pre-existing condition, like arthritis, which makes them more vulnerable.

A locked thumb needs to be straightened. As you attempt to do so, this will cause even more burning. Catch the problem early and it might not lock at all, but if it does, restoring mobility is critical both for that specific spot but also so that pain does not travel.

There are a few simple ways to help yourself in the early stages, before your case becomes extreme. Take a break from your cell phone or text. It might surprise the average individual just how much he or she uses that thing to communicate with friends in favor of e-mail or telephone. Stretch and exercise the area, applying massage as well. If your hand feels inflamed, apply ice then some kind of heat pad, hot shower or other means of loosening the joints.

In certain drastic cases, more aggressive measures could be needed. While regular pain killers might provide relief in the short term, some discomfort is just too great. Cortisone might become necessary so that you can move the hand at all. Should efforts to straighten the thumb fail in spite of analgesics, even surgery could come into play.

No consumer wants this to happen. Instead, get ahead of the game. Purchase a comfort kit on-line. This provides a Velcro fastened protector for the affected area and pads for finger or thumb. Potentially prevent, or at least reverse existing pain by giving yourself some tender loving care. Ice and heat in rotation could also assist.

The results of feeling less pain will be well worth any effort you make. Notice the contrast: nights spent trying to find a comfortable position that did not hurt your hand but failing as it continued to throb; and now, without the throbbing. Reduced mobility may have made it hard to text, use your phone or do other things.

If you lost sleep, it should return as the throbbing stops. If you were crabby, your mood should improve. Moreover, it is possible to avoid surgery and cortisone with some proactive measures and also avoid missing days of work.

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