Microsoft promotes the Surface Pro (2017) for students with 10% discounts on tablet and accessories

Are you a student? If so, Microsoft wants to sell you a Surface Pro (2017) tablet. To do so, it is willing to take 10% off the price of one of its Windows 10 Pro powered slates. And to get the word out, it created a series of six new ads, including the one at the very top of this story. Microsoft calls the device the ultimate laptop for students, but that means adding the optional Type Cover ($143.99 for students, 10% off). The Surface Pen ($89.99 for students, 10% off) is also extra.

Other ads show how the Surface Pro can be the ultimate laptop for architecture students, design …

Huawei P20 & P20 Pro Q&A: Your questions answered

A few days ago we gave you the opportunity to ask us anything you wish about the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. Unsurprisingly, you had tons of questions about the two interesting devices, and we are gleaming at the chance of answering as many of these as possible.

Let’s go!

andriodfanboy1: “Is there any significant cam image quality difference in both p20 and p20 pro?”

PA: But of course. The P20 Pro shines in low-light photography compared to its dual-camera counterpart, and in our opinion that’s a pretty important thing to consider. You also get another 5x zoom camera …