BlackBerry Passport flash sale runs for 48-hours, takes 34% off the price

The BlackBerry Passport is the subject of a 48-hour flash sale by BlackBerry. Unlike the flash sales held overseas by companies like Xiaomi, this is merely a sale that is running for 48-hours on the handset. The phone is receiving a 34% discount and is priced at $229. That is $120 off the regular price of $349. The last time BlackBerry ran a 48-hour flash sale for the Passport, buyers purchased the Silver Edition in such great numbers that the BlackBerry web site sold out of the device completely; the Passport Silver Edition is no longer available at all from the manufacturer.

The unlocked …

Verizon cuts price of Yahoo acquisition by $350 million, deal to close next quarter

Verizon and Yahoo have announced that because the latter had been hacked twice, the price of Verizon’s acquisition of the once proud internet company will be reduced by $350 million. That means Verizon will pay $4.48 billion for the company, down from the originally announced $4.83 billion. Yahoo had been hacked in 2013 and 2014 with the first one affecting over 1 billion Yahoo subscribers. It is considered to be the largest hack ever reported by a corporation. Yahoo will be responsible for any liabilities related to shareholder lawsuits and regulatory fines arising from the hacking, and both companies …

Chinese retailer adds Nokia 8 placeholder with $465 price tag

HMD Global isn’t supposed to bring any high-end Nokia smartphones at Mobile World Congress this year, if we are to believe the latest reports coming from various sources.

However, that doesn’t seem to bother a particular Chinese retailer, which recently listed a Nokia 8 placeholder, the Finnish company’s rumored the flagship. The listing indicates the smartphone could cost around $465, but since it’s just a placeholder, the final price might be different.

It’s worth noting that the same retailer, is the exclusive seller of the Nokia 6 in China. On …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Comming

SAMSUNG GALAXY S8 EDGE APRIL 2017 -28 Megapixels,$900 USD, 5.3” 4K display with Full Information. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Rumors, Specs, Features, Concept, Price, Preorders, and Release Date Information 2017.


Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge-Release Date, Specs, Features and Price Information 2017.
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is already proving to be something worth waiting for, and although it won’t be seen until the early 2nd quarter of 2017 you just may want to wait. Sammy is looking to further themselves as being an elite smartphone manufacturer, and taking the Edge concept to the next level is something we’re fully expecting.

The Galaxy S8 Edge will be the third curved release in the popular S model series, and based on what we’re already hearing we’re all in for a real treat. The new concept looks to integrate everything unique including giving us more viewing angles and better productivity right on the display. We can all expect to see a slightly larger screen, more speed, more internal memory, more expandable options, faster processor, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specs:
The Samsung Galaxy S8 specs suggest we’re looking at a refined S7 Edge, but the new components including ultra responsive eye sensing technology, faster wireless and rapid charging, and a higher surround quality will be welcomed additions.The Edge controls are also expected to become more functional sensitivity controls for swipe that will help reduce accidental bumps a well as make them more responsive. We’re also expecting to get a whole lot more packed into a slightly larger frame as the screen is rumored to be 5.3 inches while sporting a true 4K display with a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Other rumored specs include a much bigger battery, dual micro SD card slots, front and rear Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, and an octa-core processor clocked at 3.2GHz.

All details on the Galaxy S8 Edge specifications are detailed below.

Specifications Galaxy S8 Edge Specs

Battery: 4000 mAh

Camera Features: Optical image stabilization, auto laser focus, HDR, geo tagging, facial recognition.

Camera – Front 8.1 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 28 Megapixels

Colors: Black, gold, green, white

Features: Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, mini projector.

Memory: 64 and 128 GB internal memory and expandable with dual micro SD cards,

Operating System : Current Android operating system 2017

Price: $900 USD, 820 Euro,

Processor: Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor


Release Date :April 2017,

Screen Display: 5.3” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Features:Some of the highlight Galaxy S8 Edge features will extend on the S7 Edge including a much better eye scanner, 4K recording, amazing durability with a newer version of Gorilla Glass protection, and a much charging technology. Ultra rapid charging with the supplied wired charger is rumored to fully charge the handset from 0% to 100% in just over 30 minutes. Wireless charging will be a bit more, but at about 45 minutes it will be much better than the GS7 Edge.

Unfortunately, either the standard S8 or S8 Edge will be waterproof as the popular, rugged Active will once again debut in the new concept. We’re also hearing the new Edge will be compatible with the newest version of HTML mark-up, Bluetooth 5.0, and the latest version of the Android operating system preinstalled which will launch just months before.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Concept:Overall, the Galaxy S8 Edge concept will integrate the idea of creating a one mobile device that will literally do everything. Samsung is intent on integrating all the latest and greatest when it comes to mobile technology that will keep you connected to your vehicle and offer a wide array of mobile payment options. Enhanced security will be huge in the S8 Edge concept, especially considering the advances in Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

Expect to see a more durable surround as the newer Corning Gorilla Glass will be featured on both the front and rear of the handset. This will be significantly better than previous models in the Galaxy S series which was noted as inferior when comparing it to other flagships. Youtube Video

Asus Zenfone 3 Go leaks with specs and renders

Asus’ naming convention is getting more and more confusing with each passing day. Navigating already official models is a challenge in itself, but when it comes to analyzing leaks, it really takes some dedicated investigative work to get the facts straight.


This time around, however, we have an almost suspiciously straight-forward scoop.

The Zenfone 3 Go appears to be a revival of the budget “Go” line. Last we saw a Go unit up on offer was in 2015. The original Asus Zenfone Go ZC500TG bore the typical Zenfone 2 design language, including the bulky arching back and a horizontally centered main camera.

The new Zenfone 3 Go, on the other hand, logically shares most of its aesthetic with the rest of the Zenfone 3 family. The back is flat and from the looks of things has a brushed metal finish. There is no rear-mounted button, nor any physical controls on the front.

Also, the camera design now appears smaller and its circular shape and position near the edge, make the Zenfone 3 Go really blend in with many contemporary offers from the likes of Oppo, Vivo or Meizu.

Apart from the nifty renders, the leak also shares some alleged specs for the Zenfone 3 Go. These include a 5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 410 chipset, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The camera setup consists of a 13MP main shooter with 1.4 μm pixel size and a 5MP selfie one. Overall, nothing really impressive, but still a pretty decent offer, considering the EUR 150 suggested price point.

Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom price revealed

Announced last month alongside the ZenFone AR, the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is now ready to be released around the world. 

As of this week, the new handset is available to buy in Taiwan (Asus’ home country), and is expected to arrive in other markets starting later this month.

In Taiwan, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is sold unlocked for 14,990 TWD – the equivalent of around $489 USD. When (and if) the smartphone is launched in the US, it will likely be offered for about the same price.

One of the most important features of the Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom is its dual 12 MP rear …

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus release date, price, specification rumours

It will have an S Pen. It won’t have an S Pen. It will have USB-C. It won’t have USB-C. It will ditch the headphone jack. It won’t ditch the headphone jack. It will launch at MWC 2017. It won’t launch at MWC 2017. Also see: Best new phones coming in 2017 and Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S8 preview.


Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphone has always been the subject of a huge amount of rumours and leaks, but until 2017 those whispers have at least been reasonably consistent. Now just two months from the Galaxy S8’s unveiling we finally have what at least appear to be some facts from reliable sources (thank you VentureBeat and The Guardian).

The Galaxy S8 will launch at a Samsung Unpacked event on 29 March, and go on sale on 21 April. However, whereas we’d been told previously that the Galaxy S8 won’t be on show during Samsung’s MWC 2017 press conference on 26 February, it turns out there may be a glimpse of it coming our way after all through a short one-minute teaser video – that’s according to The Korean Herald.

The Galaxy S8 will have a 5.8in dual-curved-edge “infinity display” that covers 83 percent of the front of the device, while there will also be a 6.2in Plus model. There will be a Snapdragon 835 chip inside, there will be a USB-C charging port and there will be a headphone jack. Both the home button and logo have been removed from the front of the device (there just isn’t room), but you’ll still find a fingerprint scanner on the rear, potentially rather awkwardly placed to the side of the camera. It will also include the Bixby voice assistant.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 are also said to cost €100 more than was originally thought, coming in at €799 (£679) and €899 (£749).

The S Pen is unconfirmed by this picture, and may be just out of sight on the above image. Also unconfirmed is the dual-camera, though this may be a feature unique to the Galaxy S8 Plus. We still expect the new Bixby assistant to feature, though this is clearly not visible in the image.

For the past two years we’ve awarded Samsung’s Galaxy S-series the crown for best smartphone. It was doing so well until the *cough* Note 7, but the company will pull out all the stops in 2017 to reverse its fortunes.

Latest update: MobileFun is now accepting pre-orders on official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, confirming the name of the latter. Most of the cases are available in black, blue, gol, silver, pink and either violet or mint, giving us a clue to what colours Samsung will be offering for the Galaxy S8. You can pre-order an Alcantara Cover Case, a Clear Cover Case, a Clear View Cover Case, a Flip Wallet Cover, a Protective Cover Case or a Silicone Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus via the site.


Samsung Galaxy S8 name: What will the new Samsung phone be called?
With speculation that Samsung will make standard the dual-curved-edge screen previously used only for its edge models, it’s unlikely that the company will continue to distinguish between its Galaxy S-series models in this manner. Since the key differences will now be the size, battery capacity and potentially the camera, we think Samsung might choose to go down the Apple route and call what would be the Galaxy S8 edge the Galaxy S8 Plus.

And we’re not the only ones who think this. Our theory has been backed up by a report in the Korean Herald, which says Samsung has hinted at removing the standard flat-screen version and replacing it with the edge model.

It’s now been confirmed by Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin that the Galaxy S8 will not be present at MWC 2017, which annoyingly for its rivals means they won’t be able to unveil any flagship phones toting the Snapdragon 835 chip at the show either. This is because Samsung, which is helping Qualcomm make the new 10nm chip, has the exclusive: no other phone using the processor can launch before its Galaxy S8.

Those phones will instead either have to use the Snapdragon 821 (which both LG and HTC are rumoured to do with their upcoming flagships), or launch the device later in the year (hello OnePlus 4).

Even before we found this out, though, there was speculation that Samsung would instead hold its own Unpacked event in March. Evan Blass (aka @evleaks), writing for VentureBeat, suggests this will take place on 29 March. Blass is well-respected for his leaks, the vast majority of which turn out to be true. He says the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will then go on sale on 21 April.

The on sale date is in line from what we’ve heard from other sources. Many have suggested 18 April, while The Guardian cites 21 April, ETNews 15 April, and Forbes 14 April.

That Samsung wouldn’t launch its Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017 was surprising, given that it has always held an Unpacked event the day before the tradeshow kicks off to launch its latest Galaxy. However, perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised: it shunned IFA 2016 for the ill-fated Note 7, launching the handset earlier in August, and following its discontinuation (which cost Samsung a bomb) it’s only natural that it wants more time to make absolutely sure it gets the Galaxy S8 right. The fact it will weaken its rivals too is possibly the icing on the cake.


Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Should I buy Galaxy S7 or wait for Galaxy S8?
The Galaxy S8 is set to be a fantastic phone by all accounts, but it’s not available yet and the Galaxy S7 is. Samsung’s current flagship is now available at a more reasonable price than its initial £569 RRP, and can be bought for around £450 SIM-free at Amazon UK. The Galaxy S7 edge, meanwhile, has gone down from its original £639 RRP to around £517 SIM-free (also at Amazon UK).

These are the two very best phones on the market today, and we thoroughly recommend them even with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on the horizon. Unless a rival manufacturer surprises us with a completely unexpected new model in the meantime, nothing will come along and throw them off their perch at the top of our chart until the new models are announced in March and released in April. So, can you wait another four or five months to upgrade your phone?

If you hold on, headline features in the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus include some incredibly powerful hardware that will make the phones capable of mobile VR, a dual camera, a new type of fingerprint scanner and Samsung’s own AI assistant. If these aren’t deal-breakers you can save yourself some money and buy the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge today. Read our full Galaxy S7 review and Galaxy S7 edge review for more details.


Samsung Galaxy S8: Design
Below we discuss various Galaxy S8 design rumours that come from case- and accessory makers, which are briefed on the design before the launch, as well as concept designs. But this one comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Youtube Video Here

Samsung Galaxy S8: Stylus
For the first time the Note family’s S Pen stylus is said to be available for the Galaxy S8, although it’s not yet clear as to whether it will be sold as an optional extra or will come in the box, or even whether this is true. Several case leaks reveal a slot for the S Pen (see the Design section), but others appear to suggest there isn’t one.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Fingerprint scanner
Samsung was said to be working on placing an optical fingerprint scanner under the Galaxy S8’s display, which means the phone won’t need the lower bezel to house the Home button that previously integrated the fingerprint scanner, but the most recent photos suggest it has gone for the easier option and placed it on the rear next to the camera.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Processor
While everyone was expecting the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus to feature the Snapdragon 830, Qualcomm has confirmed to PC Advisor that Samsung was working with it not on the Snapdragon 830 but on the Snapdragon 835. This chip is manufactured using the 10nm process and integrates the Adreno 540 GPU. With a release date of early 2017 it’s very likely that this is the processor the Galaxy S8 will receive.
It’s the first Qualcomm processor to be made with a 10nm process, which will bring various improvements including performance (up to 27 percent higher) and efficiency (up to 40 percent lower power consumption) and lead to better battery life for devices. Read more about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Samsung Galaxy S8: RAM
The majority of early leaks about the Galaxy S8 point to it having 6GB of RAM, which would be in line with the likes of the OnePlus 3T. However, for the first time up to 8GB of RAM will be available to mobile devices. Samsung has said it is introducing a new generation of DRAM that can support this amount in order that devices are better equipped to deal with mobile VR, dual-cameras and 4K video. So what better device to kick off with than the Galaxy S8?
According to Evan Blass, however, the Galaxy S8 will stick with just 4GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Storage
We’re expecting to see 64GB of storage as standard on the Galaxy S8, along with microSD support up to 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Cameras
Following the LG G5, Huawei P9, iPhone 7 Plus and others, dual-cameras are becoming a standard feature of flagship smartphones. It’s possible that the Galaxy S8 will also get a dual camera, although this could be only in the Plus model.

A report on wccf tech says the Galaxy S8 will feature dual-camera lens modules likely to be manufactured by Samsung Motors (Semco). However, a Weibo tipster says only the S8 Plus will get a dual-camera, while the standard S8 will stick with a single camera at the rear.

Deal: Grab the HTC One A9 for 50% off its retail price

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone but don’t want to spend a lot of money, your options are now greater than they’ve ever been before. Good smartphones have gotten really cheap, and cheap smartphones have gotten really good. This is a trend that’s been picking up a ton of steam in the mobile landscape for the past couple years, and it’s one that looks to be chugging right along through 2017. It’s very possible to spend under $300 and get a very capable handset, and we’ve got a deal today that will allow you to do just that.

The fine folks over at Newegg are currently …

T-Mobile's "Boston Tea Party" sale returns 11.2% of the price on every smartphone it sells

T-Mobile recently declared war on taxes and fees with its T-Mobile ONE plan. The wireless service is priced without requiring you to make either of these hair pulling, stomach gnawing, wallet thinning payments. Invoking the Boston Tea Party, T-Mobile continues to fight for the public, not by dumping boxes of Lipton’s finest into a harbor, but by rebating to smartphone buyers an amount that is more than the sales tax that they just paid.

The revolution begins on February 1st. That is when T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice Unlimited 4G LTE subscribers purchasing a new smartphone, will receive …

LG G6 release date, specs, news, rumours and price

LG reportedly has plans to introduce Google Assistant, Google’s voice controlled AI, on the LG G6. Read on to find out more.


We may be less than half a year from the launch of the LG G6, which means the phone’s design is almost certainly underway. Details are still light for now, but there’s plenty of educated guesswork to be done.

The LG G5 landed to a lukewarm reception, at least compared to its biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Now LG is under a lot of pressure to tackle its biggest competitor, and the LG G6 is its best opportunity in the short-term.

We’re expecting the LG G6 to arrive in late February, with rumoured specs including Qualcomm’s expected Snapdragon 830 chip, Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat OS, and wireless charging.

The biggest clue about the new phone so far comes from LG itself, which published a YouTube video in January where smartphone users reveal their most wanted phone features. The final list includes: big screen, smaller body, waterproof, a “capture it all at once” camera, and reliability. The video then rounds out with the message: “Imagine how your wishes will come to life – February, 2017.

The LG G6 release date is what you’re probably most keen to find out, but information is still thin on the ground. That said, it’s not too difficult to take a good guess.

First off, here’s when previous LG flagship smartphones were announced and released in the UK:

LG G5 – February 21 (announced), April 8 (released)
LG G4 – April 28 (announced), May 28 (released)
LG G3 – May 27 (announced), June 27 (released)
LG G2 – August 7 (announced), September 12 (released)
It’s clear that there’s no real pattern to LG smartphone launches. However, last year’s LG G5 announcement took place one day before Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress technology tradeshow started, which we’re guessing will happen again this year. In 2017, the MWC show will run from February 27 to March 2, so we’d expect the LG G6 to be announced on Sunday, February 26, 2017 – alongside the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S8.

Unfortunately, guessing the actual release date is much more difficult; we’d say you’ll be waiting at least one month for the phone, based on previous launches.

If the LG G5 is anything to go by, the LG G6 could really rock the boat in terms of features. Here’s what to expect from LG’s next flagship smartphone.

LG’s 2016 flagship, the LG G5, featured a 5.3-inch display, which is par for the course. Most phone makers have settled on screen sizes that measure between 5-inches and 5.5-inches from corner to corner, and LG is unlikely to stray from the status quo.

The LG G5 also used a 1440p QHD display, which is a higher resolution than many of its rivals handsets, like the OnePlus 3 and Apple’s iPhone 7, and matches Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7. It’s unlikely that LG will go lower with the LG G6, and could even upgrade to a 4K display – in a possible bid to improve the phone’s mobile virtual reality performance.

The LG G5’s design proved very controversial, after some reports suggested that the aluminium unibody chassis felt like plastic. Well, while it turned out that the LG G5 was built out of metal, it also featured a plasticky paint layer, which resulted in major confusion. There’s no telling whether the LG G6 will retain the same design, but we’d be very surprised.

THe best rumour we have so far is from Android Police journalist David Ruddock, who posted the following to Twitter: “Source: LG G6 will not have a removable battery, LG will move to an all-glass design language similar to Samsung. Headphone jack is a go.”

There were rumours that the LG G6 would feature a curved OLED display, just like the Samsung Galaxy S7. But according to South Korea’s ChosunBiz news site, LG has struggled with supply issues for curved screens, and has decided not to include the feature on the LG G6. The report also claimed that the full-metal body and glass cover that were previously rumoured have now also been scrapped thanks to cost issues. Apparently, these significant supply chain problems have meant that LG is now having to completely redesign the phone.

The report goes on to explain how LG now plans to include a traditional flat-screen LCD, just like previous flagship LG phones.

Another controversial LG G5 design choice was the ‘LG Friends’ modular system, which allowed G5 owners to swap out different modules that provided the phone with additional functionality – these included an audio DAC and a camera enhancement. Unfortunately, the system landed to mixed critical reception, rather than being the major hit LG had hoped for.

As a result, the ‘Friends’ system may be binned, at least according to Korea’s ETNews, which says LG plans to scrap modular functionality going forward. Citing industry sources, the site wrote: “IT is heard that LG Electronics has decided not to modularise its next smartphone. Corresponding products such as boards and audio chips are currently being prepared accordingly.”

There’s no denying that the LG G5 was a powerful bit of kit; it featured Qualcomm’s then-flagship Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip (SoC) and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM – plus a hearty 32GB storage. But times have changed, and supply chains are already gearing up to build 2017’s next-generation hardware.

What’s most likely is that the LG G6 will feature Qualcomm’s new (but unannounced) Snapdragon 830, which is likely to start appearing in handsets in January or February this year. The processor has already been heavily leaked, and is reportedly being manufactured by Samsung’s chip-making division. It’s likely that it will be built on an efficient 10nm manufacturing process, which could lead to power and performance improvements.

There’s also a very good chance that the LG G6 will feature a USB Type C port, just like its predecessor, as well as retaining (or improving upon) the 32GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.

The LG G5 was relatively unique when it first launched, thanks in part to a dual-camera configuration embedded on the back of the phone. One of the rear-facing cameras was a standard 16-megapixel shooter, while the other rear-facing camera was an 8-megapixel wide-angle affair. We were generally pleased with the LG G5’s photographic performance, so we’re hoping for a similar setup with the LG G6. Unfortunately, the rumour mill hasn’t turned out any camera details just yet.

The LG G5 has a 2,800mAh cell, which isn’t exactly massive – but did it hurt battery life? In our LG G5 review, Mobiles Editor Max Parker wrote: “The battery life on the LG G5 is good. Not phablet good, but it managed to easily last the day with about 10% remaining when I plugged it in before bed.”

With Android 7.0 Nougat’s battery life improvements and the potentially less power-hungry Snapdragon 830 rumoured to feature, we’d expect to see better (or at least equally impressive) battery life from the LG G6. That said, if the LG G6 makes the leap to a 4K display without increasing the size of the cell, we could also see battery life slip. Unfortunately, we won’t know until the phone launches.

There’s also a chance that the LG G6 may feature wireless charging. In October 2016, LG announced a the Quick Wireless Charging Pad, a new 15W pad that can power up phones using the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi charging standard. What’s interesting is that the LG G5 doesn’t support Qi charging (or any other standard, for that matter), which suggests that the LG G6 may finally add the feature.

According to LG, the new pad can charge a completely empty smartphone battery to 50% capacity in less than 30 minutes. Speaking at the announcement, Sung Huh, LG’s Electronic Components chief, said: “We proved that we had the world’s best wireless charging technology. As a wireless charging module is directly related to the convenience and safety of the users, we will meet the expectations of our customers with advanced performance and perfect product quality.”

Considering Samsung, LG’s biggest Korean rival, already offers wireless charging on the Galaxy S7, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the LG G6 following suit.

There’s really only one option for the LG G6 in terms of software, and that’s Android 7.0 Nougat. Now that phones are already arriving with Google’s Nougat software on board, it would be criminal if LG released a flagship in 2017 without the new OS.

The good news is that Android 7.0 is really great, building upon 5.0 Lollipop’s design improvements and Marshmallow’s performance and UI enhancements.

Some of the biggest changes include the ability to display multiple apps in split-screen mode, support for notification replies, support for the Vulkan graphics API, a new Android update system that doesn’t require lengthy reboots, and improvements to the ‘Doze’ battery-saving mechanism.

And as of Android 7.1, Nougat brings support for Daydream VR, Google’s fledgling virtual reality platform. Great news for anyone with cash to spare for Google’s Daydream View headset.

If you want to check out Nougat, it’s already available on the following devices: Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C, and LG V20. HTC has also offered the update on the HTC 10, One A9, and One M9.

The other LG G6 software news is that we might see the introduction of Google Assistant. According to Business Korea, LG has partnered with Google to ensure that the LG G6 is the first non-Pixel phone to support the company’s voice controlled digital assistant.

There’s been a dearth of pricing leaks so far, which means it’s impossible to pin down the LG G6 price right now. But we can take a gander at phones-gone-by; here’s the pricing for previous LG flagships:

LG G5 – £529
LG G4 – £450
LG G3 – £500
LG G2 – £400
As you can see, the retail prices of LG’s flagship smartphones vary wildly. But bearing post-referendum currency woes in mind, we’re expecting increases rather than decreases. Expect anything north of £500 for the LG G6.

We’re still months off from the LG G6’s expected release date, so it’s hard to say whether you should wait. If you’re a fan of LG smartphones, or you’re dead-set on Android, it’s at least worth hanging around to see what they show off. We’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy S8 to launch on the same day as the LG G6, so you should be able to make a relatively informed decision.

That said, there are plenty of other great phones already available to buy right now. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL handsets will give you an early taste of what Android 7.0 Nougat has to offer, and Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are also worth considering – if you’re not stuck on Android, that is.

And we won’t rule out older phones like the Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3, and HTC 10 either; all three are formidable handsets that you should easily be able to squeeze two years of usage out of.