Google is trying to prevent Pixel 2 display burn-in with a light navigation bar

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Screen burn-in is one of the unfortunate realities of OLED. Manufacturers are well-aware of this shortcoming, and yet, at this point at least, there is not much that can be done to completely prevent it hardware-wise. However, there’s always the option of mitigating the issue through software, and that’s exactly what Google is trying to do for its Pixel lineup of smartphones.

One of the biggest culprits for screen burn-in on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as well as last year’s models, is the persistent navigation bar …

Google adds new Rescue Party feature in Android Oreo to prevent bootloops

One of the nifty feature integrated into the new Android 8.0 Oreo is meant to help users avoid having their smartphones bootloop after trying to update to a new version of the OS. The new feature is called Rescue Party should be enabled by Oreo automatically when it detects that core system components are stuck in crash loops.

After the bootloop issue is noticed by Rescue Party, it will start a series of actions meant to recover the device. If none of these work, it will try rebooting the smartphone into recovery mode and prompt the user to perform a factory reset.

Unfortunately, …

Group in Colorado wants to prevent kids under 13 from owning a purchased cellphone

Children under 13 would not be allowed to be the recipient of a purchased cellphone in Colorado under a proposed ballot measure backed by a group called Parents Against Underage Smartphones. To make the 2018 ballot, the group will need to get 300,000 voter signatures. Dr. Tim Farnum, an anesthesiologist in Denver, is leading the group. He says that he saw his own kids having to deal with the effects of always needing to have a device held in their hands. The Doctor said that his kids would take their mobile devices, lock themselves in their rooms, and it ended up changing their personalities. …

A new Apple invention could prevent us from overeating using RFID tags

The health-tracking capabilities are some of the most appealing features of the increasingly popular smart wearable devices, so no wonder that many of the mobile device vendors and manufacturers are also interested in this technology. Apple is also among them, and the HealthKit and the bio-metric solutions on both Apple Watches are good indicators for the company’s interest. Besides, Apple has been rumored to work on a full-fledged health-tracking device due to launch in 2017, and a new patent may pour more water in this rumor mill.

In general, this U.S. Patent No. 9,640,088 for “Electronic …

Samsung sends out update to prevent users from remapping Bixby button

Earlier this month, we told you about an app in the Google Play Store called All in One Gestures that allows you to take the dedicated Bixby button and reconfigure it to work with another application. But Samsung isn’t exactly pleased with this. After all, they spent a ton of money developing Bixby, and gosh darn it, the AI assistant is going to have a dedicated button that activates it whether you like it or not.

So what the manufacturer did was send out an OTA update to versions of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ headed to Canadian carrier Telus. The update removes the ability …

Google Chrome's latest update will help prevent misclicks

Tapping on a link before a web page has fully loaded is one of the 21st century’s biggest risks: in fact, it’s almost a given that just a moment before your finger touches the screen, the page will randomly shift upwards, resulting in a misclick. Well, Google’s Chrome development team seems to have grown just as sick of this phenomenon as the rest of us, and has now implemented a fix as a part of the app’s latest update.
The problem itself is usually the result of slow loading times: while text is the first thing to be displayed on a page, pictures can take …

Will technology prevent the next food shortage crisis?

Field of corn growing in Kentucky (Photo: Getty Images/Universal Images Group) According to scientists, the answer to an impending food shortage might be found in a new age of digital technologies that have proven their worth in different fields and have the potential to transform agriculture and food production and meet the consumption needs of the growing human population before we’re driven to eat cockroaches — or worse, each other. Read More

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To prevent another crash, Facebook’s solar drone will get an airbrake

Facebook's drone Aquila can beam connectivity down to remote areas The right wing of Facebook’s solar-powered drone Aquila failed, causing a crash landing of its first test flight, according to a new report on the incident from the National Transportation Safety Board. In response, Facebook says the next version of its Internet access-spreading drone will have a spoiler or airbrake, and will prioritize safe airspeed over altitude tracking. The crash… Read More

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