YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium start rolling out today

As we told you last week, YouTube Music is being rolled out starting today. This is taking place in the U.S., Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. YouTube Music will replace the YT Music app and offer ad-supported music (official releases),  albums, playlists, artist-based radio and YouTube’s library of videos. You can sign up to YouTube Music Premium to get rid of the ads, play music in the background and download music. This will cost $9.99 a month and it replaces Google Play Music. Subscribers to the latter service will keep all of their content and won’t see an increase …

YouTube Music Premium to launch on May 22nd along with other changes

Time to follow the bouncing ball. Starting on May 22nd,  a new YouTube Music will debut. The ad-supported version will offer official songs, albums, playlists, artist-based radio and YouTube’s library of videos. YouTube Music Premium is the ad-free version of the music streamer that allows you to listen to tunes in the background, and download tunes. This service will cost $9.99 a month and will be available via an app or through your desktop browser. YouTube Music Premium is replacing the Google Play Music app and subscribers to the latter will be able to hear their purchased music, …

Deal: Save $175 when you buy the Sony Xperia XZ Premium at Amazon

Sony’s last year flagship, the Xperia XZ Premium is once again available in the United States for much less than its launch price. If you’ve been eyeing one of the few smartphones that boast an impressive 4K display, the Xperia XZ Premium is now available on Amazon for just $525.

Considering Sony’s top-tier smartphone usually sells for $700 (at least that’s Amazon’s listed MSRP), customers will save $175 when they buy the Xperia XZ Premium. Even though the US retailer says only 9 units are left in stock, it also mentions that more are on the way.

It’s worth mentioning that only the …

These 5 premium Android icon packs are free for a limited time

If you love customizing your Android phone, you might be pleased to hear that several icon packs that are usually paid are now available for free on Google Play. Typically, the price of these icon packs is $1 or more, but now it’s possible to download them free of charge.

This assortment should give you some ideas for your next custom home screen masterpiece, just make sure you pick a nice wallpaper to match. Keep in mind that the freebie period on some of these ends soon, so act swiftly!

You can get a preview of each icon pack in the gallery above. The links …

About to go public, Spotify shuts the door on premium service freeloaders

With 159 million subscribers worldwide, Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service. 88 million are willing to put up with listening to ads in order to get a free, basic version of the service. 71 million pay $9.99 a month for the premium version of Spotify, which starts with the basic platform and adds the ability for users to have unlimited song skips and offline downloads of music.

Apparently, some enterprising mobile Spotify users discovered that they could get unlimited skips for free without having to pay for a premium subscription. To do this, these hackers installed a …

T-Mobile gives subscribers free subscriptions to MLB.TV and At Bat Premium valued at $136

If you love baseball, you’re going to love T-Mobile. Subscribers of the nation’s third largest carrier can go to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app between March 27th and April 2nd to accept a free subscription to MLB.TV. This freebie is a grand slam home run for T-Mobile users since it carries a price tag of $115.99, and covers the entire 2018 regular season. MLB.TV streams all out-of-market games.

And wait, there’s more! Once again, T-Mobile subscribers get a free subscription to the best sports app in the App Store and Google Play. We are talking about At Bat Premium (valued at $19.99). The app …

Deal: Buy a Sony Xperia XZ Premium (with 4K screen) for just $479.99

Launched in the US back in June as one of Sony’s most expensive smartphones to date (at $799), the Xperia XZ Premium can now be bought for less than $500. Retailer B&H is currently selling the Luminous Chrome version of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium for $479.99 – after a $100 instant discount and an extra $120 coupon discount (visible when you’re adding the phone to your shopping cart). This deal is valid only until tomorrow, February 13, at 11:59 pm ET.
Meanwhile, other color versions of the Xperia XZ Premium (including black, pink, and red) are available for $599. …

Sony's official policy: premium models get Android software updates for two years

Apparently, it is hard for most smartphone manufacturers to put into words their policy on pushing out Android updates. That leaves it to the consumer to try and guess how future proof his or her new handset is. Today, however, Sony decided to release its policy on Android updates for its premium and mid-range models. According to the company, the goal is to continue to update its top-shelf smartphones for a two-year period following the launch of a high-end phone. As for Sony’s mid-range handsets, the company said that it might decide against updating certain models if the hardware can’t provide …

Samsung: we will differentiate premium Galaxies with 'foldable OLED displays' in 2018

We’ve been hearing it for years, but it may finally be happening – the bendable phone, that is – as Samsung just confirmed officially that it will start mass production of “foldable panels” this year, and we can think of an application or two for them. There is no need to imagine, though, as Samsung itself states the 2018 strategy in its record annual results press release: 

As for the Mobile business, Samsung will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones by adopting cutting-edge technologies, such as foldable OLED displays.

There you have it, Samsung …

Rumor: Sony's first Snapdragon 845 phones, Xperia XZ1 Premium and XZ1 Plus, will be unveiled at MWC 2018

If you’re waiting for Sony to announce new high-end
smartphones at CES 2018 later this month, you might be in for a disappointment.
According to Georgian website, Sony plans to unveil its first
high-end handsets of the year a bit later, at MWC (February 26 – March 1). If that’s true, Sony’s CES 2018 press event will
likely bring us just mid-range and lower-end phones like the recently
leaked Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra, and L2.


Reportedly, Sony intends to showcase the following
smartphones at MWC 2018: Xperia XZ1 Premium, Xperia XZ1 Plus, and Xperia XZ1s – all
being upgrades …