SwiftKey keyboard app gets Outlook email predictions on Android, lots of new languages

If you’ve been using Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard app for at least several months, then you know the developers are adding new features and improvements very often. On the other hand, if you’re a relatively new user, you should trust us when we say SwiftKey is getting better and better with each update.

Although the last update released by the team behind SwiftKey is not necessarily a major one, it brings a very important improvement related to Microsoft’s Outlook email app. Starting with this version of SwiftKey for Android, the keyboard app will offer users personalized …

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active price and release date predictions

We’ve already talked about the Galaxy S8 Active, a rumored and anticipated handset that’s most definitely coming pretty soon. As the name suggests, the Galaxy S8 Active will be a rugged, more durable variation of the flashy Galaxy S8. We largely expect it to drop the glass at the rear for a more rugged material that wouldn’t break if you accidentally drop the phone on a hard surface. Furthermore, the curved display at the front of the Galaxy S8, albeit neat and cool, will be substituted for a flat variation that won’t be as susceptible to breakage due to accidental drops. A …

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: price and release date predictions

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most anticipated devices of the year for sure. On one hand, the Note family is usually considered as the most powerful Sammy devices of the year, filled to the brim with the latest hardware and features. On the other, since the Note 7 was such a spectacular failure, everyone is hoping that the 8 will be awesome enough to rectify the faults and forever remove that burn mark from Sammy’s reputation.

And yeah, we are getting impatient, we want it here, we want it now, and we’d love to know how much it will cost, so that we can …

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2: price and release date predictions

2017 is shaping up to be one of the more exciting years in the smartphone world in recent past — while 2016 was all about iterating on existing designs (see: the Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, HTC 10), what we’re seeing right now is a trend of companies showing off their wilder side: Both Samsung and LG are going hard on the tall, nearly bezel-less look, which Apple will be combining with a display cutout, while HTC is going the weird route with its squeezable frames.

And then there’s Google, which seems to be following the trends as well, but in its own, …

Top 10 iPhone 8 features review: predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and we expect Apple to bring a revolutionary redesign to the series with a full-screen device with all-out features: we don’t know the official name yet, but let’s refer to it as the Apple iPhone 8.
Some three months before the traditional Apple Special Event in September, where the company unveils its new iPhones, one of the most accurate Apple analysts has spoken with a list of 10 predictions for Apple’s plans for the second half of the year and the iPhone 8 in particular.
The …

5 Search Engine Optimization Predictions for 2016

In the last ten years we have heard search engine optimization proclaimed ‘dead’ around a trillion times, we have seen tools arrive and exit and we have survived endless algorithm updates. During this point it probably is safe to bet that SEO as an industry is not going anywhere, yet if history is any indication, we are in for a wild ride.

Therefore, what might we expect for the year 2016? Below are a few of the top predictions by one of the best SEO companies in Toronto, SEO Gorillas, on what we’ll expect over the next couple of years. So take heed and get ready for the upcoming storm!

Mobile Continually will dominate

Mobile gradually has been increasing dominance as Apple initially uncovered the iPhone 1. Though, it is just more recently that mobile devices officially have overtaken desktop computers as the leading way to get on the Internet.

Structured Data and Voice Search

Tying in with the growing prominence of mobile search includes the increasing importance of ‘voice search’. Individuals do not like to search Google by entering in words when they are on the run, meaning they now are more than likely to just ask Siri, Cortana or Google Now to locate what they are searching for.

Local SEO is going to be More Important than ever

According to our top SEO companies in Toronto, local SEO always has been important yet for 2016 it’ll be more important than ever. As the competition grows online, going local is going to provide one of the top ways to discover your audience within an ocean of other results. Local search has a clear synergy with voice search and mobile search, and Google’s latest update has shown their dedication to this aspect. Be certain you are prepared by remaining on top of your local SEO with updated Google Maps, smart keywords, app integration, and information.

SEO is going to ‘Merge’ With Other types of Digital Marketing

The ones who’ve been paying attention ought to recognize that the way you describe search engine optimization changed in recent times. Now, SEO is often synonymous with ‘content marketing’, which will say a lot about the concentration Google is currently placing on quality content.

A good SEO campaign, at the same time, must incorporate elements of social media to assist in building organic links and benefit right from the likes of Google Plus, according to the exerts at our SEO companies in Toronto.

Bing is going to Offer Increasing Competition

Bing has been increasing in momentum as a serious competitor with Google for a while now and numerous key moves upon Microsoft’s part will mean it’s likely to continue.

For more information on our SEO companies Toronto services contact SEO Gorillas at 1.855.611.4SEO.

SEO Gorillas are a full SEO services globally based company with offices based in Canada and USA. For more information on our SEO companies Toronto services contact at 1.855.611.4736.

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Enterprise CMS predictions for 2013

Enterprise content management witnessed a stupendous growth and development in 2012 and the New Year 2013 promises to be more fulfilling and the landscape is poised to move further. The ECM market is poised for a rapid growth rate of 15 percent over the next four years from US$ 4.4 billion in last year to more than US$ 7.5 billion in 2016. So, there are going to be more surprising changes in the ECM scenario even as we enter into the New Year.

Social CMS
The integration of Enterprise Social media is interesting and its adoption by companies in 2013 remains to be seen though there is a lot of hype surrounding social media for business. The value-based requirement of an independent social media platform for business is debatable. The interest in social ECM is bound to wane as it is widely perceived that many social features are found redundant. Many companies feel that instead of erecting a separate platform, social media features can be effectively integrated into business apps and provide better connectivity and engagement with employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Companies will be looking for built-in social enterprise layers offering more scalability and security. Social media channel will be diffused in core business areas to improve productivity.

Mobile-first ECM
A mobile-first Enterprise CMS allows sharing and synchronization of content in any device. Last year, enterprises were supported with mobile user experience for accessing content on the go, anywhere and anytime, adhering to the corporate content policies. With the fast adoption of tablets, enterprises are evolving from pure content consumption to content creation devices that suit their business requirements and improve their return on investment.

With the invasion of disruptive technologies in mobile application development, enterprises are leveraging mobile strategy to develop apps for smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry using native, hybrid and HTML5 technologies, providing a device-independent solution for their mission-critical services.

Mobile solutions
Enterprise CMS leverages open source technologies to provide cost effective enterprise mobile solutions that meet the unique business requirements. Enterprise apps provide the mobile consumer engagement cutting across various industries such as retail, insurance, engineering, medical, etc. The mobile frameworks are customized keeping in view of the unique business needs such as the complexity and security of the business systems.

Cloud relevance
There are so many cloud providers which are gaining huge market share in 2012, which forced many leading tech companies to fight back. This trend will be evident this year as well, with ECM vendors trying to push their way to cloud connectivity. When the enterprise capabilities are fully leveraged, the demand for cloud will subside since cloud-only systems won’t be enough.

In 2013, Companies are oriented to open source cloud-based tools and apps to access from devices which allow them to share information and be more productive. Companies are not only equipped with devices for their workforce, but also extend their capabilities to sync products in the cloud and on-premises. In 2013, enterprises will focus on managing content from anywhere on any device.

We offer enterprise cms solutions which allow organizations to manage a smart document management system that can consolidate all information and store it electronically in one place, making it easy for businesses to search documents they need and improve productivity and profitability. Mobile solutions help companies to mobilize and manage workforce with automated processes and equip them to handle critical tasks which makes decision making easy, in real-time. Our mobile solutions for enterprises ensure employee and customer engagement on a variety of mobile devices.