HTC U12+ hands-on: beauty is power

My oh my! It’s unbelievable how the tides can suddenly shift. At one time, some companies are at the top of the world, constantly pushing the envelope with their offerings, and then out of the blue, a series of misses can set them back – to the point of obscurity even! That’s the reality for Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC, who is in a predicament of sorts with its handset division, one that’s been on the decline for some time now.

Last year, we saw tremendous changes with the redirection of HTC’s flagship(s), which led many to question whether or not the company …

A gift to our readers: discounted Anker and RavPower wireless chargers and power banks (limited time)

Wireless charging is pretty big nowadays — almost all flagships have glass backs and support inductive charging. It’s about the convenience — you just put your phone down on a designated puck or stand and have it charge. You can still pick it up and set it back down whenever you need to without worrying about cables and whatnot.

And having a power bank on hand is always a good idea. Especially with Summer coming about — having a backup plan for phone charging when out on a trip or hike is essential not only so that you can take all the selfies you wish, but so that you remain connected to …

The nostalgic power of Korean dramas — and why you should start binging right now


This post is part of Mashable’s You’re Old Week. Break through the haze of nostalgia with us and see what holds up, what disappoints, and what got better with time.

Korean dramas will always make me nostalgic for childhood New Year’s gatherings. 

I grew up with a very large, very loud family. On New Year’s Day, anywhere from 40 to 60 members of that family (“clan,” as my mother calls it) would pile into my parents’ house for traditional Korean celebrations. I’d wake up to the sound of relatives pouring in through the front door and bustling through the kitchen, preparing a culturally blended brunch: bagels, coffee, and tteokguk, a savory soup made with beef broth and rice cakes. My grandfather would lead a family worship service and then the clan would resume eating. From japchae, a glass noodle and vegetable dish, to galbijjim, a sort of beef stew, to platters of Korean barbeque, eating was an all day affair, punctuated by passing around some cousin’s baby and watching TV together.  Read more…

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Puerto Ricans never know if they'll have power. This is how they're surviving.


The isolated coastal region of Patillas, Puerto Rico, lost power when Hurricane Maria slammed into the U.S. territory back in September. It took several months to restore electricity to most of the region — and then suddenly, on April 18, an island-wide blackout put residents back in the dark again. 

“It’s like the hurricane came all over again,” says Norma I. Melendez, 55, who’s lived in Patillas since age 3. “We have this feeling of desesperanza — no hope, a feeling of helplessness.” 

Despite the sense of despair, local residents like Melendez are organizing to provide the community essential resources, such as clothes, food, medical supplies, and access to medical examinations. That story of improvisation and resilience is common across Puerto Rico, despite slow-moving recovery efforts.      Read more…

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Case-Mate Power Pad Wireless Charger hands-on

Case-Mate Power Pad Wireless Charger is a versatile Qi enabled wireless charging pad that’s meant to work with a broad range of smartphones, while also offering quick charging technology to ensure that you’re not waiting forever just to get your devices back to 100% capacity.

Constructed entirely out of plastic, the Case-Mate Power Pad will allow uses to charge their devices in two specific ways. On one hand, the rectangular shaped pad can be laid flat down, but it also comes included with this pedestal stand that props up devices upright while they’re charging. Since there’s a …

Deal: Ultimate Ears BLAST speaker and POWER UP dock bundle is 50% off at Verizon

The Ultimate Ears BLAST speaker could have been more successful if it didn’t have such a price tag attached to it. They usually sell for $230, but then you’ll have to buy the POWER UP dock to go with it, which is another $40.

It’s true that the speaker comes with Amazon Alexa integration and IP67 water resistance, but they’re still pretty expensive compared to what the competition has to offer.

The good news is if you’ve been eyeing the Ultimate Ears’ BLAST speaker, you can now get it for a lot less from Verizon. The US carrier is running a promotion on the accessory, so for a limited …

RAVPower HyperAir Charging Pad, Stand, Power Bank Review

RAVPower is a name you might not be familiar with, but this mobile accessory manufacturer has plenty of 5-star reviews on and has garnered the distinction of “Amazon’s Choice” for many of its chargers, cables, and power banks. In this review, we’ll introduce you to three of the company’s devices: two charging pads and a wireless charging power bank, all from the HyperAir wireless charging series. This product line focuses on charging both iPhone and Android devices as fast as wirelessly possible, and we’re itching to see if these chargers live up to the hype.

Pricing and Package …

The Parkland teens wield real power. Just ask Laura Ingraham and Frank Stallone.


Two minor right-wing celebrities, two half-assed apologies that feel more forced than sincere. They might have gotten away with it too, if not for those meddling kids and their pesky tweets.

In the weeks since a lone gunman murdered 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., some of the more outspoken students have embraced the platform of celebrity-esque activists. They’re young, they’re smart, they’re pushing for change in all the right ways. They exhude the sort of presence that social media tends to rally around.

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Facebook gives more power to group chat admins in latest Messenger update

It’s true that the newest revelations about Facebook’s involvement in the US elections cast a gloom on how the social network protects its users’ data. However, the wave of distrust doesn’t seem to have affected Messenger, the company’s other social service.

And so, Facebook has just announced an important update is now being rolled out to Messenger, which is supposed to make the app “better than ever.” The update adds more privileges for admins that allows them to approve new members before they join their group chat.

In addition, admins will have the ability to remove members whenever …

Huawei Mate 10 Pro now comes with free Motorola headphones, power bank

Earlier this week, most US retailers dropped the price of the recently-released Huawei Mate 10 Pro from $799.99 to $699.99. Now, retailer Newegg has an even better offer, throwing in two free gifts with the $699.99 phone.  
The first free gift that you can get from Newegg if you’re buying the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is a pair of Motorola Pulse Escape wireless headphones (normally priced at $49.99). These are not the most advanced wireless headphones around, but they’re nice to have for free. 
The second gift is a 2840 mAh Alva power …