Apple: the new iPhone 8/Plus and X need less power management, as they come with 'hardware updates'

Apple’s iPhone throttling saga continued on Tuesday with a response letter to questions from the Senate committee investigation, from where we learned that it may offer rebates to those who paid full price for swapping their batteries before the $29 consolation price kicked in. Tucked into those questions were a few from Senator John Thune, who demanded to know whether Apple will be engaged in throttling its newer handsets like the iPhone X or 8, too. Well, the head of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation now has his answers:

[The] …

J.D. Power awards T-Mobile the highest score ever for wireless customer care

While T-Mobile is still the nation’s third largest carrier, it is the fastest growing wireless operator in the country. When you consider where the carrier was a few short years ago, you can really appreciate what the company has accomplished. When we think back seven to eight years ago, T-Mobile was stuck behind Sprint, last among the top four major stateside carriers. It was last to start building out a 3G network and well behind Verizon and AT&T with 4G LTE. T-Mobile didn’t have an identity outside of its television pitchwoman Carly.

When John Legere became CEO in 2012, he immediately …

Will you disable Apple's power management if your older iPhone could shut down?

Apple did the right thing after the whole older-iPhones-get-throttled controversy, and, besides a $29 battery replacement service, will be giving users the right to choose whether they want a performance hit but stable operations, or would gamble on current peaks that can force an aging battery to shut the handset down in certain scenarios.

Yes, in a future iOS update, Apple will give iPhone owners the ability to turn off that particular thread in its power management software that throttles the CPU on handsets with older battery packs. Users will …

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD power bank Review

Some things in life seem like you can never have enough of them: time, money, bandwidth. For tech fans who are out there living the mobile lifestyle, “power” has got to be up at the top of that list. Phone hardware’s in a constant tug-of-war with itself, balancing advancements in power-efficient components against our desire for bigger and brighter screens or thinner and lighter handsets. And while we see hints of progress here and there, many of us still end up keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll make it through the day without running our batteries down to zero.

Even …

BlackBerry Power Center receives update

The BlackBerry Power Center app has received an update in the Google Play Store. The app helps you optimize the power usage of your Android powered BlackBerry handset, so that you can make sure that your phone has power when you need it the most. You can decide on a power configuration for each app, including those titles that constantly eat energy as though it were Cracker Jack out of a box.

With the BlackBerry Power Center, you will be told which apps will benefit from battery optimization. Those who install the app get notificatied when a settings change can result in immediate energy …

Energizer Power Max P600S unveiled; handset carries a 4500mAh battery

These days, even the Energizer Bunny makes a smartphone, and as you might expect, this one carries a pretty hefty 4500mAh battery inside. The Energizer Power Max P600S features a 6-inch display (alright, 5.99 inches to be precise). This is not only a highly functional phone, it also looks stylish, too. With a 1080 x 2160 resolution, the device has an 18:9 aspect ratio and the so-called bezel-less look that is starting to become the norm.

Under the hood is a MediaTek Helio P25 SoC, with an octa-core 2.5GHz CPU, and the Mali T880 MP2 GPU. Two variants will be offered. One model, in Black, …

Donald Trump attended Midnight Mass for Christmas and heard all about the power of words


Do you think the message landed?

As Donald and Melania Trump sat for Midnight Mass in the wee morning hours of Christmas Day, the presiding reverend at one point seemed to speak directly to the Twitter-loving 45th president. It happened during the homily, which focused on the power of words.

You can probably see where this is going.

As a Sunday morning White House pool report notes, Reverend James Harlan started off with a quote from Nelson Mandela:

Harlan went on to talk about the ways that words can be used, both to make the world a happier, better place and to do harm. If you want to imagine him pausing on that last point and shooting a meaningful glance at Trump right there, go right ahead. It helps set the scene. Read more…

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This Apollo power bank would top up in 20 minutes, fast-charge the iPhone X

Not only is lugging around a huge power bank a chore, but the time it takes for them to recharge is also pretty significant. What if we had a smaller external battery pack that we could recharge faster more often, and it could bring our iPhone X or Galaxy S8 to 50% battery in 30 minutes? 
Meet Apollo, the world’s first portable power bank that is using graphene-based composite packs, supplied by CellsX. It is certified as USB-C Power Delivery gear both on the input and output ports, so it can be recharged with a USB-C 60W adapter, …

Hollywood power players team up to fight sexual misconduct, led by Anita Hill


A collection of some of the most powerful people in Hollywood have formed a commission to address issues of sexual harassment and gender inequality in the workplace, naming Anita Hill as its lead.

After the past few months saw dozens upon dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct against people in the entertainment industry and beyond, a group of executives from companies and organizations like Disney, Netflix, Paramount, and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences formed the Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace, Variety reported Friday. Read more…

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Battery life still poor? You can save 30% to 50% on mophie's power banks and charging cases

Does the battery inside your smartphone continuously let you down? Are you using power saving modes all day just to make sure that you have a little speck of power available for your commute home? Are you wedded to the power outlets in your office? If you answered in the affirmative for any of these questions, you need to check out mophie’s website. The company, known for its battery enhancing solutions, is offering discounts in the range of 30% to 50% on selected power banks and charging cases.

The juice pack air line of charging cases is priced on mophie’s website at 30% off at $69.95. …