Samsung rolling out what is possibly the last Galaxy S8/S8+ Oreo beta update, see what's new

Samsung is rolling out a new Android Oreo beta build for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. This could possibly be the last test patch before we see the official arrival of Android 8.0 for Sammie’s 2017 flagship pair, as the beta program is scheduled to end on January 15.
Weighing in at about 594MB, the update carries a build number of ZRA5. The latest beta version introduces a new security patch (likely the January one), and a barrage of bug fixes. You can see the entire changelog below.
The patch is currently live in India, …

(Update: possibly fake) Sony's next flagship could feature 4K HDR OLED screen, potent dual camera, Snapdragon 845

UPDATE: After further inspection, we’ve established that the screenshots below are possibly falsified. The information extracted from them most likely isn’t accurate.
A few hours ago, we reported on a leaked list that allegedly revealed all of the major 2018 Android smartphones that will sport the Snapdragon 845 chipset. One of the high-end handsets mentioned in the list was an intriguing Sony “Xperia XZ Pro-A” model that will supposedly break cover in June. 
The naming of the device certainly suggests that this …

Meet the BlackBerry Motion (Krypton), possibly the first water-resistant BlackBerry phone

A few months back, it’s been confirmed that a full-touch, water-resistant BlackBerry smartphone would be unveiled this October. We
assumed that said handset would be the rumored BlackBerry Krypton, which
recently received several certifications (including from the FCC) on its way to
market. Now, it appears that we can take a proper look at the Krypton for the
very first time, thanks to an image revealed by Evan Blass (aka @evleaks). There’s
a catch, though: Evan Blass says the handset is actually called BlackBerry
Motion, so Krypton must have been just a codename.  


As previously …

Sony G8341 and G8441 (possibly Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact) to have four color variants

A Polish online retailer is now listing two unannounced Sony smartphones, model numbers G8341 and G8441. As previously reported, the G8341 could be the rumored Xperia XZ1, while the G8441 could be the Xperia XZ1 Compact – both these handsets are expected to be officially unveiled in early September at IFA 2017.

While the retailer does not have photos or specs to share, it mentions four color variants for each of the two devices. The Sony G8341 (possibly the Xperia XZ1) should be released in Black, Moonlite Blue, Venus Pink, and Warm Silver, while the Sony G8441 (possibly the Xperia XZ1 …

Four new Apple tablets spotted, new iPad Pro possibly among them

Many expect that Apple’s WWDC event this year will bring not only software, but also hardware announcements, with news about upcoming iPad models among them. And new evidence has popped up recently, suggesting that several new tablets may be set for debut at WWDC 2017. 

Said evidence comes in the form of regulatory approval spotted by the French web site Consomac. It lists four new “tablet PC” devices running iOS 10, referred to by their model numbers: A1670, A1671, A1701, and A1709. There is also a wireless keyboard listed under the A1843 model number, which …

Daydream to land on the Galaxy S8/S8+ and LG's next OLED-display flagship (possibly LG V30)

It was just announced at Google’s keynote at I/O 2017 that LG’s next flagship device, possibly the V30 which is launching later this year, will be Daydream-compliant out of the box while Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ will score support for Google’s virtual reality ecosystem later this year thanks to a software update. 
Google’s VR team is delighted to have Samsung’s most popular devices supporting Daydream, Google’s head of virtual reality Clay Bavor said on stage at I/O 2017. This makes perfect sense, as the Galaxy S8 is beyond meeting all the hardware …

Samsung announces the Z4, quite possibly 2017's most under-spec'd name brand phone

Following its appearance at the Wi-Fi Alliance for certification, the Samsung Z4 got its official announcement today. This is the latest smartphone to run the company’s proprietary Tizen OS. Different builds of Tizen power many of Sammy’s smart devices, including TV sets and smartwatches. It also runs on low-cost phones like the Z4 and its predecessors.

The Z4 is an entry-level smartphone for first-time users, which explains the ho-hum design and spec sheet. It’s a device meant to demonstrate the essential mobile experience at the lowest agreeable cost. Thus, the …

Two new LG watches have just gone through the FCC – possibly the latest LG Watch Urbane

Last year was a relatively calm one for smartwatches. Devices like the Apple Watch Series 2, Samsung Gear S3, and Asus ZenWatch 3 all proved to be solid options if you’re in the market for a new wearable, but with no new hardware from companies like Huawei, LG, or Motorola, there was definitely a bit of an absence as compared to 2015 – especially for Android Wear.

Google has announced that Android Wear 2.0 will finally be launching next month in early February, and the update looks to bring to the most change that we’ve seen yet for an update to the wearable version of the Android …

New Moto 360 possibly shown by Motorola

Following the Moto 360’s seemingly permanent price cut back in July, lots of folks have been wondering when the new Moto 360 will make its debut. Well, we’re still waiting, but Motorola may have teased a new model today.


In a brief video (that’s since been deleted) highlighting the Moto 360’s “Okay Moto” voice feature, Motorola shows a round smartwatch that’s round and has the same “flat tire” as the Moto 360 we all know, but there are a couple of differences. For one, the button is close to the top on this mystery watch, whereas the 360’s button is in the middle. The mystery watch also appears to have exposed lugs to connect to the watch band, something else that the original 360 lacks.

The watch shown in today’s video actually looks similar to the device shown in a photo from Lenovo’s CEO that appeared back in March.

So is this the new Moto 360? It’s possible that Motorola may have slipped up, especially after the company recently posted the Moto X Pure Edition’s release date and then pulled it, suggesting that the announcement wasn’t supposed to happen then. However, it’s also possible that this is just a quick mock-up device that was thrown together for this video.