Apple promo video shows how it came up with Portrait Lighting

With the use of the Portrait Lighting feature on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X, users can create “dramatic lighting effects” when taking a portrait or a selfie. One of the coolest features is the Stage Light setting, which allows users to make the background disappear completely into a sea of black while light shines on the subject. Other settings include Natural, Studio, Contour or Stage Light Mono.

A new promo video released today by Apple explains how Portrait Lighting was created. Apple says that it studied “the art of portraiture from paintings to photographs.” …

Results: People enjoy shooting in Portrait mode

So, Portrait Mode has been around for a while now. Manufacturers put it in their top (and not-so-top) phones, app developers made software that smulates the feature, even Google jumped on board and achieved it with a single camera module. And while it has been fun to use and dissect, we wondered if it has gotten old for most people by now.

After taking a bazillion photos of your kids, your pets, your partner, and even yourself, the novelty should wear off. So, what now. Is Portrait Mode still useful or was it just hype? We asked you…

Spoiler: turns out plenty of people still enjoy …

Latest Apple iPhone X ad is all about the selfie, Portrait Lighting, and Muhammad Ali

Ming-Chi Kuo is arguably the most connected Apple analyst on this planet. Working for KGI Securities, Kuo has a fabulous track record and when he talks about Apple products, people listen. For example, while everyone was wondering early last year where Apple was going to put Touch ID on the iPhone X, Kuo already knew the answer. Consider this paragraph written by yours truly last February, seven months before the phone was unveiled. Just keep in mind that back then, we all thought that the tenth anniversary model would be called the iPhone 8:

“Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that the …

Google's Portrait Mode has been ported to most Android phones, including Samsung Galaxies with Exynos processors

While everyone out there is busy simulating large camera apertures and shallow depth of field by using two cameras and some crazy algorithms, Google did what it does best when it released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and doubled down on the crazy algorithms, sans the multi-camera modules. Essentially, Google brought Portrait Mode to its phones without the need for a second sensor — it just uses machine learning to split and analyze the data from the sensor of its primary camera.

Now, if you own a phone with a single main camera, like the Galaxy S7 or S8, or if you have one of LG’s fisheye-bearing …

How to get Pixel 2's portrait mode on the original Pixel, the Nexus 6P, and the Nexus 5X

Camera NX is a Google Camera mod that has previously brought neat Pixel 2 features, including HDR+ and zero shutter lag, to older Pixel and Nexus devices, and even some non-Google phones. However, one of the best new camera features of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL—or at least on of the trendiest—has yet to make its way to other phones, by official means anyway. Yes, we’re talking about portrait mode, and we’re happy to report that this changes with the latest version of Camera NX!
Camera NX V7.3, released a couple of days ago, brings Portrait mode to the original …

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 portrait camera comparison: is one camera really enough?

Instagram would have been super silly during the Renaissance years, don’t you agree? Seriously: imagine dinner being served, then an artist is summoned to draw a painting of your dish, after which a carriage arrives to pick up the painting and deliver it to your crush. And then you start eating your pork belly soup. Luckily, we have smartphones – smartphones that can not only take great photos, but also make these photos more fun and better at grabbing attention; smartphones that have Portrait Mode, developed to make the subject stand out by applying artistic blur (basically …

Essential Phone's camera is getting an update featuring portrait mode and more

Since it hit shelves earlier this year, the Essential Phone
received multiple software updates which, slowly but surely, have significantly
improved the device. Now, a new update is ready, though this one will only
enhance the phone’s rear camera.


Thanks to a Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session held by
several Essential officials – including vice presidents of software and
hardware – we know that the Essential Phone’s dual camera will receive an update
later today. This will bring a portrait mode (à la iPhone and other high-end
handsets), improved JPEG compression, and various stability …

Here's the first portrait photo (likely) taken with the OnePlus 5T

Having released two high-end smartphones in 2016 – OnePlus 3
and 3T – this year, OnePlus is seemingly doing exactly the same thing. With the
OnePlus 5 (launched in June) no longer available to buy, we’re expecting a
OnePlus 5T to be officially announced any time now.


Before an actual announcement unfolds, OnePlus co-founder
Carl Pei today shared a nice portrait photo that’s most likely taken with the
upcoming phone. While Pei
doesn’t really say that the photo – seen on the left – was taken with the
OnePlus 5T, this is certainly implied by the quote that accompanies the image on Twitter: …

Portrait Mode with just one camera: Google publishes Pixel 2/XL Portrait Mode pictures

The Google Pixel 2/XL are the world’s first phones to make true DSLR-like Portrait Mode – where the subject is in focus and the background blurred – possible with just a single camera. The effect is achieved through some advanced technology and thanks to the power of AI and machine learning, but how good do photos actually turn out?
While we ourselves are in the process of a detailed assessment of the Pixel 2 Portrait Mode, Google has already released a bunch of real-life Potrait Mode photos made with the new camera and we are eager to share …

Google Pixel 2/XL Portrait Mode is unlike any other: here is how it works

The Google Pixel 2/XL looks just like any other smartphone out there, but hidden inside is something powerful and innovative: artificial intelligence (AI).
Google publicly stated that it is moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first company last year, but this year it really doubled down on AI, machine learning and neural networks, and the best result of its effort are summed up in the Pixe 2/XL camera.
First, let’s state the obvious: the Pixel 2/XL – unlike many other phones – does not have two cameras on its back. …