SonicSpy malware has made it to the Play Store carried by thousands of apps, can use phone camera, microphone, and more

Viruses are always a nasty thing to deal with and it has been so since the age of the first household PCs. However, malicious software, which aims to allow an attacker to steal your data or hijack your device for their purposes, is downright dangerous. Especially considering how much sensitive information we keep on our computers and our phones nowadays.

We generally feel safe and secure when downloading apps from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, since both marketplaces have strict rules and monitoring of each new product. However, every once in a while, …

Opera Max for Android gets discontinued and removed from the Google Play

Sad news for Opera fans, as the Norwegian developer announced one of its popular Android applications will be discontinued, Opera Max. Originally launched back in 2014, the application was meant to allow users to manage and reduce data usage on Android smartphones.

For whatever reasons, Opera has decided to discontinue the Android app and remove from the Google Play effective immediately. Apparently, the developer wants to focus on other services and stop pouring any resources into Opera Max’s development.

Opera has now decided to discontinue Opera Max. The …

Deal: The unlocked Moto Z Play is $100 off

The Moto Z Play is a very decent mid-range Android smartphone that’s known as Moto Z Play Droid in the United States. The handset usually sells for $450, but for a limited time, customers will now be able to get it much cheaper.

US retailer B&H is offering the unlocked Moto Z Play for just $349.99, so you’ll be saving $100 (around 22% off) when you buy it. Keep in mind though that even if this version sells unlocked, you won’t be able to use it with CDMA carriers in the US.

This is the best deal on the Moto Z Play since spring when the phone was discounted …

Samsung Keyboard app goes live in the Google Play Store

There are many virtual keyboard apps for mobile devices out there, but not many are really good. Samsung Keyboard is one of the latter, but it’s not available to everyone since it comes pre-installed on Android handset launched by the South Korean company.

Although Samsung Keyboard remains exclusive to Samsung smartphones, the application is now listed on Google Play Store. The release of the app in the digital store will allow the developers to update it more often.

Obviously, the application can’t be installed on other handsets but those launched by Samsung, but at least users will …

Google protects you: Play Protect is finally on a slow rollout to mainstream users

We’ve been hearing about Google Play Protect — Google’s solution for device protection — since this year’s I/O. And while some beta testers have seen it earlier, the feature seems to currently be on a slow rollout to all users.

What is Play Protect? It’s basically an anti-malware tool, which monitors app behavior and gives them a firm slap if they try something funny. To be clear, the Play Store has had various levels of scan for a while now. However, Play Protect ups the ante a bit.

The new service is not only a ghost scanner that checks apps that are live …

Google Play Store search results now treasure quality above all else

Google announced earlier today it had made some changes to its search algorithms in the Play Store, which are meant to provide Android users with better results when they’re looking for an app or game.

What does this mean for developers and Android users alike? It means higher quality apps will surface in the Google Play Store more than similar apps of lower quality. If you’re a developer and your app receives many negative reviews due to excessive battery usage, slow render times, and crashes, the chances are that it won’t appear in Google Play Store results as …

The Google Play Store now demotes buggy and battery-draining apps in search results

It’s no secret that Google’s Play Store is chock full of crappy apps — just drop the word “guide” into the search bar and see for yourself — and Google itself knows it, too. As an example, take the latest change the company announced on its Android Developers Blog: apps with performance issues will now be downgraded in search results. Sure, it’s far from tackling the problem head-on, but it’s a start, anyway.

And it seems the change has been in effect for some time now — enough for Google to build a strong enough data set, anyway. …

Android O's native Clock app now available for download in the Google Play Store

Android O is just around the corner, but we already know quite a lot about the some of the new features it will bring. Last month, Google revealed a new native Clock app that will be coming along with Android O.

The new Clock app is available to everyone who flashed any of the Android O Developer Previews Google released in the last few months, so some of you probably know what the new app looks like.

Well, the good news is Google Clock for Android O is now available for download in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it will not work on devices that aren’t running Android O Developer …

The Revenge of Shinobi joins SEGA Forever initiative on Google Play Store

The SEGA Forever initiative has just added a new title to the collection of classic SEGA games now available on smartphones: The Revenge of Shinobi. Although most of the games included in the collection are not running well as we explained in a previous post, hardcore SEGA fans might want to give the new game a try.

The Revenge of Shinobi is a free to play side-scrolling beat’em up. According to SEGA, the game features wireless Bluetooth controller support, and allow players to play offline unlike other titles in the classic games collection.

The comes with …

Pre-registrations for Middle-earth: Shadow of War now open on Google Play Store

Lord of the Rings fans rejoice, as Warner Bros.’ upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War will soon make its debut on Android devices. Earlier this month, the game was soft-launched in the App Store, but it’s only available in the Philippines and, of course, it’s not the final version.

Recently, Warner Bros. listed the game on the Google Play Store so that fans of the RPG genre can pre-register to receive a notification when they can download it. It’s also worth noting that everyone who pre-registers will receive Sholub at global launch, aside from the fact they will …