Lenovo: Moto Z2 Play will feature a 3000 mAh battery

Although the Moto Z2 series of smartphones has not been announced, Lenovo confirmed its existence on Twitter. More exactly, answering a question from a fan, yesterday, Lenovo mentioned the Moto Z2 Play – an upcoming smartphone that should replace the original Moto Z Play (released last year).

The only thing that Lenovo revealed about the Moto Z2 Play is that the handset would come with a “non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery.” This confirms a previous rumor, and means that the new battery will, sadly, be less capacious than the battery found inside the original Moto Z Play (a 3,510 mAh …

Gory 1997 shooter Shadow Warrior becomes another classic you can play on your Android phone

Today, games are made either by broke indie developers or studios with huge budgets whose every move is at the discretion of corporate execs. It wasn’t always like this. In the 90s and early 00s, games were developed by small teams ran on caffeine and sheer enthusiasm. And Shadow Warrior, a gory shooter from 1997 full of Hollywood samurai-isms and macho jokes, is certainly a product of its time. Well-preserved on computers and consoles, it gets to live another life on Android thanks to publisher Devolver Digital.

Wielding a pixelated katana has never been this exhilarating!Those …

Moto Z2 Play is certified in China: 5.5-inch screen, 4GB RAM and 20% lower battery capacity

The Moto Z Play has made a name for itself thanks to the 3510mAh battery it sports. Add to that large capacity cell the power sipping Snapdragon 625 chipset that is found under the hood, and you have a phone that allows you to walk right past the outlets in your home, the office, the airports, or in the library. But the sequel to the phone, the Moto Z2 Play, is apparently not going to give users the same opportunity to go without a charge for two to three days.

With the Moto Z2 Play getting certified by Chinese regulatory agency TENAA (which is similar to the FCC in the U.S.) we understand …

Google unveils best Android apps selection of 2017 in its Play Awards winners

The Google Play Award picks the very best Android apps, according to Google itself, and the winners for best of 2017 have just been announced.
The 2017 Google Play Award winners include apps in various categories, and if you haven’t tried some of them (we know we have not checked them all out yet), you definitely should take a look.
Out of the 2017 winners, we can vouch for Memries and IFTTT, two great apps that we have been using for quite a long while, and that have proven to be of great help. These and the rest …

Google Play may start blocking root users from accessing certain apps

The latest update for Netflix, which rolled out on Google Play a few days ago, raised a few eyebrows in the Android community by preventing users with rooted/unlocked devices to download the app from Google’s official storefront. The app itself still works on rooted devices, it’s just shows up as “incopmatible” on Google Play, with the updated changelog stating that: “version 5.0 only works with devices that are certified by Google and meet all Android requirements.”

Bad news is that recent changes made to the Google Play developer console indicate that …

Moto Z2 Force and Z2 Play leak out again, this time in a family photo

After the successful Moto Z family of smartphones released in 2016, Motorola Mobility is getting ready to unveil a Moto Z2 series. This should include a regular Moto Z2, a Moto Z2 Force, and a Moto Z2 Play.

Thanks to a new leak, the Z2 Force and Z2 Play can now be seen next to each other – in what appears to be an image that Motorola itself will be using to promote the Z2 series.

This new image – embedded below – doesn’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know (since we’ve seen the two handsets before, albeit separately). But it does allow us to notice that, design wise, there …

This collection of premium Android icon packs is free for a limited time on Google Play, grab it while you can!

If you like customizing your Android smartphone or tablet, then we’ve got good news for you! Free. Icon. Packs. And a bunch of them!

Along with changing your wallpaper, using a custom icon pack is one of the easiest ways to give your device a fresh new look. There’s no such thing as having too many icon packs and don’t you believe anyone who tells you the opposite! Jokes aside, we do like our icon packs and we also like sharing our favorites with our readers.

We tried to make this collection as diverse as possible, so that you can find at least …

Google Play Top Developer program will be closed by the end of May

Sad news for certain Android developers, as Google announced that one of its programs that recognize partners who create top quality apps and games would be closed within 30 days.

The Google Play Top Developer program is coming to an end after several years. Apparently, the search giant conducted research with developers and consumers and noticed that they prefer Google to focus on individual apps and games rather than of entire organizations.

As a direct consequence, the Top Developer program will be closed probably by the end of the month, and the …

These premium Android icon packs are free for a limited time on Google Play, grab them while you can!

If you interested in customizing your Android phone, then you should know that the two easiest ways to freshen things up are to either change your wallpaper, or to apply a custom icon pack (or both). And if you do like customizing your smartphone or tablet, then we’ve got good news for you! In fact, we’ve got double the good news we usually have, because we’ve prepared both a collection of awesome and free icon packs, and one with beautiful high quality wallpapers! The latter will be available shortly.

We tried to make our selection of icon packs as diverse …

Google Now and Google Play Store run into problems thanks to Google's server-side testing

To test how changes to the Android UI would go over, or how new features added to the platform would be received by users, Google randomly uses server-side tests to get the lay of the land. The only problem is that these tests can sometimes lead to some unexpected results. Currently, there are two tests being done that ended up breaking Google Now and the Google Play Store.

The test to the Google Play Store removes everything from the home page. Yes, you can still search for apps, install them, and manually update them too. But the Play Store’s home page is blank, and there is no workaround …