Let the speculations pour in: Google I/O 2018 to take place May 8-10, Android P name teased

We can describe the interactive little game that Google’s dev team has come up with to tease Google I/O 2018 as serene, a bit eerie if you wish, but overall, great fun for those who simply adore puzzles. A spontaneous love letter to old-school point-and-click adventure games that were on the verge of their popularity more than 20 years ago.Check out the game here

That’s right, a brand new website that lets you stroll around the Google I/O campus with the help of the StreetView controls and look for hints about the next chapter in Android’s …

'This place is a shithole' projection appears on Donald Trump's D.C. hotel


“This place is a shithole.”

The five-word proclamation appeared as a projection above the entryway at Washington, D.C.’s Trump International Hotel on Saturday night. The projection also included an arrow pointing directly at the hotel’s entrance and a crowd of poop emoji.

The projection is, of course, a reference to Trump’s at-best-questionable, at-worst-openly-racist comment referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and the sum total of Africa as “shithole nations” during a recent immigration policy meeting. Understandably, Trump has taken a lot of criticism for the remark. Read more…

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New Zealand's most Instagrammed place should come as no surprise


Pictures don’t quite do Milford Sound justice, but that’s not stopping people from trying.

The New Zealand landmark is the country’s most Instagrammed place in 2017, according to year-end geotagged data released by the company.

Widely referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world,” Milford Sound is a fjord located on New Zealand’s South Island. 

With its towering mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful destination — although, really, there’s nothing quite like actually being there.

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Apple sends email to some iPhone Upgrade Program members who lost their place in line for iPhone X

Last week, Apple kept insinuating that members of its iPhone Upgrade Program had a head start on others when it came to the process of pre-ordering an Apple iPhone X. That’s because those subscribed to the program were able to fill out certain paperwork and have it ready to submit to Apple before pre-orders started getting accepted yesterday morning. Now, Apple has been forced to send out an email to iPhone Upgrade Program members who encountered problems with their pre-order on Friday.

The email starts by saying that the program subscriber might have had an issue getting a loan. The iPhone …

New Amazon Echo models are introduced; pre-orders accepted now with shipping taking place in Q4

Amazon, the company that created the smart speaker category with the Amazon Echo in 2015, added the smaller hockey puck looking Amazon Echo Dot in October 2016. Earlier this year, the Amazon Echo Show was released with a 7-inch screen. And today, Amazon unveiled its new smart speaker lineup starting with a re-designed Echo model priced at $99. That is $80 or 44% cheaper than the price for the original Echo. A pack of three will be sold for $130, and different cloth clovers can be placed on the unit to spruce up its looks, or make it coordinate with the room where it will be used. The revised …

You can now get Ikea's augmented reality furniture app ‘Place’ for iOS 11 devices

You can now get IKEA’s augmented reality furniture app that supports the new ARKit on iOS 11. With this new app called IKEA Place you can pick a piece of furniture and see exactly how it fits inside your living room thanks to the AR superpowers of iOS 11.
The app is free to download and features desks, sofas, beds and chairs from IKEA’s catalog.
And it works very well: we’ve just tried it and we came away impressed. You don’t need any complicated scanning of your room, you simply point your iPhone to the floor and …

All future Apple products will come from this magical place, new images of Apple's future campus

In a new interview and campus tour for the WSJ, Apple Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive, along with some other high-profile officials, has shared some remarkable insight into the latest developments surrounding the company’s long-anticipated, out-of-this-world new headquarters. The ring-like structure has attracted a ton of interest over the years for its peculiar shape and sheer enormity.
In what is one of the most impressive architectural projects of late, Apple’s chiefs view the new campus, now officially called Apple Park, as a defining asset which will serve for …

Motorola Brazil sends out invites to Hello Moto event taking place June 21st; new phone is coming

With a number of Moto handsets still expected but unannounced, Motorola Brazil has sent out invitations to its Hello Moto event to take place on June 21st. During the event, a new phone will be introduced. One such device came to our attention the other day. An unannounced Moto model was certified by the FCC carrying a 5.5-inch display, and is powered by the Snapdragon 430 chipset. FCC documentation reveals that a 3000mAh battery is on board. Will that be the phone unveiled on June 21st?

One model that we are waiting to see unveiled is the Moto …

Apple grabs a whopping 83% of global mobile profits for Q1 2017, Samsung in second place with 13%

When it comes to making money on the smartphone market, Apple is second to none. A new report from research firm Strategy Analytics indicates that Cupertino has accounted for 83.4% of the combined operating profits of the global smartphone market for Q1 2017,  a 3.6% increase compared to the same period for last year. This translates to financial gains of about $10.1 billion. 
Meanwhile, Samsung stands firmly in second place, grabbing 12.9% or $1.57 billion in operating profits. This is a significant decrease compared to the 21.9% …

Xiaomi Mi 6 sells out its first flash sale this morning; next one takes place May 5th

The Xiaomi Mi 6 had its first flash sale in China earlier today, and as you might expect, the device sold out in seconds, Mind you, only the jet black version of the new flagship was available. The price of the Mi 6 with 64GB of native storage is the equivalent of $360 USD. The model with twice that amount of internal storage costs the equivalent of $420 USD. A third model, sporting a ceramic body and 128GB of native storage, is priced at the equivalent of $435 USD.

If you planned on participating in the flash sale, but missed out today for one reason or another, the next one will take …